I think I have now covered the field of service of homoeopathy for the woman in the ailments incidental to her sex, in her transitions of maturity, during which her safety is always assured. Not only in that which is peculiarly woman is homoeopathy a friend, but also in all the suffering common to both sexes. Homoeopathy reigns supreme in cure and giving mental and physical tranquillity.

To the worlds greatest sufferer-Woman-I would say, Homoeopathy is your friend. Homoeopathy can do more for you in your discomforts and ailments than any other system of medicine had ever done or can do. It is your “Medica Manus” or healing hand. Why? Because it is the only system of healing that considers you in the way in which you differ from the man.

Also, it considers you in the way in which you differ from one another of your sex. And you do differ-you did not all come out of the same mould like toy soldiers, did you? No, but every day medicine thinks you did. This individualization is out of the question with them. O tempora! O mores!.

Some time ago I wrote on the sufferings of women and judging from the results of it, many women who were then physical and nervous wrecks, have been helped by Homoeopathy and given a new lease of life. “He who wants health, wants everything”.

I wrote then about the five phases of a womans life and the complaints incidental to her sex from childhood to the menopause, nut this time my observations are from the woman to the infant.

Our women folk are exposed to too much temporizing in these days to be safe. Too much dependence upon medical machinery in the way of local appliances, surgical goods and instruments. The natural organic machinery is being disregarded wholesale. In sickness as in health, we are all becoming more than ever dependent on machinery. In sickness if you have a common cold, you get a nasal douche to inject a paralysing stopper of that cold; and in health you use a bus, train or plane to carry you about.

Machinery does your work, entertains you and feeds you, etc. Many and complex are the machines and appliances with which the doctor can minister to the sick body or mind, yet for all that, neither machinery nor patent preparations can cure the common cold or any other ailment, come to that. Nature cures or there is not cure; but the presence of these scientific inventions would seem to make the art of cure of all the ills the flesh is heir to-a factory matter, A vacuum cleaner, a car or a sewing machine goes wrong; send it back to the factory. A patient under treatment does not improve or gets worse; send her to hospital. Yes, that is it. The factory idea, Ha! ha!.

Yet many of the incapacitating chronic complaints are as prevalent as ever and just as unconquerable as in the old days when simplicity reigned supreme. In those old simple days, faith was in the bottle of medicine, but nowadays faith is in the knife, the forceps, the hypodermic needle, the electrical apparatus. “Hope is the poor mans bread.” but Faith without works is dead. A patient came to me about her arthritis. Giving her a prescription, I asked her to call to see me in months time.

The time came round but not person or report appeared. Two months later I called to see her, inquiring how she was. I was told that she was not a bit better. “Did you take the medicine?” I said. “No,” was the reply, “Why not?” I asked. “Well, you see, I had so much faith in my doctor, and I did not care to offend him if I got well.” She has remarkable faith and still has her arthritis. Rhododendron 6 was the prescription, because her pains were always worse in change of weather, storms and wind. Rhod. 6 would have given her comfort, it is certain; but faith gave her none.

I tell people that the cure lies in themselves and not in a bottle of physic, tablets or powder, “How is this?” they say. Well, I tell them. “You have come to me about the pains in your knees, havent you?” “Yes, thats right.” “Well, what about your other parts: your stomach, your bowels, your bladder, etc. They are surely parts of you?” “Well, yes, they are; but they are all right. “It;s only my knees that trouble me.” “Oh!” I say. “so youve sufficient inherent power in you to maintain the bulk of your organism in comfort, and that is evidently you in near totality, isnt it? Well I must now help you to do the rest.”

So in this case Mrs. B., aged 64, I gave Bryonia 3x because her chief aggravation was from movement, and week later the report was: “No pain after the first days medicine.” So I gave massage and manipulation to the part once week, continuing Bryonia 6 night and morning for a month.

