As an introduction to Homoeopathy I beg of you to buy Dr. Charettes small book called What is Homoeopathy? to be had from the publishers of this Journal. It has been translated into seven languages, which speaks for itself. It is written in light French vein, yet with quotations for every statement given. It is most enlightening and easy for any laity to grasp.

I HAVE recently read a medical discussion in which a celebrated allopath declared to his colleagues that they (the allopaths) did not know how to cure trifling troubles, such as “fever Blisters” and “Sweating Feet” and “Corns”. Said the speaker: “We (allopaths) simply laugh at fever blisters and if we are pinned down, we shrug our shoulders, saying they are nothing to worry about; they will go away.” We Homoeopaths know that “fever blisters” and “sweating feet” are only to be cured by correcting the “constitution” producing these abnormal symptoms.

A homoeopathic doctor will ask you certain questions, apparently far removed from your offending lips and feet, and which to an allopathic mind and training, cannot have any bearing on your troubles.

Some 80 odd per cent. of your “Fever blisters” can be quickly cured, often in thirty-six hours, with Natrum muriaticum in 6x, 12x or 30th potencies, some patients reacting better with the 30th potency.

To state that every such case can be cured by this one drug (potentized Common Salt) would be to introduce the idea of “specific drugs”. We Homoeopaths always carefully avoid such an idea. We have to “differentiate” every case and every drug, by studying each persons symptoms and every drugs power for cure. (Read your Materia Medicas.).

I have seen some cases of “fever blisters” cured, as if by magic, with Ranunculus bulbosus or the Ranunculus sceleratus, of the same family, which would not respond to Natrum mur. in any potency. The “fever blisters” to be cured by the Ranunculus stimulation have more pearly blisters filled with acrid serum than is to be found in the Nat. mur. variety and type. The serum escaping from the Ranunculus type causes further blisters, and this brings me to the point of suggesting one of the Ranunculus family drugs for “Foot and Mouth” disease in cattle, because of its “similar” action.

This is a “personal opinion,” and I offer it to owners of cattle in the hope that some men may try and cure their herds, instead of slaughtering same. I have owned many cows in years gone by and have cured many ailments of cows and horses easily with Homoeopathy. Ranunculus for “Foot and Mouth” disease should act because of its absolute “Similitude” of drug symptoms and disease picture.

I would say that I know all about infections from one animal to another, but one has to ask – what causes the first case in any herd? One must also bear in mind that these acrid Ranunculus (buttercup plants, all acrid and blister producers) species are in every pasture, and in every forkful of hay; you will have noticed how cattle avoid the rank tufts of said Buttercups in lush meadows, eating all round them, but I have no doubt at all that when pasture gets short, said cows will take a chance mouthful, or rub their noses against the plants, which may start their blistering lips, whilst their wet feet (coronets) must also come in contact with some acrid Buttercup juices of the bruised plants, then to be licked for some comfort, as the “blisters” of this plant juice itch most horribly. This ends my purely “personal opinion” hereon, but do read up your Materia Medica in this connection.

To revert to the “pure Homoeopathy” which is the basis of this article. The eroding blisters round infants mouths (Crustea lacta) call for the study of two quite different homoeopathic remedies, viz. Viola tricolor (hearts ease pansy) and Dulcamara, which must be also studied according to individual symptoms.

For your Natrum muriaticum type of “fever blisters” you must cut down your daily intake of common salt to a minimum, as this affects the whole constitution, which subject is too vast for this article, but I may crowd in the mention that salt can work towards the production of hardened arteries and even opacities of the lens.

The late Dr. James Compton Burnett, of London, in his monograph on Natrum muriaticum has shown how we cure such opacities of the eyes with this drug on purely Homoeopathic lines.

It often happens that patients consult their allopathic medical men about annoying “sweating feet”. Whilst this condition is active locally, I grant that, at first sight, there is nothing grave or serious in such a common condition, and which, to salve the proper pride of many a sufferer, has been dubbed “athletes foot”, but how many cases persist for years under allopathic treatment, notwithstanding their prescribed footbaths of strong astringent chemicals and foot-dustings?.

