Septicity of the body is favoured by the consumption of flesh, fish and fowl, which produce putrefaction, so she was to live on a strict vegetarian diet, her bowels were to be moved with the help of large quantities of bran, the most strengthening food which I know, and which, incidentally is very rich in iron and is valuable for the anaemic. The lady had come to me complaining of violent earache. Earache is one of the worst pains known.


No wonder you adore your work so do I and the parents and husband of this little woman love me as I love you with that wonderful devotion I have for you, and have had and will always have I shall never forget what you have done for me and my children. I would give much to be near you, and see you work if only for an hour or so I can think of no greater joy than being able to do something like this when everyone else has failed.


Inhalation of smoke is undesirable; those who draw smoke into the lungs are liable to the possibility of lung cancer. The taking of snuff seems to be very useful for those who have very dry noses and are liable to colds beginning in the nose. It is an excellent disinfectant of the nasal passages.


Lachesis has numerous skin symptoms. Offensive ulcers very sensitive to touch. The skin tends to assume a purple colour. Tenderness and a purple colour of swellings suggests Lachesis. The patient often feels much better when awake. The sleep brings an aggravation. Clarke notes that in cases of croup needing Lachesis the child will start an attack as soon as he falls asleep.


The patient is very lame and puts a great deal of weight on the stick, he was so exerting a continuous strain on the elbow. He also complained of considerable pain ion the muscles of both thighs. The pains kept him awake at night. They were worse before rain, and better moving about. Two doctors had told him that nothing could be done for the bursa unless he would agree to an operation


Naturally you ask ” does it take long to get rid of anaemia ?” It may take six weeks or nine months. Indeed, no time limit can be definitely stated. If the anaemia be pernicious the allopath does not hesitate to give blood-transfusions. Usually in such extreme cases there has been inexcusable neglect either on the part of the patient or relatives since this condition might never have occurred.


The result was peace and comfort, another patient saved from the operating table, saved from a futile operation, and the case of nerves was cured, not by suggestion, not by faith; but by the indicated remedies. The pain went, the retroverted uterus cleared up and the vision improved; and the homoeopathic remedy built up the health and strength of one of the worlds workers, who depended on her own efforts to keep going.


A copper coin shows no sign of wear even if kept in the water for several days. This shows that flowers are extremely susceptible to the stimulus supplied by copper in infinitely small quantity. I shall experiment with copper in infinitely small quantity. I shall experiment with copper in a homoeopathic form, and then it will be clear how flowers react to homoeopathic medicines.