Doctors and specialists frequently assert that for enlarged prostates the only cure is by operation. A prostate operation is dangerous and unsatisfactory. In a large percentage death or permanent invalidism ensue. In most cases a prostate operation is quite unnecessary.


I feel greatly honoured in addressing this meeting, and I hope that I am able to tell you something that may prove to you of interest and of practical utility. I am going to speak to you about the new art of healing called Homoeopathy, and you may ask, “Why bring in a new art of healing ? Surely the orthodox science and art of healing has made the most wonderful progress in recent times and there is no need for anything new. In any case there can be nothing better”.

At all ages medical men have treated with the utmost contempt the medical practices of the past, and have proclaimed that the art and science of medicine had advanced immeasurably in recent times and was now at the highest pinnacle. One might write a book entitled “The unjustified Boastings of Medical Men of All Ages”. A century ago the most scientific medical men who proclaimed that the practice of medicine had arrived at the highest perfection mercilessly bled, purged, and salivated their patients. Kinds, emperors, presidents and popes were frequently bled to death by their incompetent medical advisers.

It is about a century ago that an important medical journal was founded in London which was called The Lancet, because bleeding was the solid rock upon which medical practice of the time was built. Bleeding, cupping, leeching, etc., have gone completely out of practice. A century ago a doctor would have been considered a quack who refused to bleed his patients. Now a doctor is considered a quack if he dares to bleed his patients, even if bleeding is advantageous or necessary, for instance in the case of high blood pressure or a threatened apoplectic stroke.

Medicine is ruled by fashion not by sense or by science. A century ago it was the fashion to “bleed profusely” even people who were dying of lack of blood or who had lost much blood from injury. Without any sense bleeding and leeching have been abandoned, and now every doctor uses the subcutaneous syringe. The journal, The Lancet, should be re-christened.

We have been told by thousands of doctors that medicine is now “most scientific”. Unfortunately, medicine is not a science but is an art, and modern medicine is not scientific. Those practices which are called most scientific are all most unnatural. It is far more “scientific” to give a subcutaneous injection of Iron and Quinine than to give Iron and Quinine by the mouth. Hence the former is done as frequently as possible, notwithstanding the very grave risk involved in all subcutaneous treatments.

The body is provided with the most wonderful protective arrangements with regard to substances which enter it by the natural entrances, mouth, nose, etc. If we swallow a dirty fly while motoring it does not matter in the least. The filth is promptly neutralised by the Hydrochloric acid of the stomach. If a small quantity of fly dirt is scientifically placed under the skin, the individual may die of it. Many people have died of injections of substances such as Quinine and Iron which are harmless when taken by the mouth. An unfortunate woman came to me. She had been living in India, was anaemic, and the doctor prescribed Iron and Quinine for her and gave her injections accordingly.

Immediately afterwards huge swellings developed around the spot injected, they became enormous; swellings developed in every direction, and a surgeon was called in to cut away these growths. Then they appeared all over the body, and the poor woman was told that she suffered from incurable Hodgkins disease and was sent away to England to die.

Modern medicine is not scientific but pretends to be scientific. It is dominated by laboratories, partly scientific laboratories, and partly commercial laboratories. Both are equally dangerous. If a doctor has a case which he finds difficult to handle, he sends the excretions and secretions to a laboratory for investigation and advice. The laboratory man, who has never seen the patient, will advise him to inject this or that serum or other substance.

The patient may suffer from a trouble which was caused by faulty feeding, chronic constipation, overstrain, under-consumption of liquid, abuse of laxatives, faulty posture, abuse of condiments, use of aluminium utensils in the kitchen, dry rot in the wall, etc., and he may be cured by leaving off mustard, taking exercise, taking sufficient liquid, etc. Instead of this he is given injections.

The position is still more undesirable when you study the influence of the laboratories run for profit. During the last few decades innumerable wealthy drug houses have arisen. They are run for profit, and they are making enormous profits. These drug houses cannot make much profit by selling simple substances such as Sulphur, Vegetable Charcoal, Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Potash and simple herbs which everyone can provide. They can make huge profits only by furnishing the public and the medical profession with new and rare substances of which no one has heard before and which can be sold at fancy prices.

These money-making institutions naturally advise not the use of ordinary Sulphur by the mouth, which is sold, I believe, at 2d. per lb., but they advise the use of Colloidal Sulphur by hypodermic syringe, and their scientific retainers or employees, or dupes proclaim in articles, pamphlets and books that Colloidal Sulphur used with a hypodermic syringe is infinitely better and more scientific than the old-fashioned Sulphur taken safely by the mouth.

