The Misses Scarlett gave me the greatest encouragement from the first moment, and numerous treatments which were quite new to me, instead of making me rely on glasses and on “resting” the eyes. Instead of resting the eyes I was given eye exercises. Naturally I felt terribly handicapped and did not know what I could do to earn a living.

DEAR MR. BARKER – I have always read with great interest the various important articles in your excellent journal, and especially those regarding the Misses Scarletts treatment for defective vision.

Both myself and my wife have been in their capable hands, and, ever since the first few treatments, our progress has been steadily maintained. I feel sure if everyone followed their advice in those cases which are suitable for their specialist care, the usefulness, beauty, and health of the eyes would be preserved almost indefinitely.

Yours faithfully,


DEAR MR. BARKER, – I shall be in Town on Thursday, May 23rd, and calling to see Miss Scarlett at 2.30. If convenient to you I should like to pop in to see you for five minutes after I leave her.

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for introducing me to Miss Scarlett? You may remember that when I first spoke to you about my eyes, I was in great fear that my good eye was going the way of the bad one, as reading was becoming more and more difficult, even with the aid of the best glasses that the specialists prescribed. I had been to several specialists, and all that they could do was to prescribe glasses of ever increasing strength. But my sight was undoubtedly getting worse and causing me great discomfort.

Now, after a few months treatment by Miss Scarlett, I am able to read my newspaper without the aid of a glass, and of course have written this letter unaided. The result of the treatment is far in excess of what I believed possible and I feel I owe you and Miss Scarlett more gratitude than I can express.

With kindest regards,

Ever sincerely,


21a Hawkwood Road, Boscombe.

MAy 10th, 1935.

DEAR MR. BARKER, – I have read with the greatest interest the three articles, “Eye Troubles and Their Cure”, by the Misses Scarlett, because I have been one of their patients.

I have had trouble with my eyes since the time when I was quite small. My eyesight constantly deteriorated and, when I was eleven, it had become so bad that I had to go to a special school for shortsighted children. For five years, which means from the time I was eleven till I was sixteen, I was forbidden to read ordinary print. I was obliged to write with letters more than an inch tall. It was impressed upon me that I should rest my eyes, and kindly, painstaking and very capable oculists of the orthodox school gave me very strong glasses which, however, failed to benefit me materially.

I went about with the dread of blindness before me, was afraid to use my eyes, and I felt helpless without my glasses. I put on my spectacles before I got up, I was afraid to go out, get into buses, etc. Besides, I was not only extremely shortsighted but suffered from pronounced astigmatism. I saw several moons when going out at night, and when I was looking at the stage I saw not one dancer but a number of dancers. Naturally I felt terribly handicapped and did not know what I could do to earn a living.

I heard by chance of the Misses Scarlett, and went to them very dubiously, as leading eye specialists and institutions had done the best for me, with no results expect further deterioration of my terribly defective eyesight. The Misses Scarlett gave me the greatest encouragement from the first moment, and numerous treatments which were quite new to me, instead of making me rely on glasses and on “resting” the eyes. Instead of resting the eyes I was given eye exercises, and I felt quite nervous about doing them and using my eyes because I feared that my sight might break down completely.

However, my doubts and fears disappeared quickly when I found that my eyes did not get any worse, but became slightly better, became steadily better, became vastly better, and at last became practically normal. I have not worn glasses for years and I can read without glasses not only small print but microscopic print. I never use glasses when using the Telephone Directory, and I have acquired the utmost confidence in my eyesight.

I do not want to weary the readers with a description of the technical details and the exercises I was given, massage, electrical treatment, diet, etc., but I am delighted to say that I became a completely different woman. It is a great pity that orthodox oculists do not employ these methods which have been most efficacious in my own case and in the case of friends whom I sent to the Scarlett.

The principles adopted by them should be taken up by the medical profession. As a fuller realization of these principles came to me I found my mental outlook changing as well. I was encouraged to be alive to my surroundings, to notice every detail, to concentrate on the present and not to worry or be afraid of the future.

I hope that this letter will be read by the people who have worn glasses only for short time, or who have weak eyes and have not yet taken to glasses, because I fully know that my struggle was made much harder by the fact that I had been enslaved to glasses for years before hearing of that curative treatment which has done me a world of good. I can never be sufficiently grateful to these ladies, and my feeling of deep and lasting gratitude has impelled me to write this letter which I hope will be suitable for your magazine. Very truly yours,


6, Crossfield Road, N.17.

