Here are a few examples of cases I know personally: A woman who had eczema for ten years, and had had over a hundred injections from skin specialists and hospitals, the result being that the eczema was worse than ever. A woman had paralysis in the left leg. She had thirty injections, it got much worse and after the injections she lost the use of the right leg also.

A VACCINE is a virus or poison of a disease, isolated and then modified by a series of complicated processes in a bacteriological laboratory and afterwards applied to the same disease.

Injections are the medical fashion of the moment, just as bleeding was the vogue of an earlier age. The strangle-hold which the experimental laboratories have fastened upon medicine is largely responsible for this state of affairs. They are constantly producing new serums and vaccines for all sundry complaints.

But it is no use blinking the fact the public has its own share of the blame in that a large section is willing to be impressed the producers of vaccines and sera and drugs with long names (that few of the patients could ever pronounce and of which they know nothing at all) keep their laboratories busy and duly reap the financial rewards.

It is becoming quite a commonplace to hear remarks such as, “Oh, yes, he or she is having injections for this, that or the other”.

Of course he feels ill while he is having them, but they are supposed to do him good !!.

Dr. Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., wrote:.

“Although other therapeutic agents may be dangerous to the health and life of the patient if administered without due regard to technique and dosage, it must be conceded that to none of them have there been ascribed such terrible and tragic consequences to health and life as have all too frequently followed the use of animal serum even when accompanied by the utmost skill in manufacture and application.

“That they occur far more often than is generally realized is frankly admitted by those authorities who from time to time report cases which have come under their observation.

“But so great is the almost mystical veneration in which antitoxic sera are held by medical science, and so powerful the commercial interests which benefit by their extended use that it has come to be regarded as a breach of medical etiquette to criticize adversely this form of treatment, or to report untoward results of it.”.

There must be few of my readers who cannot recall instances of cases which have been “hushed up” in Coroners Courts, for fear that discredit might be cast upon the practice of serum-therapy. Let us now consider what are the peculiar dangers associated with serum-therapy, apart from any question of faulty technique either in manufacture or in administration.


They fall under three main headings:.

(1) Immediate. This may take the form of sudden collapse, which may sometimes be followed rapidly by death.

(2) Delayed. (a) This may take the form of rashes, glandular enlargements, pains in joints, abscesses, cardiac paralysis, vomiting and diarrhoea, etc., which may occur after a few days.

(b) A state of hypersensitiveness known as “anaphylaxis” which may lead to severe illness, prostration or death.

(3) Remote. This may take the form of numerous chronic and intractable types of disease which often are never traced to their true cause.

Any inoculation of a foreign proteid through the skin may have these results.

Dr. L. J. Witts, Physician at Guys Hospital, in a lecture on “Fallacies and Dangers in Treatment”, reported to it in strongest terms. He said, “You expose your patient to the risk of a serum accident. You may inflict on him the painful disease of serum- sickness in which the tortures of skin irritation and the swollen joints may be almost unbearable”.

Dr. J.E.R. McDonagh wrote: “The appearance of the signs and symptoms of shock may be delayed months and even years, and the longer the delay the more difficult grows the problem of combating them.

“The long delay frequently results in the manifestation of chronic disease which, as often as not, remains for ever unconnected with the cause. When death occurs it does so slowly and after a long period of time”.

Dr. C.A. Stewart started: “It is proper and pertinent to point out that the public health officials in urging toxin-antitoxin inoculations are paving the way for evils which may well exceed those they are desirous of avoiding”.

Dr. Benchetrit asserted: “Vaccines and sera are principally responsible for the increase of those two really dangerous diseases, cancer and heart disease.

“I have been for a long time a serologist and I know what I am talking about”.

Dr. Pulford said: “Let us not forget that As we sow, so shall we reap, thus the more serums, vaccines, and toxoids are sown, the more epidemics and the more heart disease and cancer shall we reap”.

Dr. Grimmer, in his lecture on cancer, said: “Perhaps the most irritating of irritants and depressants is produced by the almost universal applications of vaccines and serums. These subtle poisons are very far reaching and deep in their effect. Is it not possible that the persistent and frequent injections of these bi-products of disease shot directly into the blood-stream cause a weakening of the recticulo- endothelial system thus reducing the reacting power of the body against cancer and kindred chronic diseases, and may this not answer the observed fact that cancer is occurring in younger subjects of each succeeding generation”.

To inject a disease into a person is to cause a disease worse than the illness they are suffering from.

Inoculation benefits the doctors much more than the public, as Dr. Brachenburg inadvertently admitted when he stated that medical men had a financial interest in vaccines.

The authors of an article in the August issue of The Practitioner disclose that a belief in vaccine has been one of the greatest delusions of a generation.