A doctor gets a kind of nimbus when he uses the subcutaneous syringe and rare drugs. Instead of using Sulphur at 2d. per lb. he uses Colloidal Sulphur squirted under the skin, and gives injections at 10s. 6d., a guinea, or more a time. Thus he enables the manufacturer of these substances to make huge profits and he makes a large profit himself.

Formerly, a doctor prescribed a 80z. bottle of medicine, a teaspoonful or a tablespoonful to be taken three times a day. He gave a prescription, and the medicine could be renewed indefinitely. His profit was small. Now the doctor is taught to replace the bottle of medicine by a dozen or two dozen or three dozen injections which may bring in a score of pounds or more.

There is an extremely strenuous competition among the drug houses. Every one of them brings out in hot haste numerous scientific medicines, serums, etc., which are recommended to the doctors ion the professional press, partly in huge advertisements, and partly in articles which may have been written on behalf of the drug houses and which are merely a disguised form of advertisement.

The busy doctor who has a serious case of rheumatoid arthritis, or pernicious anaemia, or asthma or cancer, glances through his medical journal and finds a full-page advertisement of a new substance which promises to cure his apparently incurable cases. If the patient is a cancer patient he may be given lead injections, which may add lead poisoning to cancer poisoning. Thus the “scientific doctor” is, as a rule, merely the selling agent of the great drug houses. He is the dupe of the great drug houses and of the scientific laboratories.

In any case, the art of healing has never been at a lower level than it is now. Modern medicine is a disgrace and a danger. It is based partly on the evidence of the dead house. Modern serum treatment and drug treatment are bases as well on animal experiments, although animals re-act very differently from human beings. The drug houses and scientific laboratories try a new substance on a number of laboratory animals and similar experiments on human beings are tried soon after by doctors, often with the most disastrous results. After vivisection of animals we get vivisection of human beings.

For every case of disease, disease which may be due to faulty living, the laboratory man immediately produces diseased material derived from some animal or other, horse, rabbit, etc., and the disease matter derived from such animals is injected into the blood stream of some unfortunate patient.

Modern medicine is not based on science and common-sense, but it is an outrage on commonsense and an outrage on logical thinking. The laboratory man at the one end and the pathologist at the other end rule modern medical practice. In every medical textbook we have lengthy descriptions of the appearance of diseased bodies and tissues after death, and upon their appearance treatments are based — a ludicrous absurdity.

The laboratory men with their animal experiments have completely lost sense of realities. For more than half a century laboratory workers have studied the causation and cure of cancer. The cancer research laboratories are filled with cages of unfortunate animals who are slowly tortured to death, and if these scientific laboratories succeed in producing cancer in rats and rabbits by rubbing tar in their fur or by inserting glass beads into their gall bladders, etc., they consider it a triumph of science, and read long papers on these developments. The study of cancer as a human problem has been completely lost sight of.

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, I think I have told you sufficient to bear out my contention that modern medicine is not scientific, and the perfection of perfection, as we are told, but is a disgrace and a danger. The ordinary doctor gives his patient a laxative if he is constipated, or a cough mixture if he has a cough, or a tonic if he is anaemic or feels weak, or he prescribes digitalis if he complains of the heart –digitalis has killed more people than has heart disease– or he prescribes salicylates for rheumatism, which promptly take away the pain but produce heart disease instead etc.

If the modern doctor cannot give prompt relief by remedies such as those mentioned, he will give poisons to abolish pain or to give sleep, or he will brainlessly give injections recommended in the advertisements, and if he has no success he will suggest that the patient should have all his teeth extracted, although they may be perfectly healthy; or he will send him to a surgeon for a useless and probably totally unnecessary operation, such as cutting out more or less healthy tonsils or a more or less healthy appendix.

Such is modern medicine. In these circumstances there is a strong call for something better. As a matter of fact, people in general are disgusted with modern medicine and so are many doctors. Numerous patients refuse to take drugs. I estimate that nine-tenths of the drugs given to panel patients are poured down the sink. Very likely this is an under-estimate. Hundreds of thousands of people refuse to go to ordinary doctors. They will go to homoeopaths, nature curers, osteopaths, faith curers, and try fasts, etc.

Many doctors recognise the signs of the times. In America there are thousands and thousands of drugless doctors, registered doctors who refuse to use drugs, and who try to cure their patients by diet, baths, exercise, massage, etc. There are many drugless doctors in England as well.

