Homeopathy Remedy Verbascum

Verbascum homeopathy drug symptoms from Handbook of Materia Medica and Homeopathic Therapeutics by T.F. Allen, of the homeopathic remedy Verbascum…

      A tincture is made of the fresh plant, Verbascum Thapsus, L. (the mullein).


      Narcotic effects. Sinking sensation.


      Excited fantasies, especially of a sensual nature. Joyfulness, with laughter. Fretfulness, with inclination of work and satisfaction in having people about him and in talking with them. Anxiety all day, (>) towards evening. Depression all day, all his efforts and hopes seem unavailing. Disinclination for work. Indifference. Distraction. Memory diminished. When writing, tendency to omit words of insert wrong ones in their places, or to leave out letters in well-know words.


      Benumbing pain, rather external, (<) forehead; stupefying P., (<) sides of forehead. Tingling when walking. Confusion; with confined sensation; as if everything would press out at forehead. Heaviness; with vertigo, somewhat pleasurable. Vertigo in attacks when head is supported by pressure on l. cheek; sudden V as from pressure upon middle of head.

Forehead. Sticking outward in l. eminence; intermittent S. in l. side; intermittent, deep between l. eminence and parietal eminence. Prickling in l. sinus. Slow hammering in l. eminence. Pain; (<) over r. eye; sharp, in r. eminence; extending outward, (>) stooping; intermittent P. and beating near l. eminence; stupefying, deep in r. eminence on going from the cold into warmth; more pressing than tearing above l. orbit. Pressure outward, (<) between brows; benumbing P. inward in l. side of bone. Benumbing drawing in l. eminence in a draught of air.

Temples. Sticking jerking externally in l., then r. Benumbing stitches above r.; deep in r. when eating, (<) pressure, after a few hours it extended like a tearing into r. upper teeth. Sensation as if pinched together with pincers; in articular eminences of bone. Prickling in l., with burning. Pain in r.; in articular eminence of bone in front of l. ear; in articular eminence of bone, (<) biting teeth together. Pressure forward in l.

Vertex. Pressing pain on it. Tension in l. side, gradually becoming a sharp pressure, at the same time l. ramus of lower jaw seems pressed against upper.

Sides. Sticking extending forward through l. hemisphere of brain; intermittent S. behind l. eminence. Tearing in r. half of brain. Pain extending outward in r. half of brain; jerking P. in half of brain; benumbing, in and in l. cheek.

Occiput. Sticking in l. side. Pain; in r. protuberance.


      Heat, with contracted sensation in orbits. Pupils dilated. Dimness of vision, watery, increase of shortsightedness, objects seem indistinct and enlarged.


      Tearing stitch in l. when eating; in front of l., extending downward. Tearing in r.; in l., extending inward, with drawing. Sensation as if l. would be drawn inward. Sudden pressure behind r., with stitches. Feeling of deafness in l. Stopped sensation in l., then r.; in ears, nose larynx when reading aloud, not affecting hearing.

Clinical Deafness; feeling as though the ears were stopped (this very ancient use of the mullein has been lately revived in the local use of “mullein oil.” See current literature).


      Coryza, with watery, bland discharge. Thick tenacious mucus in posterior nares, causing constant inclination to hawk, could raise but little.


      Pallid. Sticking in l. zygomatic arch intermittent, in l. zygomatic process. Pressure on r. malarbone; on l. zygomatic arch as far as ear, during the day, in evening before going to bed and in morning on waking, (<) pressure; benumbing, intermittent, on upper margin of l. zygomatic process (compare Platina). Tension in integuments of chin, masseter muscles and throat, but jaws can be moved easily; in l. zygomatic process, articular elevation of temporal bone and frontal eminence on going into open air and in a draught of air. Pinching on r. side of lower jaw. Pressure in l. joint of jaw, involving whole cheek, becoming on pressure a benumbing tension.

Clinical Facial neuralgia; the pains tend to recur periodically, they feel like the crushing of tongs, benumbing, sometimes lightning- like, particularly beginning in the malar-bone and articulation of jaw, (<) change of temperature, pressure, or any motion of the muscles of the face. Infraorbital and supraorbital neuralgia.


      Tearing in r. large lower molars; intermittent, in l. small lower molars. Tongue brown at root in morning on rising and in forenoon; brown at root in forenoon, with flat, nauseous taste; coated brownish-yellow in morning, with flat taste and offensive breath; brownish-yellow after dinner, coated with tenacious mucus. (Collection of salt water.) Flat taste some time after a meal.


