BY ROBERT L. REDFIELD, M.D., Berkeley, California.

(From the Pacific Coast Jour…

(From the Pacific Coast Journal of Homoeopathy.).

To those who are fortunate enough to have a busy practice, accurate prescribing of homoeopathic remedies presents a puzzling problem. Men with Class A practices who are of homoeopathic extraction frequently find themselves so pressed for time that the homoeopathic remedy is often not prescribed at all, simply because these men feel that a poorly chosen prescription would be worse than none at all.

It is with this state of affairs in mind that we write the following notations in the hope that the brilliant results occasionally attained from the less frequently used but clearly defined remedies may be brought within the reach of men who would prescribe a remedy if they knew one clear cut indication for it.

The remedies mentioned in the foregoing paper of Charles C. Boericke are naturally not included here. It will also be noticed that many of these clinical drugs are what might be termed organo-specific; consequently in this instance they are known to affect the digestive tract. General indications will be more or less eliminated in favour f clear keynote symptoms.

Frequently do we see patients who complain, among other things, of a gnawing, hungry, faint feeling in the epigastrium despite the fact that these people are big eaters – Abies can.

Puls. and Bryonia usually take care of a sensation of a lump in the pit of the stomach. If they do not – Abies nig.

In emaciated individuals with good appetite one usually thinks of Iodine or Nat. mur., but these symptoms plus the feeling as if the stomach was full of fluid indicates – Abrot.

Pale, thin and anaemic persons with burning pain in stomach and chest, causing cold sweat on forehead and skin – Acetic acid.

Babies, too, are prone to indigestion at times. Those who have a marked intolerance of milk with vomiting an hour after eating require Aethusa cyn.

At a first visit the doctor frequently sees an individual with parchment-like dry skin whom he recognizes as in a possible pre-cancerous stage. Should this individual mention an intolerance for potatoes, give Alum.

For those whose indigestion comes by reason of a hoggish nature during which trouble they have alternate constipation and diarrhoea, we give Ant. crud.

When we have a clear cut picture of peptic ulcer with localized pain and a great craving for sweets, the remedy is Arg. nitr.

Often one contacts hysterical type females with much foul gas. Write for Asaf.

In those unfortunate individuals where water is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach, use Bism.

Among the many clear indications bitter taste in the mouth and pressure in the stomach after eating are two of the leading keynotes of Bryonia.

If we knew as much about Cadmium as Grimmer, we might cure gastric carcinoma. Anyhow, black coffee ground vomitus is a good indication for Cadmium sulph.

In fermentative dyspepsias with desire for stimulants and tobacco – Carbolic acid.

In indigestion, accompanied with hepatic dysfunction vomiting of green fluid points to Card. mar.

Another liver remedy with prominent gastric symptoms as great desire for and amelioration from hot fluids is Chelid.

Certainly no one would ever fail, when noting the symptoms cannot bear the sight or smell of food to prescribe Colch.

As a stomachic in gastric catarrh, especially if one notes cracks in the corners of the mouth, get out Condurango.

In old people where dizziness is a concomitant complaint with heartburn after he goes to bed, we rely on Conium.

In cases of persistent nausea, clay-coloured stools direct us to Digitalis.

Of all the homoeopathic carminatives, belly-button colic reveals Dioscorea.

Recalling a pale, easy flushing type of patient intolerance of eggs will make a sure remedy of Ferrum met.

A remarkable clinical remedy for haemorrhaging ulcers is found in Geranium.

In energetic women with too much time and money on their hands, a sinking feeling at the epigastrium relieved by taking a deep breath connotes Ignatia.

In that distressing picture incessant vomiting without relief from vomiting, we never fail with Ipecac.

In migraine cases with dyspepsia characterized by dreadful gastro-enteric burning, we are gratified by Iris.

In catarrhal gastritis of beer drinkers, even a toper gets well under Kali bi.

A clinical pot-shot in the heartburn of pregnancy that delights us is Lactic acid.

In southern climates where the liver is frequently overburdened, profuse, black tarry stools are no match for Leptandra.

As an outlet for post-operative distention many operators rely exclusively on tincture of Moschus.

In old dyspeptics with pyrosis and rheumatism where eating causes depression, our stand-by is Nat. carb.

If Schussler was even half-way right in his theories, an intercurrent in all over acid stomach cases should be Nat. phos.

Bringing to mind again the flatulent, hysterical female, we find extreme dryness of the mouth with drowsiness a sure indication for Nux moschata.

That occasional patient who fails to react to your remedies, but who must eat at mid night will be grateful to you for Psorinum.

In atonic gastro-enteritis where stomach and liver symptoms are associated with limb pain, we expect results from Ptelea.

Our choice in post operative gas pains with no emission of gas, up or down, is Raphanus.

Intense heartburn to the point of excoriating the teeth will be relieved by Robinia.

Everyone has patients with a dioscorea colic but where there is very offensive breath the remedy called for is Sinapis nigra.

In whisky tipplers with sour eructations and craving for drink alleviation of both is to be had from Sulph. acid.

For the sickening picture of an acute ptomaine with severe aggravation on opening the eyes, the Balm of Gilead is Tabacum.

China is the most usual remedy for ill effects of tea drinking but if it fail, then use Thuja.

In peptic ulcer with pyloric pain, great flatulence leads us to suggest, after Lycopodium, Uranium nit.

As a second choice to Aethusa, where children vomit milk in large curds without hesitancy use Valerian.

Many times after acute or sub-acute gastro-enteric inflammation, we need a true digestive tonic. You will find satisfaction in Vanadium.

Acute ptomaine of a cholera type distinguished by simultaneous vomiting and purging relief comes with the employment of Verat. alb.

And, last but not least of all these, where difficulties from too much water melon or impure water are distressing, rely on Zingiber.

Robert L. Redfield