One remembers a case in a young woman where Bryonia and Rhus tox. were tried with very little benefit; then it was noticed that the patient was rather tearful, that she had to move, kept on moving to get any ease; here Puls. was prescribed, and within less than twenty-four hours this young woman was out of her bed and anxious to return to her job.


During a severe bout of liverishness, liquid nourishment only is indicated. Milk and soda, light chicken broth, and fruit juice should be taken, with later the addition of lightly cooked eggs, white fish and weak tea. The management of an acute bilious attack is obviously to a great extent dependent upon the cause, but there are certain general measures which can be adopted in most cases.


The dose of the oil must on no account exceed five drops at a time, twice daily, after meals. Care should be taken, when prescribing the oil, that the patient for whom the oil is prescribed may not have any stomach or bowel complaints, as in that case they will feel decidedly worse.


This is one of the most rapid cures I have ever seen. I have frequently found that in cases of kidney stones and gall stones Belladonna in low potencies, 1x, 3x or mother tincture has has not effect but Belladonna 200 causes miraculous and prompt relief. It seems to act by relieving the tension and the inflammation in the duct produced by a stone which has been caught up causing spasms.


What makes me feel I must write to you is this. I have lost only this week another old friend of mine. He was suddenly afflicted by stoppage of the urine and the doctor said that nothing could be done except an operation. He was operated upon and next morning he was dead. He had been a strong healthy man and was 65 years old.


The findings are written down and then discussed with the patient, and in most cases the patient is amazed at what the eye reveals; there can be no humbug, no finding out through back door ways what is troubling the patient. Complete silence concerning their state of health before diagnosis is always insisted upon.


The result was dramatic. After the first day the patient improved. At the end of a week the motions were reduced to two each day. A week later the motions were normal in every way. A month later the diarrhoea returned. This may have been due to the fact that the patient was worried about some of her affairs. Croton 3 was given, and in three days the patient was well again.


The condition he developed seemed to be a pleurodynia. Pains in all parts of the lungs, a little cough and expectoration. But the marked symptom was the profuse sweat. It soaked his clothing and his bedding, was constant day and night without let up, but the peculiar thing about it was the smell. It was mouldy and musty to a degree I never experienced before or since.


The drier the pods are when beans are shelled the better. After shelling care should be taken to ensure the beans being quite dry prior to storing for seed or cooking. Those used for cooking should be soaked over night and served like haricot or butter beans.


Excruciating pains of the lower limbs, preventing sleep, with aggravation by hot applications, and amelioration by applying cold water in the painful parts. The patient suffering from pains in the lower limbs, cannot place himself on a low seat nor squat, because of tearing pains in his knees and thighs, pains which are always worse at night.