Dr. Dash says, one dose of Aconite inn the I,000 the potency cured her, five years ago, and now she laughs over her former perplexities. What would the allopaths have done ?. with a small group of Naturopaths who, like some theological sects, regard themselves as the sole custodians of truth.

MAY I ask my allopathic friends how they would deal with the following cases:.

A sensitive girl, after she has been working in music and art, and her affections. Her affections rest on some one whom she would despise, as the butter or the mother driver, or a married man. She lies awake at night and sobs. She says, “Mother, why dO I that ? I cannot keep that man out of my mind. Have the allopaths any medicine for such a case ? Homoeopathy has its proving and clinical verifications, and it finds the symptoms covered by Ignatia and its “chronic” Natrum muriaticum and cures with their infinitesimals (see Kents Materia Medica).

A young lady of twenty-two is troubled most by a fear of some one discussing religious topics and fears loss of reason and memory, has fearful hallucinations at night, and fearful dreams and cannot bear music. She fears she would be run over in streets, that buildings would topple over on her, or sharp objects come hurling through the air and strike her. She has no. fever, no congestion, on sensitiveness to cold dry winds, no dry mucous membranes, no thirst. But her fear is ungovernable.

Her moods alternate from extreme to sadness. In his Testimony of the Clinic, Dr. Dash says, one dose of Aconite inn the I,000 the potency cured her, five years ago, and now she laughs over her former perplexities. What would the allopaths have done ?.

A Russian Jewess, while walking across a bridge with her intended, one afternoon suddenly stops and, clapping her hands to her head, declares his mother had struck her over the head with a wooden club. Her reasons with her as they are quite alone, but she goes on reiterating the charge. Physician after physician is called, but she not disabused. Then the papers are made out for commitment to a mental institution, but at the request of the rabbi, a trial is given to homoeopathy.

On being led into Dr. Nashs office, he noticed that she immediately sank into a chair, and was in a few moments, asleep. Nash, shaking her, asked her, through the rabbi if her mouth was dry and her tongue seemed to stick to the of of her mouth. She nodded assent, but while he was looking into Herings Condensed Materia Medica, she slipped from the office and was gone. She was caught almost a block away, and dragged back, and she then began to cry. When she had first come, her hair had been dishevelled and her gait was staggering and her face had worn an expression of much suffering.

It had been found next to impossible to get her to take food, in any form, of any kind. Nash cured her with the 1,000th potency of Nux moschata. She seemed gradually to improve from the moment he put the powder on her tongue, and in seventy-two hours she seemed so much improved that it was though not necessary by her relations to give the next dose. But, obeying Nash, they gave it to her, and she then declared, “something has snapped in my inside”.

Then she was her old self again and in two weeks gained seven pounds and it three months was happily married and the last accounts for her showed her well and happy. How do allopaths account for such a cure ? Is it not worth their while to study the power of the infinitesimals ?.

Take again the case of a lady who is better from music, and she sings until she falls with exhaustion. Her legs are restless, and she has fox-like cunning and destructiveness. When questioned, she dose not answer, and she frequently imagines that she has been insulted. She sees monsters, animals, faces, insects and ghosts. She sees strangers in the room.

She had an aversion to all striking colours. She pulls her own hair and strikes her head with her hands, and strikes her attendants and her best friends. Consolations causes weeping. She imagines she will be assaulted and she wants to hide. Has allopathy any drug which can minister to her diseased mind ? Homoeopathy has Tarentula hispanica (see Kents Materia Medica). It also has the infinitesimals of Stramonium, Hyoscyamus and Belladonna for strange hallucinations, delusions and illusions.

Master thee mental symptoms, and you find, and close investigation, that there is in simple cases something focal in the mind round which life makes the marginal or peripheral symptoms revolve. Take the case of a lady of forty-six, whose grandfather died at the age of ninety-five, whose father died of spine and brain disease, whose mother is healthy and a septuagenarian, and whose brothers and sisters are also healthy, but, like her, are nervous.

She is now happily married and several children, and in her ordinary health she is optimistic and cheerful. But every two years or so she has a fit of depression in. which she thinks she is going to be crazy, that her mind is getting obscured, and a dark veil is closing her brain, and she cannot understand anything that people say to her and she tries to hide this defect. Those who know her do not seem to notice this lack of understanding, but she is mortally afraid of it.

She gets into despair about little things, misunderstands and exaggerates, and becomes irritable, and thinks of suicide, but is able to overcome this feeling from a sense of duty to those dear to her. She is neither hypochondriacal nor hysterical, according to those who know her best. What has allopathy to say to a case like this ? All her bodily symptoms, sleeplessness, etc., were covered by the medicine that was found to be the true similimum for her mental symptoms, namely Calcarea carbonica and Dr. Stearn cured a case like this with it in high potency.

