Homeopaths have other remedies for peculiar types of painful menstruation. The lesson of these few drugs will be to teach you how we choose our medical aids. There are many more families waiting for good homeopathic doctors than you realize, but they know they wheat from the chaff.

(3) Actea racemosa (3x to 30th). This remedy is called Cimicifuga racemosa in U.S.A It is of American- Indian origin. It is called Squaw root, not without reason. Homoeopathy reduced its Indian reputation to an exact knowledge by testing it on volunteer provers of both sexes, when it was found to be of pre-eminent value to women.

The type of this patient is above all rheumatic and neuralgic, with neuralgic periods, irregular, sometimes too early and sometimes delayed. Here is a keynote of greatest value. The pain dart from side, from the womb and ovaries across from hip joint to hip joint.

The womb feels sensitive and very bruised. There many be some hysterical, even to epileptic, spasms at time of menses; bearing down in region of womb and from the small of the back (lumbar); some pains shoot upwards from ovaries, or down in front of the thighs, menses profuse, dark, coagulated, sometimes offensive, true ovarian neuralgia (please try homoeopathy before a surgeon takes those ovaries out. Right ovarian neuralgia has often been used as a mistaken argument for taking the often been out which has been found to have been perfectly healthy (I have seen this)). The mental phase of this type of patient is a very irritable weakness.

She fears she will go crazy if not quickly relieved; the headache generally worse low down at the back of the head (occiput). Headache alternate from back of head to over the eye ( frontal), with a typical point being over the right eye. These frontal headaches are described as piercing, lancinating and they fly over the head to the back at the base of the skull. Sometimes the pain settles in both eyeballs for time. When the headache reach the top of the head (vertex) the skull feel a if it would burst open.

Very often this type of patient has great pains under the breasts, being much worse under the left breast when she thinks that there is something wrong with the heart. This left sided breast pain also occurs in the subjects between the menstruations. During the periods she will complain of many pricking, stabbing pain actually in the breasts. All pains this distant from the womb are reflex irritation from the trouble is leucorrhoea (se article, February issue). Yes, this is a great female remedy and blessing as those Indian squaws knew for ages.

(4) Belladonna (3x to 30th, with some preference for the higher potencies). Our greatest men have said that no list of remedies affecting the female organism can possibly be made without including Belladonna. Fully aware of the serious and congestive type of this class of cases I am being bold enough to include it because “HEAL THYSELF” will reach many beyond the call of any doctor. So I am daring to include Belladonna, never losing sight of the serious acuteness of all cases requiring this remedy.

First of all it will be untold value to those who have managed to dry up a leucorrhoea by chemicals, but who have simply driven in their inflammations to deeper structures. Thus their ” cures ” (?) were disaster to them. You simply must turn to homoeopathy. Orthodoxy must also learn of us our minute medical stimuli.

An orthodox work on my desk gives as their accepted dosages 5 to 15 (minims are larger than drops of water) of Succus (juice) Belladonna, whilst of the green extract of Belladonna 4 to I grain is a dose. We suggest that if such doses are used for the symptoms to be described, matters will be mad worse, adding drug aggravation to the disease. Our minute doses stimulate the nerve forces and Nature cures.

The symptoms which can be cured by our doses of belladonna are as follow: The periods are intensely painful, and are accompanied with some fever and cutting, lancinating pain through the region of the womb; the pain come and go with sudden stabbing paroxysms, arteries and headache throbbing, eyes glistening, cheeks flushed, light hurts the eyes; menses and any discharge are offensive and always feel very hot to the patient.

So for those of you who cannot get a doctor if you womb is exquisitely tender, your discharges feeling very hot, gushing, bright red, with pulsations felt internally and if the pains are lancinating, with intense aggravations at every step with much bearing down round the womb and if these symptoms are worse lying sown and relieved if anything when standing erect, sitting upright, this is you homoeopathic remedy, but must see how minute you can make your dose if cures is to be your object.

I have given the most serious conditions to show the extent which this belladonna will cure. You dont have to endure all of the above symptoms nor suffer the extreme gravity which this portrays, but if you can find any likeness in the above to your cays, try this remedy. There are many degrees of intensity in cases, if there is similarity between the drug and your illness you will get relief.

To any sufferer in very isolated places of the world if you have a discharge following childbirth (lochia) and it is very hot, bright red, offensive, gushing, and you have many of the symptoms detailed above, try this remedy and if you have only the strong tincture of the remedy, put one drop in half a pint of water, using two glasses, and pour back and forth from one glass to the other for at lest one minute, to mix well, and then give or take one teaspoonful of this dilution not after than fifteen minute apart for six or eight doses, then stop a while, watching for your reaction.

Later on take the same amount if you think it necessary, but two hours apart, stopping at once if you think the patient is the least bit better. This makeshift in pharmacy is better than no drug at all, but we advise the minute potentized dose as far as possible (3x to 30th).

My dear orthodox brother, I wish you would try the infinitesimal of homoeopathy. They would help you in your non-specific metritis, endometritis, cervicitis and ovaritis if you can find the above symptoms in your case. I have helped a few of your fraternity to our faith.

I know the fear you have of the big men”, your leaders and the G.M.C., whenever you even think of homoeopathy. I know the working of you minds for I have talked to many of you and I have relation and friends amongst orthodoxy on both sides of the Atlantic.

You wish to help your patients but you fear being caught using Homoeopathy. I know ! write to a homoeopathic chemist in confidence and have them mail you some medicine, also in confidence, and then try it. The chemists will put the stuff up in biggish bottles with plenty of distilled water and a little alcohol to preserve it, and even one drop of burnt sugar to give it a strong color, and you can have you patients take one small spoonful of this at such times as you may direct.

The actual drug power may be but I/I,000,000, which is our 6x, but I promise you that you will have better success in such Belladonna cases than if you give five to fifteen drops of your Succus Belladonna.

I know, honest to god, that many of your orthodox men send their wives and children secretly to homoeopathic doctors when they get stumped, for these cases are terribly on their minds. My sympathies are with you. I am North British bred and fighter for homoeopathy. Set you teeth and try our work as secretly as may be at first. If you buy a book on the subject, buy the simplest A.B.C. from first, or you may get fogged.

I wont apologize for offering this advice to the profession for I have lectured to thousands of people in many countries, and I know that I have got to the harts of many men. There are tens of thousands of patrons waiting for men who know their Homoeopathy, and these wont have any other kind of treatment.

(5) Cocculus indicus (3x to 30th). This type is as distinctive as the rest, though the cases are fewer in number who require same. You cannot make any rammed act out of its sphere. For this drug the patient says she is so weak and tired all the time, that she can hardly stand, walk or think. This weakness is not because of profuse losses having depleted her strength.

In the type covered by this remedy the flow is never excessive and it may grow less and a slight leucorrhoea appear in its stead, or slight leucorrhoea may appear in between the scanty period. Any such leucorrhoea will be like discolored water (serum) which generally excoriates. The chief guide for this remedy is that the patient has always great distension of the abdomen, with cramping, griping, colic-like pains, associated with this continued physical weakness and bloating.

She will always complain of very great pains in the back, some dizzy spells (vertigo), confusion of intellect, and very often nausea at each menstrual period with trembling sensations about the head and great weakness of the muscles of the neck; with much mental confusion, even to stupefaction and not being able to gather her thoughts.

Many of these cases complain that “time passes too quickly”. These bloated menstrual patients are very nervous; they talk hastily, not waiting to listen what is being said to them. With such clear symptoms you be sure the Cocculus will relieve very promptly. (Cocculus 30th cures many nauseas of travelers whether on land or sea.).

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.