Menstrual difficulties obtain here also– uterine discharges of a chronic character, sterility, ovaritis, ovarian neuralgia, colics, pituitary headaches and many other “algias” and “isms” which deplete the body of its health and happy vigour. The child was now better under all conditions, could sleep indoors and take its food without any discomfort.

Dyspepsia and depraved appetite– this also is an important consideration in the maintenance of young females in health. At a time when she is in most need of nourishment; when she is changing from girlhood into womanhood– the entire glandular system is on the “Wake, saying: “I move, I arouse”; this is the cry of chemical messengers, or “hormones” as they are called, but often they suffer a great “let-down” because she is already marked by abnormality in the department of digestion, so that little or no nourishment is available to support the new working of nature.

If only she is homoeopathically considered, and as an individual out of tune with her universe of function, much distress, suffering, misery, and anxiety of others on her account will be avoided.

If she is “weepy”, gentle and wayward, Pulsatilla will go a long way in restoring her balance; if she is quick-witted, subjected to variations of temperament, grave to gay, laughing to weeping, quickly alternating moods, and hysterical, Ignatia will steady her down admirably. Pulsatilla for “weeps”; but Ignatia for “sighs” and so on. There are hundreds of remedies for hundreds of ailing young women out of tune with the universe.

Night-sweats, offensive sweat, itching, skin complaints are all wonderfully and successfully cured homoeopathically; but it is the individual who has the abnormality, and not the complaint, that must be considered cured every time.

A case of Furunculosis, all over the body, of fourteen years standing has been successfully cured by the writer. All treatments, local and otherwise; two operations in all involving hundreds of pounds all failed, but Homoeopathy did not fail.

In one month the legs and feet were clear, in three months the the legs and feet were clear, in three months the trunk, in four months the shoulders, arms and neck, and in six months the face is peeling and the last of the boils gone. It was a horrible case, and of tubercular origin. Remedies used were Tuberculinum 30, Hep. s. 2x, Silicea 3x and 30, Ac. pic. 6, and 30, and Calc. phos. 30.

Thus we come to the important period which should be full of happiness, hopefulness and usefulness– “the productive period”; but it is usually traversed with dread, sorrow and pain through functional difficulties, all of which could have been avoided if she had been considered as a female — trained, educated, and dealt with according to knowledge by those who had the medical and functional care of her, according to her nature and fore- knowledge of her pathway from birth to this period of her life.

Menstrual difficulties obtain here also– uterine discharges of a chronic character, sterility, ovaritis, ovarian neuralgia, colics, pituitary headaches and many other “algias” and “isms” which deplete the body of its health and happy vigour.

A young married woman suffered agony every period –one day before and three days after — with ovarian neuralgia and supra- orbital neuralgia. As regular as clockwork came these distressing pains. She had been an athlete until marriage, and was always “fit as a fiddle”; but after marriage her trouble began. Arnica 30 was given for her muscle-bound state and Gelsemium 6 for the pains; and she had no more trouble for a whole year.

The “period” which had been very scanty was brought up to an easy normal flow. Let this be news to the many athletic young ladies with menstrual pains and difficulties; when they cease activity they should let themselves down gently if they would avoid these distressing conditions, wondering why they experience them.

Next we have the period of reproduction to consider. There is so much written about the “waiting time”, so much advice, so many directions to follow, that one wonders why after all of it, there is still a cry for “safety for the mother to be”. One hears of a great place being built, in which will be installed all the marvellous scientific machinery and instruments at the expense of hundreds of thousands of pounds– all for the safety of “the mother to be,” and conditions incidental to her sex. Can it be true?

After all the accumulation of knowledge and experience of the past 25 years–years of progress–medically and surgically–that much of this knowledge and experience is obsolete? or is an attempt being made to treat “mothers to be ” as though they were an “Austin 7” or a “Rolls-Royce” according to circumstances. If they go to an “Austin 7” depot, they receive injections for this and injections for that; and if they go to a “Rolls-Royce” depot they probably get an extended mechanical treatment, plus a better stage setting.

