Both Natural efforts to conquer illness and the Homeopathic nerve stimulations work in absolutely the same line, and harmoniously, and that, in accordance with the Law of Similia. The patients “symptoms” point out just what drug stimulation that person needs.

DID your ever notice a trace-horse kept harnessed, standing at the bottom of a city hill, with an attendant ready instantly to hitch-on this extra “force” to a load which was “just too much” for some poor horse having to face that hill? Without the timely assistance of this “extra help “, the loaded cart-horse could not have accomplished the task before it. In human life “unaided” illness often develops into constitutional conditions which are apparently beyond human aid. The second or “trace-horse” is equivalent to the Homoeopathic stimulation to be given overtaxed human physical resources.

Both Natural efforts to conquer illness and the Homoeopathic nerve stimulations work in absolutely the same line, and harmoniously, and that, in accordance with the Law of Similia. The patients “symptoms” point out just what drug stimulation that person needs.

Homoeopathy does not attempt to smother pain! The pains of a patient are Natures “warning signals” begging for some particular medical “stimulation”. Obliterate such pains with drugs and you destroy your “landmarks” and their purpose. The well-chosen Homoeopathic stimulation, when applied properly, can conquer pain better and more quickly than opiates, by curing the “cause”.

Any ailment or grave illness is expressed by many, even almost endless and very peculiar signs, sensations and symptoms, some of them remarkably funny, even sounding outlandish to the neophyte in this subject. Many cannot be explained. I remember very clearly one such. The patient had much to talk about, but the one thing which was paramount and for which the patient demanded “immediate relief or she would go crazy” was a sensation “as if a hair were on the tip of her tongue, frequently extending back into the throat, which caused a constant crawling sensation, making her gag almost to vomiting point.”

She had been ill of many things for some time; two “specialists” put it all down to “nerves”, with some suggestion to the family, that her mind might give way. Strange to say I had recently cured another similar case with this identical “most peculiar” symptom, the remedy for which I confess took me some two hours to find, as I had not all my books with me.

The one remedy with both those “Signals” demanded was Silica, and if you care to, you can find that “crazy” symptom-sensation recorded by our provers, almost word for word with the patients vehement expressions, on page 380, vol. IX, of Dr. Herings Guiding Symptoms.

I may say that three or four doses of Silica removed that awkward and distracting sensation as of a “hair on the tongue extending to the throat”, and cleared up the constitutional troubles in both patients.

All “symptoms” are but expressions of natural body forces trying to throw off some disease inroads, which may be most obscure; many troubles are beyond positive diagnosis. Probably you have all read Bernard Shaws Doctors Dilemma. It happens often that ten Medicos may utter seven or eight different diagnoses in obscure cases, so we, Homoeopaths, prefer to rely on symptom prescribing when there is room for doubt in diagnosis, besides which mere diagnosis does imply power to cure.

To further “defend” Homoeopathy and the power of our remedies, when chosen correctly, let me relate two cures.

CASE 1. This was what the most stubborn opponent of Homoeopathy must call thoroughly “chronic”. It had been treated on and off, with changes of “expert or super-specialists” for ten years, without the slightest amelioration, and some cold steel dilations of the mouth of the womb and curetting had been advised, but refused.

When Homoeopathy was tried, it took less than half a dram (teaspoonful) of Pulsatilla 3x medicated pills to cure, to say cured, satisfying all concerned. Why Pulsatilla? Read your Materia Medica; if it be an unabridged copy you will find that daughters symptoms as worded by her and her mother; every expression of menstrual suffering, as to location, character, etc., had been experienced by our “provers” and so recorded as far back as 140 years ago. The patients CHILLINESS, her peculiar MENSTRUAL PAINS, her THIRSTLESSNESS, her NAUSEA, and actual VOMITING, etc., can be found, in our books, word for word! Thats why Pulsatilla !.

In this case sufferings were so severe as to put her to bed for three days every month. The first month I had her case, in the midst of a vomiting crisis, two doses of Pulsatilla 3x put her to sleep because of the sudden physical relief, which ended the vomiting.

She awoke next morning, got up and went about her usual duties. With the relief, all medicine was stopped. She began to take her Pulsatilla 3x again three doses a day, and when the next period arrived, on time, it was absolutely normal, and the function is perfect to date. That patient and her mother are quite sure there was no “coincidence” in this matter.

CASE II. Here is another case also of inveterate and chronic menstruation trouble, but different. Hence Pulsatilla was not considered, and every reader will see why. This case was about thirty-five years of age. All her menstrual life (twenty years) she had been a “flooder”, sometimes bleeding so much that she would collapse. Her allopathic professional attendants, for she had practically never heard the word “Homoeopathy”, feared,m and told the family, that she might become T.B. and gradually pass out. She had “doctored” all her menstrual life; she had swallowed gallons of liquid drugs, and pounds of pills. Curetting or the total removal of all her sex organs was several times demanded and always refused.

I gave this case China officinalis 1x (because I had no higher potency) three drops in a teaspoonful of water every twenty to thirty minutes for the first active flooding I saw. This controlled and lessened the flow in a few hours, whereas she generally flooded for seven or eight days, often at three week intervals.

“Constitutionally” she received Calcarea carbonica 12x and 30th potencies, three times daily. She began this remedy as soon as her flow ended. She was given these two potencies alternately, changing them every week, until the next period began, when she was told to stop them and take only the China during the flow, say every four hours, or oftener. Soon the flow was absolutely normal in quantity. In six or seven weeks she gained 11 lbs. in weight, recovered a good colour, ate and slept well, and was able to take an active place in the world.

At best, I have such a short time to live, hence my intense earnestness and gravity. My years tell me this, yet I can do my eight hours manual work in my garden with almost any gardener. I beg of every allopath to study Homoeopathy.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.