Besides, people have a great and justified grievance against the medical profession on account of the surgical mania. There are too many operations. Some of the most eminent surgeons have assured me that the number of unnecessary operations is vastly greater than the number of necessary operations. One of the leading men told me that ninety per cent. of all operations are done for fees, not for the good of the patient. Even some of the most eminent specialists have protested against the mania for cutting out healthy tonsils which surely were given as by the Creator for some object. As a matter of fact, they are valuable organs of elimination.

Surgery is ruled by fashion. Two or three decades ago every women was told that she had a floating kidney which had to be stitched up. All kidneys are floating kidneys. The “Floating Kidneys” operation has gone out of fashion, and so has stitching up of the womb. Now there is a mania for straightening out the septum, the partition of the nose which divides the nose in two. Of the fifty million inhabitants of this country at least forty- nine million have a diverted septum, which calls for surgical re- adjustment, and many specialists make a living out of straightening out the septum, to the great disadvantage of the people.

I think I have told you enough to show that the people in general are justified in their dislike and distrust of orthodox medicine and surgery. There is obviously a need for something better than modern practice, and that something better is homoeopathy.

The new art of healing, called homoeopathy, was discovered about 150 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a very eminent physician and chemist, but the principle that “like cures like” which Hahnemann firmly established has been known since the earliest ages. Twenty-three centuries ago Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated the principle in his writings. He told us that a certain root which causes insanity if taken in large quantities, cures insanity if taken in small quantities, etc.

Every medicine has two opposite actions, in large and in small doses. Strychnine and Arsenic in substantial doses are very dangerous poisons. Strychnine and Arsenic in small doses are extremely valuable tonics, which are taken by millions of people every day with great benefit.

I would like to describe the action of some homoeopathic medicines by practical examples. A wealthy lady came to me in the utmost despair. She told me that she suffered from sleeplessness, that, by doctors orders, she had taken Veronal in ever increasing doses, and that Veronal no longer procured sleep. Enquiry elicited the fact that she did not sleep because of over-activity of the brain. The brain began working like a mill-race as soon as she was in bed. It is well-known fact that a cup of strong coffee keeps people awake because it produces over-activity of the brain.

Guided by the homoeopathic principle of similarity, I gave the lady Coffea tosta — in plain English, roasted coffee– a millionth of a grain a dose, in the form of innocent-looking sugar pills which had been put in a solution containing I grain of coffee per million grains of liquid. After a week the lady wrote to may: “I have taken your medicine for a week, but I am terrified. I have had the best nights I have ever had in my life. Your medicine is far more potent than Veronal, and probably far more dangerous, and therefore I have left it off.” I told her in reply that she could safely take my pills by the ounce and by the pound without harm.

Ipecacuanha is used to produce vomiting. It produces vomiting rapidly if given in large quantities. The homoeopath gives Ipecacuanha in very small quantities when there is nausea or vomiting accompanied by a clean tongue. Its action is infallible.

The orthodox doctor gives Opium to relieve pain or to give sleep. Patients who have been given Opium fall into a stupor, and the disadvantage of using Opium consists of this, that patients become terribly constipated. Some time ago a lady doctor of the orthodox school came to me and said that her father, who was eighty years old, was dying of heart disease and had been lying in a coma for three weeks. He was also terribly constipated. His doctor had given him large quantities of Digitalis which had affected the heart and possibly produced the coma.

I prescribed Opium by the decillionth of a grain a dose three times a day. a decillion is a one followed by sixty noughts. If one grain of Opium were mixed with a quantity of sugar as large as this earth, a grain taken from the substance would contain about a decillionth of a grain of Opium. Next day, the old gentleman woke up from his coma, washed, dressed, put on his collar and tie, came down to breakfast, read the newspaper, and enquired angrily why people had not given him his correspondence for three weeks, and he had the most wonderful motions.

If a patient has diarrhoea the orthodox doctor is apt to give him Opium, which causes terrible constipation, to the injury of the individual. A homoeopathic doctor carefully enquires into the character of the diarrhoea. If the diarrhoea has a very sour smell and does not give pain, it resembles the diarrhoea produced by Rhubarb. A billionth of a grain of Rhubarb will promptly cure the diarrhoea without causing constipation. If, on the other hand, the diarrhoea is accompanied by violent colicky pain, it resembles diarrhoea produced by aloes. In that case the homoeopath will give the patient a few doses of Aloes in infinitely small quantities, and a cure will promptly follow.

A little while ago my dog, a beautiful red setter, suddenly became very ill. He vomited blood and had bloody diarrhoea. The condition was very dangerous. As the identical symptoms are produced by Arsenic in large doses, I immediately gave him Arsenic in infinitely small quantities, and in a few hours he was perfectly well.

