“You must have an operation,” the patient is told, “Nonsense, it cant be removed by medicines,” if he or she feebly and hesitatingly objects, and so they are swept off their feet and into a hospital ward before they have time to look round. Surgeons forget that you may remove the tumour safely, but you do not remove or cure the cause, the original cause in the first instance that produced the tumour.

And that can only be done by treating each patient individually, taking the full history in the minutest details, and by building up and rectifying the constitution the patient is made well and strong, the tendency to grow tumours is put right and frequently, in the majority of the cases, the tumour itself disappears, never to return. In a few cases the tumour may have to be removed surgically, but the patient by that time is fully well and strong, as his health has been built up and he can stand the operation better.

Years ago I came across such a woman, a patient of the late Dr. Ridpath who was a very keen homoeopath. She had been treated by him for a large fibroid of the uterus, and she was quite unlike any other fibroid patient I had ever met before. She looked so healthy, so bright and well, she had haemorrhages, she had had palpitations, but al these had stopped: there were no constitutional symptoms, only the foreign body, the large fibroid, was left. She stayed in hospital for three weeks and never turned a hair, and I have never seen a patient get over an operation so easily and quickly.

Dr. Ridpath must have been a wonderful homoeopath to implant such faith in his patients and build up their health so that they could go through operations so well. I rather smiled a smile of disbelief when this lady told me about other cases of fibroids being cured without operation; but youth is rash and condemns quickly. With greater experience one has come to the conclusion that it is not only probable but almost certain that fibroids and other tumours can be cured medicinally, but it requires time and patience, and the patient must be willing to keep under treatment and carry out the instructions faithfully.

The late Dr. Burnett had many brilliant cures of tumours of breast, uterus and other parts of the body to his credit; and his writings are very illuminating. He mentions one cure of a very large fibroid which took three years in the curing and complete removal by medicines; probably it might have been quicker if the lady had not been so devoted to travelling and had not absented herself sometimes for months.

Another case took well over two years; certainly an operation would have been quicker, but people forget the invalidism that follows after an operation, and many people are never the same again afterwards. “Is it not much better to leave a patient whole instead of removing a womans organs wholesale, and leaving her crippled and weakly?”.

One heard of the following case the other day:-.

Mrs. B., aged 41 years, seen first at the end of October 1935. Complains of profuse haemorrhages. Her medical practitioner discovered uterine fibroids and advised operation. She came for medical treatment instead, having heard what Homoeopathy could do. Pale, exsanguinated woman, thin, tired, red lips, round- shouldered and bent. M.P. 6/26 + + flow, bright red colour, with dark red clots. Has prolapsed abdomen for which she has worn a belt of years.

Very sensitive to diapers which irritate the skin very much. Short of breath, < exertion, < ascending stairs, does not eat fat meat, feels worse about 11 a.m., felt < heat of summer; pain back midscapular region, > resting, > lying down;- indigestion, flatulence, swollen distended feeling after eating, > eructation, has to take bicarbonate of soda for it; very constipated; takes Normacol; on examination found several small fibroids, uterus itself was very heavy, anteflexed and fibrotic, extended to quite three fingers breadths above symphysis pubis. Prescribed Sulphur 6, T.D.S. on general symptoms.

January 7th, 1936 (two months later). M.P. four days only, clots much less; indigestion much better, not so swollen after food; uterus smaller, only just above symphysis pubis and nodules not so distinct. Heard for the first time that there was a tendency to tuberculosis; had been in a sanatorium for apical tuberculosis; cannot take cod-liver oil.

(1) Tuberculinum 30. Four powders at weekly intervals.

(2) Fraxinus Americanus O. Five drops night and morning.

Fraxinus is one of Dr. Burnetts organ remedies, which he took over from Rademacher, and with which he cured many cases of uterine fibroids and heavy subinvoluted uteri.

Dorothy Shepherd
Dorothy Shepherd 1885 – 1952 - British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. Graduated from Hering College in Chicago. She was a pupil of J.T.Kent. Author of Magic of the Minimum Dose, More Magic of the Minimum Dose, A Physician's Posy, Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases.