Often there is burning and itching of vaginal orifice before and after menses, but this irritation is oftenest met with at the beginning of the menstrual epoch. These irregular thoughts obtrude themselves against the patients desire.

Now for the disease-pictures of our remedies. It is for you to choose the one which most closely resembles your own particular and perhaps very peculiar symptoms so much derided by the orthodox medical man who knows nothing whatever about the subject and who, moreover, wont learn about it. So their opinions are not worth a thought.

Just try and HEAL THYSELF and then tell your friends about it.

(1) Calcarea carbonica.

This is made from the inner layer of oyster shells, the animal lime acting on and being absorbed by the body when a mineral lime will not (6x in trituration tablet form, above the 6x to 30th in liquid form or as medicated pills). If a patient is true to this general physical type the majority of them will suffer with profuse menstruation at some period of life unless constitutionally treated by homoeopathy prior to puberty.

This type has, as a rule, blonde hair, fair thin skin, complexion is shell pink, pale blue eyes. These women are prone to run to flabby fat before or at puberty unless, as I say, they are cured of their hidden and inner weaknesses before puberty. Later on they are disposed to lay on fat too easily. They take cold easily. They, as young girls, are flesh and grow too fast, and whilst in the nursery they were accustomed to burst out in profuse sweats, especially about the head and neck, wetting the pillows at night with same.

Moreover, if any child has a large head and protruding abdomen it will most likely develop the true Calcarea carbonica constitution (this is the time to take such infants or small children to a homoeopathic doctor). At puberty this type develops great acidity of the digestive tract, sour mouth, sour eructations, even to sour vomiting, sour smelling stools, and perhaps a sour odour of the body. (It will take more than a cake of soap to cure this odour whatever the advertisements say.).

This constitutional type will generally run into abnormally profuse menstruations, too early, too profuse and too long lasting, with fingers, hands, toes and feet “going dead” (waxy- white); feet were very damp and always icy cold. Sometimes these cases have only five to eight days clear intervals between periods. A leucorrhoea may accompany this profuse flow (see article on Leucorrhoea, February issue). Little or no pain at periods is the general rule. The least excitement causes flow to start again.

Often there is burning and itching of vaginal orifice before and after menses, but this irritation is oftenest met with at the beginning of the menstrual epoch. The breasts become hot and tender and swell before menses. Much sweat about genitals. My dear orthodox colleague, will you tell me how you can expect a curetting (scraping of the womb) to curatively reach a constitutional weakness which brings about such symptoms? I warrant you fly to the curette because you have not mastered the first rudiments of the medical art of cure. We are now offering this information to the general public because you have refused it untried and I know that the public will not blame us.

(2) Ipecacuanha (3x to 30th).

Here is quite a different picture, and yet both are broadly diagnosed by orthodoxy as Menorrhagia. Here the menstruation is also too early and too profuse. The blood is bright red, sometimes clotted, but there is also colic and its grand keynote is great and persistent nausea, without which symptom Ipecacuanha will not cure. The patient will be found to be peevish and irritable, not her usual self, her breathing is heavy, rather forced and oppressed during the flow, with stitches from navel to womb.

If she vomits, it will be glairy mucous and in quantities, all of which does not afford relief from the nauseated feeling. If she has accompanying diarrhoea, it is nearly always grassy-green, as if fermented, and there often is colic. Often the body surface will be covered with cold sweat.

(3) Belladonna (3x to 30th).

This remedy is more often called for in the cases of a painful type, which see, but it has some value in cases which are too early and too profuse, the flow being of gushing bright red blood, which, the patient will insist, always feels very hot to her. Such cases may be an echo of a successfully dried-up (not cured) leucorrhoea. Read my Leucorrhoea articles. The Belladonna cases will have some cramps in back and strangely enough nearly always cramps in the arms.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.