Case Completely cured after several years of misery. If Mrs. B. Knelt down to polish a floor, she had to be helped up again; also rising from chair, walking about was misery. She been attending her family doctor for several years.

Really, men and women are serenely oblivious of the truth of their own power of function. They spend much time in studying all manner of external subjects, but the internal man is a mystery to them.. Women of all creatures are the most ignorant of themselves, or they would not jeopardize their comfort and health in the way they do. Women are the most frequent targets for the experimentation and practice of the medical machinery, even child-birth cannot be accomplished but by an array of instruments and gas masks.

AT least the general run of doctors and women think so. But I hope to make known a positive fact or two before I finish this article. In the meantime I want to make known one of the wonders of Nature, that is “How recovery takes place,” Women need to know something of the working of Nature, because, are they not, in themselves, “Natures masterpiece”?.

“If one recovers from poisoning” an illness of any kind is due to poison either infection or auto-intoxication-it is nine-tenths by reason of what the body organism has done-no, not the bottle of physic! by way of neutralization of poisons,m both from infectious diseases and poisons taken into the body, or formed in the body through disfunctioning organs.

All sense of weakness, weariness, fatigue, mentally and physically, is due to poison, and massage and manipulation is the best process of elimination and restoration for these conditions.

After a primary remedy had begun to work, I always proceed with massage and manipulation, and finish the job in that way. In this way we can see health cometh from within. New tissues are formed by the increased nutrition which takes place after the poisonous congestions have been dispersed and eliminated. New life comes into view, new hope is restores, not by faith, but by works.

This is one of the most dramatic and one of the most wonderful things that ever happens in the human body. This happens in all parts of the body and in all sorts of ways… in the study of these bodies, we see not merely the defeat which has resulted in death-our tissues die daily-but we see the whole history written in its tissues and of the victories which the body has won over disease, without even letting the individual know that the disease was going on. Inflammations, fevers and pains are not the disease, but manifestations of its internal presence.

Among human beings, some are subject to diseases and others are immune. Such a state of resistance is due to the individual constitution of the tissues and the humours, which oppose the penetration of disease agents or destroy them when they invade the body. That is “natural immunity”. This form of immunity may preserve certain individuals from almost any disease.

There is no doubt that adaptive power can be influenced by many natural methods of cure, but only natural methods will suit nature, to which nature will willingly and generously respond.

Therefore it is the part of the natural healers of mankind-the Homoeopaths and the Osteopaths-to increase this adaptive capacity for functioning by regulating and assisting the organic activities which are so complex and numerous and yet work so harmoniously if assisted on natural lines.

So that this inherent adaptive power of the human body may not only increase the body resistance to disease but to, at the same time, build up the recuperative capacity of the body through its reconstructive functions. This is the only way by which the adaptive power and upbuilding organization can save the body from death.

Truly the workings of nature are wonderful. They are not mysterious, but applied common sense, and as easy to understand as common sense. Thus only common sense procedure in the art of healing will relieve the sufferer at all times when neither the medical machinery or patent preparations can cure.

They only temporarily relieve. But sympathetic understanding covers a big field, because it implies the knowledge of the machinery of the body, how it operates and how it gets out of gear, as well as a careful understanding of how to re-gear and re-establish normal function within the body by natural methods.

Homoeopathy, Osteopathy, Massage and Manipulation, Chiropody are the natural services at the disposal of all sufferers, their power to give comfort or cure embraces the whole of the known pathologic conditions prevailing at the present moment. But let us return to our subject, woman.

The main feature of a woman-in that she differs from a man-is that she is endowed with the organs of reproduction and it is upon these organs of reproduction that her health, happiness, physical and mental comfort depends. So the first cases will relate to abdominal, uterine and ovarian disorders and derangements, and their influence upon the general health of the mind and body. Most disease have an abnormal influence upon the mind of the sufferer-and thus you cannot have a sound mind in an unhealthy body.

G. D. Pettitt