To look at it from the feeding standpoint first. If we eat impure foods such as beef, mutton and pork that contain concentrated impurities, how can we expect our digestive organs to deal with all such excess waste products, without any of it accumulating in the system? The same results in a lesser degree arise if we eat to excess of the purest of first-hand foods, from the vegetable kingdom, if thy are more than the system can properly deal with.

Such ill-health is also brought about by eating too fast, and not properly chewing the food eaten, which throws still more extra work on the digestive organs, and prevents the starch from being properly mixed with the saliva in the mouth, and thus are not properly digested at all. These unwise methods of feeding, including the mixing of too many different foods together at a meal, all tend to produce stomach trouble in its many forms, including constipation, and the endless disease arising therefrom.

These must all undoubtedly be classed as incurable diseases as long as such unwise methods of feeding are persisted in. Endless other unwise things can also be done that result in an accumulation of impurities- “stored waste products” – in the human system. A few of such cases of the transgressing of Natures Laws by not working with Nature, but against, might be mentioned. Insufficient fresh air in the day time, and sleeping in stuffy bedrooms with closed windows at night.

The lack of proper exercise resulting in rheumatism, lumbago, gout and similar troubles, the harvest from the accumulate waste products the system contains. All muscles and organs of our wonderful bodies having been given us for a purpose, it may be asked how many of us are there who consider it to be his or her bounden duty to make the best possible use of all and each, accordingly? We cannot neglect to do so, without their worth, service and value being lost to us and so to other, and such is the case likewise with every other earthly possession.

In many ways we can become slaves to habits, including those connected with alcohol, tea, drugs and smoking, but if we allow this to be, we are working against Nature and thus lose our freedom, that John Bright once said was ” Heavens first gift to man”. All these illustrations are the fruits of unwise living, resulting in he production of incurable diseases.

Diseases that cannot be cured by any other methods than by going back to the source and cause of such troubles. Discontinue to break Natures Laws in the manner indicated and incurable disease become non- existent. WE shall thus learn the importance of going to the source and cause of each and every disease, and that the importance lays with the cause not with the name it is known by.

Long fellow says, “Life without Health is a burden, with Health, Joy and Gladness.” If such is the case, is not health something worth striving after?.

An Indian recently said that “The Devil sent the illness,” but do not many good English folk to-day think and state that it is Gods Will, when the truth is, they bring the troubles on themselves, and expect a bottle of medicine to put them right. It is equally true that the remedy lies in their own hands and the “Self Cures” also. We may think that we can get over or under or round Gods Laws, but on the wrong or the right side, we shall find we cannot upset them.

The majority of medical doctors have been taught, and appear to believe and practice a different doctrine to this, but not so Nature cure doctors. They have sound reasons for the faith and opinions they hold, and are willing to pass the “Why and wherefores” on to their patients, consequently the the possession of such faith and advice themselves, with or without medicine, patients are helped on the road to recovery. The many who consult Mr. Ellis Barker, our esteemed Editor, can verify this.

There is not doubt also, that many medical doctors now diagnose cases in like manner, they are not only finding it to be the correct method, but the only practical method to retain the faith and confidence of their patients, without which their practice is lost. Experience has taught the writer that is sound advice never to appeal to anyone for help, assistance or advice, on any matter, prior to first having done all we can ourselves to bring about the result desire. Each individual sufferer, with the knowledge the possesses of likely causes, is in the position to make tests to remedy matters, far better than doctors or anyone else.

None of us are constituted alike, what suits one may not suit another, or what one can tolerate, cannot be tolerated by another for as soon as Nature rings the bell or indicates in any respect that one;s health is not what it should be, action should be taken to remedy matters. Whatever form the signs of ill-health may take, the root cause is to be found in an impure blood stream.

Even the common cold cannot exist otherwise. An entire fast often proves the quickest results, the length may be governed by results. A diet of oranges or similar fruit, vegetable salads or other such cleansing foods instead of fast, or following the fast, should bring about the “Self Cure” wished for. Care should be taken to so alter ones method of living so that the cause does not exist, that may render a common cold, or ill-health in any other form possible.

As it has already been mentioned above, something may be said regarding Diabetes, which disease generally prove to the patient to be perhaps the most expensive disease of all from the cost of food and medicine standpoint. The writer is often told by patients that they have been ordered by their doctors a purely starch and sugar-free diet. I have yet to see any details of such diet. Take bread as an example, made entirely of gluten, where is the sufferer who is going to tolerate any such diet for long?

When asked confidentially for advice by such, the nature-cure doctor or health food specialist may reply that he believes if the patient would give up the use of the many very expensive special foods on the market, restrict his diet for sugar to fruit such as grapes and similar fruits, green salads, almond, soya beans or similar nut-meats, and pure wholemeal bread and biscuits, instead of the many expensive unnatural diabetic breads on the market, loaded with gluten, and which provide food as lop- sided as white bread, they would stand a much better chance of getting rid of the trouble.

Diabetic patients, however, appear not to be influenced by such advice, they wont buy the gluten flour plus the bran, and they appear to be always trying to find all the sweat foods possible, or unnatural substitutes, which are often more questionable from a health standpoint than sugar in the many forms that brought about the trouble. Diabetic patients, like many other sufferers, make the mistake in thinking that unless they continue to eat the same foods or similar, that they have learnt to like, then life is not worth living. Such, however, is entirely a mistaken idea.

The man who wisely confines his diet to the best foods of a health producing character, enjoys life in general, and the eating part of it in particular, just as much as the gormandizer who lives to eat, and imagines that he can only get the best of life by eating as much as possible of the things he likes. Many of us, however, have lived long enough to learn that this is a mistaken idea, and with the many substitutes in many forms there now are on the market, it is quite easy to find two better things to take the place of every one given up, and by getting accustomed to the change, it becomes preferable before very long.

Remember also that in spite of wars, and remorse of wars, the world is becoming a sweeter, a cleaner and a more humane place to live in, the question for each one of us to decide is, are we or are we not doing out best to bring about this better condition of things. I saw an indication of this change recently in mouth. Inside most coaches we entered, there was exhibited a printed notice which read as follows: “The duty of the conductor is to see that all vehicles are kept as clean as possible. Passengers are accordingly requested to abstain from eating fish and chips in this coach”.

James Henry Cook
Henry W.J. Cook was born in Edinburgh in 1870, the eldest son of Dr Edmund Alleyne Cook.

Henry followed in his father's footsteps, obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Durham in 1891. At the age of 27 he arrived in Melbourne in April 1894 aboard the Port Albert. He was registered as a medical practitioner in Victoria on 4 May 1894.

It appears that Dr Cook already believed in homœopathy, possibly because of his father's influence, as in 1895 Dr Cook took the position of Resident Surgeon of the Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital . (This position was previously held by Dr James Cook, unrelated, who resigned in March 1895). He was listed in the 1896 & 1897 editions of the Melbourne Post Office Directory as being Resident Medical Officer at the Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital, but not in the 1898 edition.

In 1901 he moved to Sale in Eastern Victoria, where he ran a practice in York Street. By 1909 his practice was at Wyndham Street, Shepparton.

By 1919 he had moved to 2 Studley Park Road, Kew, where he died on 7 May, 1923.