      Hunger without appetite through the day, nothing is relished, yet he wishes to eat. Unquenchable thirst. Eructations of tasteless liquid; empty E.; bitter, qualmish. Hiccough. Pressure. Emptiness in pit, which disappeared with rumbling below l. ribs.


      Tympanitic, then rumbling beneath l. ribs, which caused loud eructations. Tearing sticking extending downward; intermittent S.in back part between r. loin and spine. Griping as from incarcerated flatus; cutting G., with eructation; cutting G. here and there, rising towards ribs, where it becomes seated. Pain extending low down, causing spasmodic contraction of sphincter ani and desire for stool. Rumbling in l. hypochondrium, with gurgling. Sticking deep in l. side where ribs cease. Sticking pinching beneath r. hypochondrium. Umbilical region, stitches round to back and in dorsal vertebrae, on deep inspiration and on stooping; intermittent stitches in r. side; intermittent stitches in l. side above navel; intermittent stitches in l. side beneath navel, (<) bending forward after eating; sensation as if intestines were adherent to wall and were being torn away, (<) pressure; pressure as from a stone, (<) stooping; constriction. Gurgling in hypogastrium. Sticking deep in r. side above pubis.


      Soft; with straining. Scanty and like sheepdung, with pressure. Thick, pasty, nearly black. Omitted.

Urinary Organs

      Frequent micturition, copious, afterwards scanty. Frequent desire, with scanty discharge; with copious discharge.

Clinical Constant dribbling of urine. Nocturnal enuresis.

Sexual Organs

      Desire, with lascivious fancies. Emissions at night; without lascivious dream; in morning after waking and falling asleep again, with erratic dreams.

Respiratory Organs

      Hoarseness on reading aloud.


      Sticking in l. in middle axillary line; in next to last rib where it passes into the cartilage, (>) pressure, but returning; beneath l. nipple on inspiration, whereby another deep inspiration was caused; intermittent, near l. side of ensiform cartilage; benumbing, taking away the breath, in region of first and second costal cartilages. Intermittent, benumbing cutting near l. side of ensiform cartilage, below last ribs. Sharp pressure beneath l. nipple. Pain and oppression, with disinclination to frequent breathing. Tension in evening as soon as he lay down, with stitches in region of heart.

Clinical A popular remedy for asthma and chronic coughs.


      Reduced in number, and especially in force.


      Sticking in last dorsal vertebra on sitting bent over; intermittent, in l. scapula.


      Stretching. Pain on top of shoulder, pressing rather than tearing, (>) motion. Cramplike pressure at l. elbow, extending into forearm. Tearing downward in shaft of l. ulna. Tensive pain in l. wrist Stitches like a sprain (or paralysis) where carpal bone of thumb articulates with radius. Sticking in external condyle of palm; between metacarpal bones of r. thumb and index; tearing, in palm. Cramplike pressure now in r., now in l. metacarpus on moving arm. Pain on back of r. hand, pressing rather than tearing. Bruised pain on outer side of metacarpal bones of little fingers on touch. Sticking in proximal phalanx of l. thumb; tearing, through l. little finger; intermittent in middle joint of index; intermittent, in distal phalanx of index, on motion the pain extending into proximal joint. Cramplike pressure in proximal phalanx of r. thumb, (>) motion. Paralytic drawing in l. index. Paralytic pain in l. fingers, (<) metacarpal joints. Insensibility of thumb (from application of juice).

Lower Extremities

      Tottering in open air. Weariness. Heaviness on ascending and descending stairs. Stitches above l. patella on stepping. Cramplike pain in muscles of r. thigh when walking in open air; in muscles above r. knee when sitting and standing,. Drawing pressing from middle of r. thigh to knee when sitting. Paralytic pain in her side of r. thigh when leg is drawn up in sitting, on treading sticking extending towards knee. Knees tremble. Sudden pain through r. knee when standing, sitting and walking. Leg, tearing downwards; cramplike pressure on l. near ankle. Weakness in bone of r. when riding r. thigh over l. Intermittent sticking in metatarsal bones of l. great and adjacent toes during rest. Cramplike pressure in r. sole when standing, (>) walking.


      Pimple in front of r. ear, with stinging on touch; red, near thyroid cartilage, painful on pressure. Tingling and pricking almost like nettles (from the leaves). Itching, crawling tickling on side of l. middle finger. Itching on forearm.


      Yawning and stretching. Sleepiness; in morning after rising with indolence; irresistible, after dinner. Restless sleep. Sleep only till 4 A.M., filled with dreams of war and corpses, several nights.


      Coldness over whole body, perceptible externally on hands and feet; cold limbs. Shivering, (<) from one shoulder to thigh, as if cold water were poured over it.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.