DEAR MR. BARKER, – I am greatly interested in reading in “HEAL THYSELF” the Misses Scarletts wonderful eyesight cures and desire to add my testimony.

Years ago my sight was in a bad way and I went to them for treatment. To-day, at sixty-seven, by following their simple rules of diet and eye exercises, I can read with ease, and without glasses, the smallest print on their test cards, and my long distance vision is splendid.

I am writing this testimony in the hope that any who are advancing in years and have defective sight may realize that age is not necessarily an impediment to recovering their sight.

Yours sincerely,

Concord House, FRANK H. PEARSE.

23 Pembridge Villas, W.11.

DEAR MR. BARKER, – I have read with great interest the three articles by the Misses Scarlett published in your journal, and would like to tell you something about my experience and the experience of my husband as regards eyes.

Some considerable time ago I bought a little pamphlet, “The Story of My Eyes”, written by yourself. Having read it, I felt induced to write to the Misses Scarlett who have helped you so much. Both my husband and I had reason to complain of our eyesight, so we both sent to the Misses Scarlett and we have received very great benefit. The eyesight of both of us has improved enormously.

I am fifty years old and my husband is sixty-six and hi case is the more interesting of the two. My husband had worn glasses for the past ten years. He never wears them now, not even when reading the smallest print by artificial light. it is quite amusing for both of us to be asked the question, “Do you not wear glasses?” and to observe the surprise of the questioner when told that one does not need glasses. Most people think it remarkable that at the age of sixty-six one can read the finest print without glasses after having been dependent upon glasses for a whole decade.

While my husbands sight had greatly deteriorated before he went to the Misses Scarlett and he had been dependent on glasses, my case was not so serious. I felt I had arrived at an age when it is usually considered necessary to wear glasses and I wished to retain my power of vision without avoidable artificialities. I was told by the Misses Scarlett that in my case by the Misses Scarlett that in my case glasses would probably be quite unnecessary for the rest of my life and that, as I had a good vision, I could greatly improve my eyes by simple exercises, etc.

I have much enjoyed the articles by the Misses Scarlett and I feel that I would like to add my own experience and that of my husband in corroboration of what I know to be perfectly true, that eyesight can be immensely improved by natural means while glasses are, in the majority of cases, disastrous to those who wear them. I hope that these articles will convince every unbiased reader of the value of this treatment which should be generally known and practised by the profession.


5, Kings Barn Lane,

Steyning, Sussex.

DEAR MR. BARKER, – Without sight life becomes a tragedy and yet we are so careless of this blessed gift. We expect our eyes to be on duty all day and half the night, and give them less attention than we give the engine of our motor cars. Only those who, like myself, have suffered can realize the importance of having and keeping healthy eyes. I would urge all to seek treatment for the training and the preserving of the eye, rather than resort immediately to glasses. These act as crutches to weak legs, but they do not help to strengthen and cure. I am speaking from personal experience, and I bless the day when a lady doctor recommended me to the Misses Scarlett, 28 Park Crescent, for treatment.

For some time my eyes had been giving me trouble, and my general health and mental powers were being affected. My eyes were so weak that I could hardly keep them open. They often closed against my will. Being a singer and a teacher of singing and having to lead a strenuous life, this was a great drawback. I consulted an eye-specialist.

I was told that I had a cataract though still slight, and that I should wear glasses all the time, that they would relieve the strain and that later on an operation might have to take place. As this verdict did not satisfy me, I tried to find other help, and I was led to the Misses Scarlett, whom I can never thank enough. They not only cure, but they teach patients how to keep the eyes healthy and how to train them so as to preserve sight.

I am a different person since I have been in their care. I stopped wearing glasses after one year of treatment. I went again to an eye-specialist, but he could no longer find any cataract. He suggested my wearing glasses when reading. I am continuing my treatments as they have benefited me in every way, also from a general health point of view.

I wish to offer my grateful thanks to the Misses Scarlett for all they have done for me and I would urge all eye sufferers to seek treatment in time from those who understand how to cure eye troubles and how to preserve that most precious of all gifts – our sight.

Yours very sincerely,


105 Westbourne Terrace, W.2.

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