Patient was put to be with hot blankets and bottles. He did not receive opium or anything else to deaden pain. It is scarcely necessary to tell my Hahnemannian reader that immediately I dissolved in water a few pellets of Belladonna, two hundredth centesimal potency, and gave a teaspoonful every five minutes. After the fourth dose he felt a trifle better.

The intervals between doses were lengthened to ten minutes and then to fifteen as he steadily improved, and so on. I left him to see a very sick man. Upon my return the medicine was stopped, there being no further need of any. All discharges during the next twenty-four hours were submitted to examination by a pathologist, who found abundant grit in the urine. A prescription for the whole case was then made.

This is a familiar picture. Belladonna has never failed to relieve quickly for me, in similar case, even when the concretions were so large that they distended the ureters. The similar medicine is as much superior to the benumbing drug as light is to darkness.

The attacks are not only made shorter and less violent by the similar, but the subjects of all the trouble are advanced toward, not kept back from, complete cure. Even though a skiagraph reveals stone in the kidney which must be removed by operation, the same sort of prescribing is needed before, at and after operation-not only to make that speedily successful, but to prevent recurrence of the malady.

C.M. Boger
Cyrus Maxwell Boger 5/ 13/ 1861 "“ 9/ 2/ 1935
Born in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and subsequently Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He moved to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1888, practicing there, but also consulting worldwide. He gave lectures at the Pulte Medical College in Cincinnati and taught philosophy, materia medica, and repertory at the American Foundation for Homoeopathy Postgraduate School. Boger brought BÅ“nninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. His publications include :
Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory
Boenninghausen's Antipsorics
Boger's Diphtheria, (The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of)
A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica, 1915
General Analysis with Card Index, 1931
Samarskite-A Proving
The Times Which Characterize the Appearance and Aggravation of the Symptoms and their Remedies