Natures way and natures claims are not to be considered, only the mechanical termination to nine months waiting is regarded. But nature will not be violated with impunity; earlier or later she will have her revenge–a life-long legacy of perpetual ill-health is the usual reward of the so-called “easy child-births”. This state of affairs should not exist, because there is the “Womans choicest gift from God” in Homoeopathy.

The waiting time of pregnancy is a favourable time for dealing with the morbid tendencies of the “mother to be,” whatsoever they are; and the developing child in utero can be permanently influenced for good, both structurally and in health and temperament, and last, but not least, delivery can be rendered natural, quick and easy; malpositions can be corrected and all discomforts obviated; and the patient after delivery can be safely and speedily compensated and restored to normality again.

Everything connected with child-bed, before, during, and after is much the better, more naturally and safely treated by the homoeopathic method of procedure and treatment– whether for the mother or the infant there will be a minimum of after effects; after effects such as the following cases show.

Four years ago I was asked to visit a lady, aged 30, to see if I thought it was necessary for her to have an operation for appendix removal; the operation had been strongly advised by her family doctor. On examination, and taking the case homoeopathically we could not be satisfied either as to the diagnosis, or the advice of the operation being justified.

The case was considered, and the history of the individual revealed that she had had this pain ever since childbirth, nine years before; her period had stopped since and could only be brought on by drastic means, and even then they were very scanty and short lasting, sometimes only a few hours. She told me of her violent childbirth and the neglect at the time; she was a bunch of nerves– fear, terror, anxiety, apprehension all the time, and many other symptoms.

Her excessive inclination for circumstances–good or bad, sad or joyous– led me to prescribe Arnica 30; this made a new woman of her in a week, and all the other symptoms have disappeared, including a sensation as of a wet cold flannel across the lumbar region which no heat could alter; for this I prescribed Spongia 6, and the appendicitis disappeared forthwith.

Another lady who had, for years since her last confinement, suffered from a sensation of painful numbness and tingling, beginning in the fingers of both hands, gradually rising upwards to the shoulders and across the chest, proceeding downward until the whole chest was one piece of numbness; this ;left her very weak for several days in bed. Also in addition to this she was subjected to severe painful cramps at night in bed.

Mentally she could not bear anything of an excessive character, it would prostate her for several days. Arnica 30 in infrequent doses and Adrenalin 3x. In one month she writes: “Ive only had one mild attack, and that passed off without prostrating me. Ive been doing all the impossibilities of life without any inconvenience or suffering.” Arnica 200 for the next month.

So you see many chronic conditions can be eradicated and the patients life made comfortable and happy homoeopathically.

The next most frequent result of childbirth is prolapsus uteri. We are “face to face” with this condition everywhere we go, and every day, and in almost every woman who has borne children. Why should this be? It is, I believe, the result of inadequate treatment after delivery. Homoeopathically this need never be, because God has given us Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula, Caulophyllum, and many other wonderful remedies to heal, to soothe, to restore, and to repair.

If these are used according to fore-knowledge and wisdom as they are indicated, no after effects will be carried forward as “pilgrims burden” for years, and perhaps to the grave. These are natures own remedies, and they will prevent a chronic termination or continuance of any sequelae; and what is more, Arnica, Rhus tox; Hypericum, will always go back to the time of violence even though years may elapse between, and so, as things are at the moment, we can only use what is available when we are consulted in these cases.

Prolapse uteri as well as any other affection of the womb, cancer, tumour, cysts, polypi, ulcers of uteri can all be helped without any surgical interference or local application, often times without inspection or examination. Think what a boon Homoeopathy is to women– “Gods choicest gift for her healing”– it has been rightly called, and it deserves every word of the utterance.

A lady was helped by China O when her womb was almost protruding; she was waiting for a bed in hospital when I saw her. Her symptoms indicated China, and she got it; the result was, no operation, no more pain, no more feeling as if the body contents were feeling out since five years ago.

