More hospitals are built, for which God in pious language is thanked, more mental deficiency homes, more mad houses (is not suicide on the increase ?), millions of pounds paid for “research” work, which word covers the horrors of vivisection, in a vain and futile effort to find a cure.

(The art of discovering pathological and functional disturbances in the human body, by means of abnormal lines, marks, spots and discolourations in the iris of the eye.).



WHEN man went away from the divine laws which should govern the human body, nature had to find a way to diagnose the resultant disharmonies and diseases. So gradually a connection between a diseases organ or part was built up, by the nervous system making its own sign or mark in the organ of vision. The discolourations of self-poisoning, poisons such as bromide, quinine, iron, salvarsan, iodine, vaccinations, inoculations and so on, which are so clearly defined in the iris are created by colour pigments carried into and deposited in the surface layers of the iris through capillary circulation.

“Not to be able to see the wood for trees” is, I believe, a German proverb. In seeking to find out by all manner of means sometimes humiliating, but one would say to physician as well as to patients, that a simple method has been overlooked for untold ages until “in the fullness of time” it was given to a man who had the courage, patience and faith in his discovery to preserve and to hand down to others this gift of the gods.

To many of my readers it will be a disappointment to know that there are only two true iris colours, blue with its varying shades, and brown with its varying depths.

The racial blue, the racial brown. I expect all my readers know that all babies are born with blue eyes except the Albino whose iris contains no pigment either in the connective tissue cells of the stroma or in the pigment layer. Through this transparency the blood vessels are visible giving the iris a a delicate pink appearance. So my readers of the hazel-brown eyes, the white chalky eye, the muddy brown eye (seen in their thousands) the eye with the “fascinating” red brown flecks, the thousand varying colours are not racial but pathological, even if you are feeling in perfect health.


It is one of the advantages of the study of the iris that long before a patient has any symptomatic manifestations of disease the iris reveals functional and organic changes taking place. Therefore the wise man will by natural food and if necessary by nature healing, prevent any serious outcome of those pending troubles.

How glibly is said, ” Prevention is better than cure!” but is that always practised? How often has the writer patients whose state for a mastoid operation was considered by the medical adviser as not ripe yet, but should wait a few weeks before an operative state was arrived at. How often a goitre left to enlarge as it was not yet troublesome and an operation should wait till it became so. Over-acidity of the stomach left till ulcers resulted, constipation neglected or only irritant purgatives given till the patient becomes ill of self-poisoning and cancer is the dread result.

Is this prevention ? No ! a thousand times no !.

Through calling on nature to give up her treasures and using them with full knowledge, the mastoid operation was never necessary, the goitre reduced in size to disappearing point, acids eliminated, bowels encouraged to get back their own natural peristaltic motion, septic tonsils purified and shrunk to normal size and so on. It is yet to be seen what a tonsilless generation will bring. Teeth are out because of pyorrhoea but the fermentation of foods left too long in the digestive tract which has caused the trouble still persists, and the patient mostly complains, “I had lovely teeth and I do not feel any better.”.


The everyday headache, the heavy and painful menstruation, the common cold, not to speak of the more dread diseases of cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, sclerosis, which are all on the increase (it is nothing to hear of a patient of 35 or so with blood pressure!), how long are these things to go on?.

More hospitals are built, for which God in pious language is thanked, more mental deficiency homes, more mad houses (is not suicide on the increase ?), millions of pounds paid for “research” work, which word covers the horrors of vivisection, in a vain and futile effort to find a cure.

But not one will call upon nature to give of her treasures. Serums, toxins, antitoxins, vaccinations, inoculations, mutilation of the body (called operations) goes on, but nature with her “balm of Gilead” stands silent, rebuffed and ignored and the earth groans and the sick and weary cry “How long, oh ! God, how long !”.


Pastor Emmanuel Felke, the greatest iris diagnostician and nature healer of his age, passed over in Germany in 1926, and during his fifty odd years of practice he built up a method of healing known now as “The Felke Method of Healing.” He drew upon all natures resources, water, air, pure foods, correct breathing, massage (with healing, soothing, curative lotions and oils), homoeopathy, electric homoeopathy, bio-chemistry and clay, above all clay.

(Is he not known as the Clay Pastor, a name given in derision, but which afterwards became a word of affection and admiration ?) The Clay Pastor, who left the Church to give his life to suffering humanity, as he laughingly declared he could “heal better than he could preach”, is known all over Germany for his marvels of diagnosis and healing gifts.


He brought purity and simplicity into healing methods, and we, who are his disciples, would carry on the good work of using the iris of the eye to help in diagnosing the many troubles of humanity, and to call on natures bountiful gifts unto healing, bringing back to the peoples the knowledge of the right foods to nourish the body, and the use of natural clean and simple methods of healing where healing is necessary. It is not only to the layman this appeal for the iris diagnosis is made but to the physician who is the first to greet man at the gateway of life, the one who helps him on his great venture, the one to close the eyes of the weary traveller.

The one first thought of in times of sickness and distress, the one very often most quickly forgotten by those he has comforted and succoured, the one who is unmindful of colour, race or creed, the one to be found on all battlefields in all lands, in all classes, recognizing but one universal enemy– suffering– to you also the physician these words are written. And to the unbelievers we would quote one of the greatest and wisest of men, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”.

Maguerite A. Davies