We Homoeopaths assert that gravity arises if such local sweats are actually “dried up” by local outward means. There must be something wrong “constitutionally” with such sufferers, and the actual sane method of cure must include attention to the whole constitution which produces such an abnormality.

If “foot sweats” are dried up locally such discharges must be driven in, to be heard of later in some other and deeper seated manifestation, though this succeeding trouble is not often credited to the true cause, as we Homoeopaths see and know it to be. Any failure to cure foot sweats by external means is all to your benefit.

Let any such sufferer go to a homoeopathic doctor and he will at once ask the patient many questions, which, to the uninitiated, apparently have no connection at all, with their feet. The question may appear quite out of order! The fact is that your Homoeopath wants to learn something about your “constitutional fault”, which imbalance results in these “sweating feet”.

Surely you can understand that you would not have this abnormality if you were in perfect health? Finally your homoeopathic doctor, will ask you some questions directly bearing on your foot troubles, for there are many personal variations in damp and wet feet, which must be considered before an intelligent prescription can be made.

If it be found that foot sweat “rots your stockings”, which is often the case, then homoeopathic Silicea in 6x, 12x, or 30th potency, will promptly cure your constitutional fault producing this type of trouble as an “ultimate” symptom of some internal disorder.

Or you may have to admit that though you bathe your feet very often, they “smell” in varying degrees of intensity and even producing various odours, for which we have the medical counterpart or “similar” curative drug.

Locally and bodily your are clean and careful enough to satisfy the most rigid, but the local foot odour persists, until the unwelcome thought may occur that this may be noticeable to others, which is intensely wearying to the sufferer. Can you not understand that there is some deep seated bodily imbalance which is at fault and for which local treatment is as faulty as it is dangerous?.

Here again Homoeopathy has much to offer the patient, if the “like” drug is properly selected. We name Silicea, Thuja, Sepia, Nitric acid (there are others also), each potent for cure in its right sphere, but none of these should be used stronger than the 6x strength, and each one of these much be differentiated according to our methods. Cure must follow if one selects the “most like” drug.

Briefly, Thuja may be the drug needed because of too much vaccination even if performed years ago, and all the more likely if said vaccination “did not take”, which means that the poison remained in the system, which was not strong enough at the time to fight and get rid of the “infection”.

Or Sepia, may be the one needed for smelling feet when there are also present decided female sex organ abnormalities, to be found in the Materia Medicas.

Nitric acid is the one remedy needed when there is great local soreness, even rawness, with deep sticking local pains, and so the “differentiation” goes on for a sure cure.

May I record one other variation of “sweating feet” when there is practically no odour, nor rotting of stockings. Many cases report very damp or wet feet, which are icy-cold all the time, this icy-chill even extends up to the knees at times, and this type of patients will generally complain of icy-cold hands, with fingers going waxy-white. Here surely is a totally different “type” of patient, requiring a totally different medicine for cure.

Many of this “type: are a bit too flesh (really “fat”) and such often experience sudden bursts of moisture in various other parts of their bodies. If there is any odour in such patients, it will be very faintly “sour”. For this “constitutional imbalance” producing these symptoms, every Homoeopathic doctor, guided accurately by his Similia, will prescribe Calcarea carbonica, 6x, 12x or higher, and the constitution will be set in order by this stimulation, as shown by the disappearance of all objectionable symptoms. This remedy is made from the inner layer of oyster shells. It is an impure Carbonate of lime.

How can chemical footbaths or dusting powders cure such deep seated conditions? If, in such a case, you give a 6x and it does not cure, dont change the carefully chosen remedy, but try a higher potency, for, as I have said, some vital forces, respond much more quickly and surely with the 30th potency, which higher potency should not be given more than twice a day.

