Moreover, Dr. Carey states that “hundreds of eminent physicians” have given time and experience to make his text-book complete. Their records are most striking. In short, biochemistry is the logical and scientific way of assisting Nature with its own materials to build up a healthy body and in the future the system is bound to secure the acceptance of every unprejudiced investigator.


The only diagnoses for the remedy, after making a comparison with all of the symptoms obtained from observation of the patient and his family, there was but one remedy that matched them and that was Lachesis, which was prescribed. After being given a few doses he became quiet and on the third day after giving Lachesis he passed a gall-stone and made a complete recovery.


The winter headaches did not offer anything characteristic indicating a single remedy. Carbo vegetabilis, Sabadilla, Sulphur, Aloe, Nux vomica. Carbo vegetabilis, Sabadilla, Sulphur, Aloe, Nux vomica, etc., all could he considered equally suited. But as soon as I added to the winter headache the summer diarrhoea, considering both as belonging to the same totality, Aloe presented itself as the simillimum.


This is the hysterical individual who faints at the slightest provocation, collapses into the arms of the nearest male for protection; is tearful, nervous, full of twitches and jerks, full of grief; her husband is away, she is always sighing, she has a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and abdomen, along with trembling, is continually sighing, sad at having said good-bye to her son, or her fiancee or her husband.


One of my first demonstrations of the possibility of a cure of an anal fistula was in patient who was president of a large wholesale drug company. This came shortly after my conversion to homoeopathy, many years ago. Two prominent surgeons had recommended immediate surgery, the patient consulting me after being told that nothing but surgery would be of value.


However, I refuse to give up a patient, even if his condition seems desperate and hopeless. One night, while thinking about my difficult cases, it occurred to me that the most horrible sticky phlegm is produced by dogs who suffer from hydrophobia. I had never seen a case of hydrophobia, but I had seen illustrations of dogs suffering from this ghastly disease, dragging behind them rope-like strands of horrible phlegm.


Many homoeopathic doctors have told me that my homoeopathic prescriptions were inadequate, and that my successes were due to my diet. If doctors tell me this, I usually reply: “You know from my writings what diets I give to people. If I have such great successes owing to my dietetic prescription, why do you not act similarly? If you did, your successes in treatment would be much greater”.