Phosphorus 6x to 30 will alleviate and cure the following very grave symptoms. The patient has high fever with a hard full pulse, expectoration are dark, blood-stained, due to dead, cast- off blood cells. This expectoration is called prune juice expectoration and it occurs in a very grave phase. The cough is hacking and weakening and there are pronounced burning sensations in many parts.

Hands and feet are uncovered continually to get cool, breathing is oppressed and laboured, mucous is purulent and profuse, cough is excited by a tickling sensation, burning heat alternates with shivering and there is a great thirst for cold drink. The Phosphorus-needing patient often vomits the cold drink as soon as it has become warm in the stomach. This is a leading symptom calling for Phosphorus. Phosphorus will snatch out of the jaws of death many patients who have these most grave symptom.

For a time orthodox doctors employed Phosphorus but they had not properly learned from the homoeopaths how to use it. They grave Phosphorus in huge doses and did much mischief. Professor Schroff wrote in his Pharmacology, page 418: ” The internal use of Phosphorus has been abandoned for the reason that even the most cautious employment of this drug involves danger.

Phosphorus is no longer used except by the homoeopaths and the veterinary surgeons.” In the minute doses of homoeopathy Phosphorus carries no risk whatever and is a magnificent help in cases which from the orthodox point of view are incurable.

Antimonium tartaricum 3x, 6x or 30. This drug is of the greatest value in cases where there is deficient reaction, and it is specially called for in the treatment of the old and the very young. The patient needing Antimonium tartaricum is becoming stifled with phlegm which he cannot raise. He will try to sit up in order to breathe. Attacks of coughing provoke a sensation of suffocation.

Coughing is often followed by vomiting, sensations of nausea, and the expectoration is always thick and terribly difficult to bring up. The patient is always hoping that the next cough will rid him of the mucous but it does not do so and he is becoming rapidly exhausted by trying to raise the tough phlegm, which blocks the lungs and will drown the patient. Orthodox medicine gives Antimonium tartaricum in the usual large and dangerous doses which do infinite mischief.

Every phase of the disease must be matched with the corresponding remedy. The few examples given must suffice to show the principles by which homoeopathy acts and saves those who would die under orthodox treatment. I now would give some comparative statistics, giving the mortality from pneumonia under orthodox and homoeopathic treatment. These speak for themselves and they show the superiority of homoeopathy over orthodox medicine.


Dr. J. Robertson Day was Senior Physician for “Diseases of Children” at the London Royal Homoeopathic Hospital for many years, so it is to be presumed that he was thoroughly conversant with the death rates of his own and many other hospital in Great Britain. His heart and soul was in this work, and he would not juggle any figures for any price. I have known him well for about forty years.

These figures of ADULT LOSSES are worth the study by all adults, and the Governing bodies of the nation, as well as at all hospitals, if they have the public welfare at heart. The different rates in child losses should go to the heart of every woman, indeed every parent. Wont you make the study of Homoeopathy a real LIFE WORK ? and then spread the value right and left.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.