Try this change of potency before rashly changing the drug. As an extra precaution you have better cut out all coffee whilst under homoeopathic medication. Our remedies are very subtle and delicate. Also bear in mind that too much strong tea will very likely constipate you. Avoid all acids, and other condiments, and try to live (eat) simply.

Your “disease symptoms” are as Nature demanding an additional “stimulation” in the “similar” direction to help the vital forces to cure. The Homoeopathic or similarly acting and stimulating drug is the one which Nature is thus asking for, to complete this work. Can anything be clearer?.

An allopathic doctor challenged me a short time ago thus: “You say you can cure many cases immediately. If I do this, how can I live, support my family, pay rent, taxes and my car, etc.” My reply was: “For every case you cure so dramatically, that case or family will send you many other new patients, so you will be kept busy, besides helping so many chronic sufferers. Thus do the homoeopaths manage to live and prosper, and learn better all the time, with their single drug cures.”.

After all, the public have some rights, and they want a quick cure, without damage to any organ of elimination. Strong drugs have always a secondary action, and allopathic pharmacopoeias and toxicology bear witness to their destructive secondary actions (q.v.).

Homoeopaths the world over are more and more content with their “positive medicine”, inherited from Hahnemann (1796), who gave priority, in honourable fashion, to Hippocrates (450-400 B.C.), but this undoubted Law of Nature must have existed from the beginning of all TIME. Hippocrates only saw the light of this Law in but very few instances, he failed to see or learn our Law of the small or minutest doses, in order to avoid unnecessary aggravations.

He gave the ordinary huge doses of his time, so he cured in but few instances, because of all his drug “aggravations”. Thus, the idea of “Similia” fell into disrepute for centuries, and it remained for Hahnemann (1796) to recognize the useless “drug aggravations”, which he avoided by at once instituting the fractional doses, so common in this day.

So, secondary to the correct choice of a remedy, we must employ the fractional or non-aggravating sized dose. Another common sense point to observe. If you desire precedence and warranty before adopting “this Homoeopathy” I offer you the dates 400 B.C. and again A.D. 1796 which is a reasonable antiquity, stating that we have not altered those precepts one iota.

Homoeopathy acts as well in ACUTE diseases. See “HEAL THYSELF” for November-December, 1934 for my PNEUMONIA STATISTICS of comparative death rates of allopathic and homoeopathic doctors, in this disease. The publishers of this Journal have to-day written me that they are reprinting my pneumonia article in pamphlet form.

Comparative death risks are there shown to be 29.5 per cent. for the allopathic treatment, which has remained constant for many decades, whilst our homoeopathic death risks are under 5 per cent. This is for all ages and all classes of this disease.

In Influenza the same advantage lies with Homoeopathy. (See “HEAL THYSELF”, page 137 for 1935.) We Homoeopaths lose under 1 per cent. of all cases of flu, which have not been damaged with any “fever-breaking drugs” before coming to us. Whilst the allopathic death rate in fly is about 30 per cent.

These figures stand good until disproved, but as all those statistics are taken from Public Records, there is no chance of alteration. Which death rate do YOU prefer?.

As an introduction to Homoeopathy I beg of you to buy Dr. Charettes small book called What is Homoeopathy? to be had from the publishers of this Journal. It has been translated into seven languages, which speaks for itself. It is written in light French vein, yet with quotations for every statement given. It is most enlightening and easy for any laity to grasp.

He proves that many allopathic leaders have spoken highly of the Law of Similars, and the mystery to me is that they, as a school, have not seized hold of Homoeopathy long before this. The rank and file of the allopaths, want to do so, as many such have told me personally, but they actually fear the censure of the G.M.C. who will have none of it. Evidently they are too old to change, and you, the public, suffer.

Public spirited “HEAL THYSELF” is trying to help the allopathic profession, also the laity, and if the profession do not learn and act, then let the laity take hold in earnest, which they are doing, judging from the increasing circulation of this Journal. And, so to bed?.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.