Another lady came fearful of the advice of her family medical man–an operation. Natrum mur. 6 was indicated, result, no operation, no sensation of bearing down, no dreadful backache, no despondence for six years; there was more births, and good times with each –quite happy now.

This brings us to the next difficult period–the climacteric– with difficulties indeed for many; quite unnecessary though from the homoeopathic point of view. This is a time of ptosis, eye- lids, stomach, kidneys, intestines, womb, ovaries and pelvic floor– all and everything sagging and everything internal coming down; then those flushes, pulsating headaches, palpitations, tumours of breasts, womb, etc.– “atics”, “itis”, and “algias”, mind all wrong, asthenias and all manner of symptoms prevail. Do not know what to do, where to go, or to whom to turn for help.

Homoeopathy again is your friend in need. If you want peace of mind, if you want comfort from pain, if you want toning and bracing up, if you want cooling and your system regulated, Homoeopathy can do all these in the most speedy, gentle, and permanent way.

Then we come to the mature time of life; the time when everything of a responsible character is finished, but what a life from beginning to end is a womans –a life of discomfort, pain and danger– and now to face more until death.

In the waning of lifes forces, nature can still be assisted to adapt herself to her environments, whatever they may be. Homoeopathy assists this effort of the body, and will bring in natural compensation to help the declining organs and forces. Its infinitesimal dosage is directed to penetrate every deep recess of the organism and tissue, even to every cell, in order to stimulate the life inherent therein.

The stiffening joints, the weakening sight and other senses; the muscular atonicity; the decaying skin; the failing circulation; in fact all can be wonderfully and blessedly helped by the infinitesimal dose of the right homoeopathic remedy.

The following cases may be of interest and illustrate what Homoeopathy can do in the beginning and ending of life.

An infant, eight months old, was brought to me by its grandmother. The child had been in hospital for four months with catarrh of the skin– a horrible sight to behold one so young in that condition. It appears that the eruption began before it left the nursing home at one month old; every local treatment had of course been tried, even fasting failed; and fearing lest the little one should die of starvation the mother removed it from the hospital.

It could only sleep in the open air, was only free from irritation just before feeding, always worse after food, and indoors, and from warmth. Dulcamara was here indicated, and Dulcamara 6 night, morning and noon for seven days was prescribed– result was — the eruption which wholly covered the face and ears, was fissured, through which a creamy pus oozed, drying into cake upon cake until the little face was one brown scab.

The child was now better under all conditions, could sleep indoors and take its food without any discomfort. Re Dulc. 6 night and morning for fourteen days; eruption when next seen was breaking and drying up; six weeks later, no sign of eruption, face quite normal. This infant had been chilled while it was wet; that is why Dulcamara acted speedily, gently, and perfectly.

CASE 2.–

A lady in the late sixties made enquiries as to her hope of recovery from a complaint diagnosed as “Osteomalacia,” which had been pronounced incurable by many special medical men, and none could give her more than temporary relief from pain. The history of the individual and of the complaint disclosed functional thyroid-pituitary dyscretinism which interfered with the appearance of menstruation until after her marriage, also at the end of her productive period she had been operated upon for tumours, cysts, and polypi.

This led to a further enquiry, which brought to light the fact that she had been bitten by a bull-dog early in life, so Thuja 30 was prescribed, a dose every morning for a week, then a dose every other morning for another week. Result– aches and pains all gone, only feeling of instability remained. Re Thuja 200 once a week for a month, then retook the case and found Ac. fluor. 6 indicated, better cold, especially cold bathing. This with Calc. phos. 3x is giving great satisfaction, so after three months of comparatively no aches or pains, except a touch of lumbago, she is becoming gradually more firm in walking, and better in health in every way.

Is not this a triumph for Homoeopathy? Age is no obstacle, that is evident. Compare giving remedies on advertised claims with the work of selecting potentized remedies from a repertory built up from exhaustive provings, and you will have a glimpse of the difference between everyday medicine and Homoeopathy.

G. D. Pettitt