Sir Almroth Wright, one of the greatest men in the orthodox medical profession, has stated that “the whole of this body of belief in serum-therapy rests on a foundation of sand”. Some think he would have been nearer the truth if he had said a foundation of commercial profit.

We read in Linoculation et la Maladie, translated from French article: “Serums are the cause of many illness and there is not a single tissue in the body which may not be affected by their action.

“Various maladies grow and continue to grow so long as the folly of serums remain.

“The credulity of man surpasses all understanding. Men and women of true intelligence can never believe in these injections of pus or serum. The manufacturers and distributors of serums, the doctors who inject are each and all interested in the point of view of gain by the production and use of these serums.

“They are the source of great revenue to the doctor and the latter will only abandon them when an indignant public will not have such methods any more.”.

“For some years past powerful interests have been at work to force upon the medical profession what is known as vaccine and serum-therapy, both for the prevention and the cure of many disease.

“The preparation of so-called sera and vaccines has grown into an enormous industry and large fortunes have been made therefrom.

“One enterprising manufacturer said it is far more profitable to buy an old worn-out horse and use it for the manufacture of sera than to win the Derby.

“It is quite easy to understand that powerful influences would be brought to bear upon the medical profession with a view to supporting and extending such a profitable commercial enterprise. It is equally easy to understand that the claims made on behalf of bacteriological specifics are not likely to be more modest in their character than such as are put forward from time to time by the vendors of proprietary medicines.

“The man or woman who submits to be inoculated with a particular serum or anti-toxin may be presumed to be under the illusion that there is at least an ample guarantee as to the benefits they are likely to receive.

“There is no such guarantee. In fact there are admittedly serious risks of failure for which the operating practitioner accepts not the slightest responsibility”.

The Abolitionist, Vol. Iv, p. 356: “One factory bought a horse for L18, used it for serum and made L22,000”.

Douglas Home: “Realizing that cleanliness internal and external leads to health, what are we to think of those who foul something even more crucial than our surroundings without and our stomachs within, and that is the very bloodstream in our veins and arteries, so carefully concealed under layers of skin.

“The worst of all medical vagaries surely is this fashion for injecting filth directly into our life blood.

“Nothing daunted, the wholesale chemists send out more and more of their wares, the product of animal suffering and the waiting rooms are filled with credulous people awaiting injections against cold in the head, against bronchitis, against hay fever, colitis, against almost any and every affliction.

“Should sepsis result, it often follows so much later that the cause can be conveniently relegated to obscurity”.

Dr. Fergie Woods, M.D., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S: “The sera and vaccines so largely derived from animal experimentation and so light-heartedly injected in large and frequent doses are nothing more or less than foreign bodies which add more poisonous material to the blood for the struggling vitality to cope with, and when they do have an apparently successful effect, they are merely modifying symptoms and not curing the patient.

“It is therefore no longer a matter of surprise that the animal sera and vaccine have proved so disappointing in the treatment of disease.

“They aim at removing the effects instead of the cause of the disease, and the whole problem has therefore been approached from the wrong side of the equation”.

Nowadays almost anything has its injection treatment available.

Within the past few weeks the press has reported inquests on deaths following injections for chilblains and for depression. The cause of death in the former was given after the post-mortem as heart failure, due to acute blood-poisoning consequent on an abscess following an injection.

At the inquest on a woman at Norwood who had had injections for rheumatoid arthritis, the verdict was that the woman had become abnormally sensitive to the injections !.

Again the inquest recently on a woman who died from an injection also for rheumatoid arthritis, and blood poisoning resulted and a verdict was returned of misadventure !.

The wife of a well-known theatrical producer (Mr. B.) was suffering from shingles, so she had injections. The shingles were “repressed” and in its stead came rheumatism. Within a year and half following the injections the woman was dead.

Here are a few examples of cases I know personally: A woman who had eczema for ten years, and had had over a hundred injections from skin specialists and hospitals, the result being that the eczema was worse than ever.

A woman had paralysis in the left leg. She had thirty injections, it got much worse and after the injections she lost the use of the right leg also.

A woman has had rheumatism all her life, and then eczema psoriasis. From the leading specialists she has had eighty injections with the result that the rheumatism and psoriasis are worse than ever.

A man — marvellous physique– the kind of man one would expect to live to be 90, developed a desire for alcohol at the age of 45. The doctor suggested injections for it. Within a few months the man was dead.

Finally to give the words said to me by Dr. John H. Clarke: “Those who inject serum into the blood-stream, inject without knowing in the least what they are doing, for all injections are definitely a form of blood-poisoning”.

Adrienne Sarti