Corrosive sublimate produces bleeding from the kidneys, a very terrible condition. The homoeopath cures bleeding from the kidneys by giving the patient infinitely small quantities of Corrosive sublimate, which cure rapidly.

The homoeopath does not find it necessary to make a pathological diagnosis as is done by the orthodox doctors. The art and science of diagnosis has been developed greatly, and it is no longer possible for a single doctor to make an adequate diagnosis, but a team of experts and laboratory men are needed. All the excretions and secretions of the patient may have to be tested in a laboratory. An X-ray photograph may have to be taken and countless tests may have to be made, which may require several days or even weeks. The homoeopath does not try to diagnose a disease, because what is called a disease is a theoretical abstraction.

People do not suffer from tuberculosis but from the effect of under-feeding, of a bad chill, of insufficient fresh air, etc., mistakes which call for the logical remedies. People do not suffer from cancer, which is an end result, but from twenty or thirty years of faulty feeding, auto-intoxication from the bowel in consequence of chronic constipation, drinking of boiling hot liquids which may have produced cancer in the stomach etc. These so- called diseases recognized by the medical profession of to-day, are entirely different from the diseases described twenty or thirty years ago, and the next generation will laugh at the diseases now mentioned in the textbooks. The conception of disease has constantly changed.

A homoeopath works on the bed rock of fact. He does not try to diagnose the disease-the so-called disease may be an unhappy marriage, fear of dismissal, suppression of ones wants, etc. The way in which a homoeopath relieves or cures can be shown by a few examples from my own experience. A young man wrote to me from the country that his father was dying from cancer of the stomach, that he had fearful burning pain, and that he desired cold drink and cold food.

Every experienced homoeopath recognizes that these symptoms call for phosphorus, which produces, and therefore relieves, these symptoms. The man received phosphorus in pilules medicated with a millionth or a billionth of a grain of that drug, his pains disappeared, and he died peacefully in his sleep without any need for Morphia.

Some time ago a lady told me that her old mother had had her breast cut off months ago because of cancer. Unfortunately the disease had re-appeared in the scars, and the poor woman suffered agonies. I immediately asked, “What kind of pain has she ?” “Terrible burning pain, and she is so restless I do not know what to do with her.” The second question I asked was, “Is the burning pain relieved by hot or by cold food and drink?” The reply was, “She craves heat in every form, things cannot be too hot for her.” This time the cancer pain did not point to phosphorus, but very definitely to Arsenic.

Men who have been poisoned by Arsenic have outrageous burning pain relieved by heat, and they are terribly restless. I sent the lady a small quantity of sugar pilules containing Arsenic in the 200th potency. The 200th potency is expressed by the figure 1 followed by 400 noughts. If a grain of Arsenic were mixed with a body of sugar as large as the sun, the whole substance would probably correspond to the 200th potency. The lady was to take a dose of Arsenic in the 200th potency about once a week. She has done so for many months, she has lost her jaundiced colour, and has clear and bright complexion. She has gained two or three stone and considers herself cured.

Two months ago a lady visited me and told me that her mother had been operated upon for cancer year ago, that she now had a cancerous growth in the spine, that she was in terrible pain, sleepless, had lost several stone, was deeply jaundiced, and was kept constantly under Morphia, which however did not enable her to sleep, nor did it free her from pain. I immediately forbade Morphia, and, as this lady also suffered from burning pain relieved by heat and was exceedingly restless, I sent her Arsenic in the 200th potency.

A few days after the lady was able to get up for half an hour, then for one hour, then for two, three and six hours, dressed, started walking about, had a normal colour, pain had disappeared, she gained weight, and she is coming to see me soon.

J. Ellis Barker
James Ellis Barker 1870 – 1948 was a Jewish German lay homeopath, born in Cologne in Germany. He settled in Britain to become the editor of The Homeopathic World in 1931 (which he later renamed as Heal Thyself) for sixteen years, and he wrote a great deal about homeopathy during this time.

James Ellis Barker wrote a very large number of books, both under the name James Ellis Barker and under his real German name Otto Julius Eltzbacher, The Truth about Homœopathy; Rough Notes on Remedies with William Murray; Chronic Constipation; The Story of My Eyes; Miracles Of Healing and How They are Done; Good Health and Happiness; New Lives for Old: How to Cure the Incurable; My Testament of Healing; Cancer, the Surgeon and the Researcher; Cancer, how it is Caused, how it Can be Prevented with a foreward by William Arbuthnot Lane; Cancer and the Black Man etc.