Every conceivable treatment by drug had been used to try and alleviate the asthma, without result. The man had become a chronic asthma invalid. I reasoned thus : The head cyst had been a blood carbonate trap or reservoir while it could enlarge, but when through mechanical skin tension further carbonate deposition in it from the blood could not occur, the carbonates were retain ed in the circulation and were the cause of the asthma.

THE great majority of cancer books, and their number us legion, are dull, dreary and very depressing. Most of them are written from the point of view of the anatomist, microscopist, the animal experimenter and the surgeon.

Innumerable experiments have been mode on animals, which have been given cancer by artificial means ; untold sufferings have been inflicted on countless laboratory animals and the practical results of these inhuman experiments have been nil. Cancer research has become the monopoly of laboratory researchers and surgeons. Millions have been spent on so-called research, or rather have been mis-spent.

The cancer literature is unpractical and unreadable. Mr. Smallpages book us a rare exception. The author looks at cancer from the common-sense point of view, and he endeavours to write popularly and clearly. It is a real treat to read his book. He is an original thinker and his work should prove highly stimulating, not only to the medical discoveries were made by laymen. After all, most of the medical discoveries were made by laymen. Pasteur was not a doctor or a surgeon but was a chemist.

Mr. Smallpages book is well worth reading and pondering over it is only fair to the reader and to the writer to give a few extracts from the book so that those who contemplate buying it will have some idea of its style.

I have neither asked for riches, music nor any other attribute or symbol of human power. In all humility and in all faith. I have asked for power for knowledge to stem the tide of cancer. To this one end I have given everything time, energy, prayer, and without human aid, but by Divine aid alone, I know I have received the truth. And having received the truth the truth whereby mankind can put out the devastating flames of the cancer scourge, trusting alone in the Omnipotent against me, as they have been let loose against others in the past, I say “He who had eyes to see let him see, and seeing understand.”.

If the fiery cancer conflagration should continue to devastate mankind, it can only be because of mis understanding. Only through mans ignorance can man be destroyed. Only when man has creative knowledge as power can he overcome the power which encompasses his destruction. Men believe, and all thinking men throughout the world must believe, that there is a great power controlling by universal laws.

To believe that adherence to those Divine laws can cause destruction is tantamount to believing that the force of destruction are greater than the forces of creation. Man also of all creation has the ability to understand the laws which govern all things of powers which encompass his destruction. By the use of the finite degree of wisdom to which man has already attained, he has destruction in the past. With increasing wisdom of the Divine laws which maintain life and prevent destruction. the death man is beyond human reason.

It has been shown by blood and urine analysis cancer subject that exactly the same conditions are present in the blood and tissue fluids as those which must inevitable follow from the age- old habit, a habit greatly accentuated is modern civilization, of ingesting excessive quantities of mineral salts mainly sodium salts.

That the same conditions would result if men took excessive quantities of other chemical mineral salts such as those of calcium, potassium and magnesium is without doubt, but a study of what man ingests in modern days as well as in centuries of the past, throughout which cancer has been a destroyer of humanity, show conclusively that the sodium habit is that which must inevitably bring about the conditions found to be invariable bring about the condition found to be invariably present in cancer victims.

But although sodium carbonate in excess in the blood must result from this continued sodium habit and if found in cancer victims sodium carbonate will not give rise to the evolutions of the cancer cell and its proliferation or to the burning pain and other signs and symptoms of cancer growth pathology.

When, however, by venous or lymph stasis carbonate is deposited in the body tissues from the carbonated excess present in the blood and tissue fluids it undergoes hydrolysis and caustic soda is the result. Caustic soda is deposited without the local protection of the free acid radicals of chlorine and phosphorus and carbon dioxide, and as the burning mineral salt it remains at the local site of its deposition to give rise to tissue destruction or ulceration or to tissue inflammation or fibrosis.

These mechanical condition produce further lymph stasis and constantly in the blood and tissue fluid and provided constantly to these fluids by the continuance of the sodium habit.

Radium will and has produced some apparently curative results in cancer cases in which it is applicable, but this action is only indirectly due to the radium the direct action being due to the production of mineral caustic from the tissue carbonates and the action of this so-called caustic! Why not use the caustic itself ? Why use radium which costs thousands of pounds and is dependent on another factor for its activity, when caustic mineral salt acts directly and costs practically nothing.

Ten thousands pounds worth of radium will only produce the same effect as a therapy for cancer as six penny worth of caustic soda. The radium, it is true, produces results for many years and can be used on many cases, whereas the same caustic cannot be used on two cases, as once used it cannot be regained for further use, but ten thousand pounds worth of caustic mineral salt would be sufficient to treat cancer cases in every living man, woman and child, and yet ten thousand pounds is a small amount of money compared to that which even Australia has expended on supplies of radium.

(1) A man, 63 years of age, had had a gradually enlarging cyst on his head, the beginning of which was due to a mechanical injury. For twenty years this steadily grew until it became the size of a large orange and the skin was tightly stretched over it. For the past three years the man has been the victim of asthma, also in the past three years there had been no increase in the size of the cyst. The blood analysis showed marked excess of carbonates. Urine analysis gave the same result. But strangely enough a small incision into the cyst revealed that its contents were also carbonates.

Every conceivable treatment by drug had been used to try and alleviate the asthma, without result. The man had become a chronic asthma invalid. I reasoned thus : The head cyst had been a blood carbonate trap or reservoir while it could enlarge, but when through mechanical skin tension further carbonate deposition in it from the blood could not occur, the carbonates were retain ed in the circulation and were the cause of the asthma. Heated words arose between his usual medical attendant and myself.

I decreed that the cyst should be continuously emptied so as to provide a persistent reservoir for the blood carbonates. He ridiculed such an idea without first obtained the chemistry of the cyst contents and the blood. He wished to follow the routine medical technique and completely removes the cyst. I won. I opened the cyst, drained it of its carbonate contents. Strangely enough three days after the initial drainage the asthma began to subside. No other treatment was given.

For four months that cyst drained out its ever recurring carbonate content. The health of the patient rapidly improved and the recurring cyst-content diminished. Gradually but surely the disappearance of his excessive blood carbonates. If that cystic reservoir for the blood carbonates, which were proved by clinical results to be the cause of his so-called incurable asthma and invalidism had been surgically extirpated the blood carbonates being without a vent for their removal must have persisted and so must their effects chronic invalidism, and asthma.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.