EXPERIENCES WITH THE BACH REMEDIES. IN the February number of HEAL THYSELF Dr. Bach gave indications for the use of the “Twelv…

IN the February number of HEAL THYSELF Dr. Bach gave indications for the use of the “Twelve Great Remedies”. Under Rock some of the indications for its use were : “Intense fear or terror in all cases of utmost need when the situation seems desperate.” A good example of “intense fear or terror” cured by Rock Rose is the following :.

A boy aged four years had been frightened by a gramophone record which ended with the roaring of lion. From that time onwards the child was terrified at the sight of a dog, or from any noise, even of a clock striking. In fact he had been reduced to a state of terror. His mother said his nerves were wrong ! On my entering the room, although the child was used to seeing me, he ran screaming into the next room, and then less frequently.

Two days later I called to see the child again, and this time he no see him again for a fortnight, when his mother said his nerves were wonderful. Whereas before he was terrified at the sight of a dog he now made friends with any dog. Also he would take out of his pram to toy snake which before he had been terrified of. Before the episode of the gramophone record he had not exhibited any of these nerve upsets.

Rock Rose has other uses apart from the terrified, terror- stricken state. “In all cases of need” It is more than useful as the cases following will illustrate.

A child of nine years, mentally deficient and could only make inarticulate sounds. This sad condition dated back to meningitis at the age of three months. Recently he became very ill with influenza and broncho-pneumonia, and various homoeopathic remedies were needed. After a few days he became very much worse and the outlook was not promising.

Rock Rose was given half- hourly until some improvement set in and then hourly. The following day he was very much better. Two days later he became very drowsy and almost comatose. Clematis was now given and within two days he was his normal self if such a condition could be said to be normal.

Another instance of a desperate condition helped to recovery by Rock Rose was that of influenzal pneumonia in a woman of forty years. Various homoeopathic remedies had been given but the case took a turn for the worse. The tongue became red, dry and shrivelled, sordes formed round the lips.

The temperature rose to 104 and the patient said she did not think she was going to get better, Rock Rose was given frequently and by the next day she was much better and temperature had fallen to 100. The patient said : “I think I shall get better now.” She made an excellent recovery.

An old lady aged eighty-three years, suffering from influenza and bronchitis. She was suffering from embarrassed heart, difficult breathing, and had every appearance of dying before the day I visited her, expecting to find her perhaps living and that was all. She was sitting up in a chair breathing comfortably, getting up a lot of phlegm, but quite cheerful.

Rock Rose is a medicine to remember whenever a case becomes very ill no matter what the name of the illness may be. After the patient begins to improve other remedies may be needed according to the symptoms. In the case of the mentally deficient child Clematis was used for the drowsy and comatose state. In the indications for this remedy it is said : “When the patient is sleepy, drowsy, listless.

This remedy made a striking change in the condition of a new-born baby. When born it was unusually quiet and hardly cried at all. On the fifth day after birth the nurse called my attention to the baby, as she was not satisfied with it. It had a jaundiced tinge of its skin, had not taken the breast well, was drowsy, and the stools were still resembling meconium.

Clematis was given, a few drops in water every hour until improving and then less frequently. The day following the nurses report was that the baby was very much better ; it had cried more loudly and appeared more active than it had been since birth, and the stools were a better colour. That baby continued to improve and gave no more anxiety.