The nervous manifestations of Syphilis, such as suicidal moods, are admittedly not amenable to Salvarsan or any other allopathic drug, but they are to the infinitesimals of Mercury and Cold, etc., used by Homoeopathy.

In Kents book New Remedies and Clinical Cases, there is a very remarkable case of “Dementia praecox” (p. 625). The patient thought himself a criminal, then though the was Christ. At one time, again, he thought he was to be buried alive. Then he heard police officers coming to arrest him. He become so violent that he had to be tied and held in bed.

His face was continually flaming red, his hands and feet were clammy. He had pain in the occiput which felt better only in the middle of the day. In the ears he had a pressed-in sensation and he suffered from constipation. His breath was fetid. He heard voices of his father, of his mother, of policemen from a distance, voices calling him a liar, voices telling him he was dead, voices telling him to “run for it”.

He thought he was damned and that people were laughing at him. One of the voices commanded him to utter the Apostles Creed. Inn delirium he used somewhat religious phrases. Has allopathy any sovereign physic for such a case ? Homoeopathy gave him Belladonna 10,000th potency, and then a new symptom appeared. The maniac having lost all shame, Hyoscyamus in the same potency was given an repeated after there weeks.

The only other remedy he needed was Phosphorus (two doses in the same potency, given each after three weeks and finally Phosphorus 550,000th potency. All the mental symptoms disappeared. He could eat at the table with the family. He gained much flesh, and he became normal and robust and travelled about as anyone else.

Another case in the book is of a women, who would talk on and on by the hour in a monotone, with no inflections in. her voice, detailing her complaints and the annoyances of her family affairs. She was childless and was unjustly suspicious of her husband and a neighbour women. She scolded her husband, about people without occasion, and imagined her adopted daughter as the cause of her troubles.

She did no work and took no interest in her home. An examination of her symptoms and her family history (her father had been insane for a year) indicated Lachesis. She was given Lachesis in the 500th potency. That improved her. Then the symptom (motions slipping back, etc.) indicated silica. She was given a dose in the 100,000th potency and no further medicine was given for months. At intervals of two months, two more dose were given of the same medicine, but in the 10,000th potency.

Then, after nearly six weeks, the symptoms, hunger about 11 a.m., etc., indicate Sulphur which was given in the 10,000th potency on March 22n, 1905. It was repeated on July 5th an on October 27th, when some of its symptoms returned. The 50,000th was given in December 9th, and on January 18th, 1906, and the 100,000th on April 16th, 1906, and thereafter the millionth twitch and the three-millionth twice at long intervals. Sulphur was fallowed in June, 1907, by Calcarea carbonica 10,000th when its symptoms appeared, and on March 5th, 1908, by Ferrum picricum 10,000, which was repeated on April 19th and May 21st.

On August an October 29th and December 15th thee same medicine was given in th 50,000th potency, the improvement having gone on steadily. On February 18th and May 29th, 1909, the symptoms indicated Lecithin 10,000th and from August, 1909, to March, 1910, Phosphorus 10,000 was given once and repeated on May 6th; and in the 50,000th on June 10th, and July 30th; and in the 100,00th on September 27th.

Then, according to the symptoms, Murex 10,000th followed, and on June 21st, 1911, Lycopodium 10,000th which was repeated on April 5th, in the 50,000th on August 4th and November 18th, and in the 100,000th on January 16th, 1912, and May 3rd, 1912. Improvement had continued with mild return of the symptoms, and then only the remedy needed was repeated. At the last date, not only did she fill her place in the home as a splendid housekeeper and cook, but she was her husbands accountant and book-keeper and attended to the details of a large business employing dozens of mn and many teams.

In her husbands absence she directed the men and kept oversight of them and their horses with extreme efficiency. And this is this women who used to recite her vagaries by the hour-many unthinkable things. Kent ends the description of the case with the following remark: “She is devoted to homoeopathy, interested in its philosophy and wonders why other are not believers in it.” This case and the preceding one were very complex. I trust the orthodox school of medicine will dispassionately consider these facts, and allow homoeopathy to be though at least as one of the many therapeutic methods, like the use of the X- rays, the injection of serums and treatment with electricity, etc.

with a small group of Naturopaths who, like some theological sects, regard themselves as the sole custodians of truth. The would almost have us believe that they have reached a stage where further investigation is unnecessary. God forbid ! May lovers of truth and of humanity ever seek with open minds and eager hearts, for the future is golden.

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