Homeopathy Remedy Atropinum


      Rapid; with increased force of cardiac contractions and of arterial tone; with increased tone but diminished volume; increased in volume and power, often with vertigo; full and soft; in morning on rising, and small and irregular, with lassitude; l irregular, generally full but varying much;small and compress rapid; S., afterwards small and rapid. Weak.


      Movements are unsteady, as from loss of control over limbs. Trembling, Sudden stretching, always walking him. Spasms, clonic Weakness; especially of lower. heaviness and inactivity, especially of lower; H. and numbness. Tingling in ends of fingers and toes. Numbness, with formication in arms. Partial paralysis of arms and legs.

Upper Extremities

      Arms, hands and fingers thrown about constantly, as in delirium. Hands feel dry and glossy; numbness of H. extending to finger- tips, with pricking, afterwards insensibility. Fingers numb, with feeling as if holding a book, which he fears with drop, and on taking a small object, as a pin, it appears as if there were fever or six; insensibility of tips.

Lower Extremities

      Gait weak. Staggering; or inability to walk. “Limbs felt like sticks,” thought she could not walk across the room, but with aid did so with difficult. Stiffness of 1. knee, 1. leg and in r. great toe. Dragged legs when walking. Jerkings of legs; waking at night. Kicking, waking at night.


      Hands and fingers suddenly swelled and become stiff while the face was scarlet-red and eye lids swollen. Redness; like scarlet fever, over face and upper half of body, skin hot and dry. Feeling as if turgid and swollen, afterwards covered with a rash similar to that of scarlatina. Formication; preventing sleep.


      Yawning often. Sleepiness, with disinclination to speak or move; S. with vertigo; with perversion of ideas; with sometimes flushing of face. Waking late in morning, with heaviness and confusion of head. Sleepiness early, but could not open his eyes, wearied by diversified dreams, that he was in a forest followed by serpents, tried to flee, but could only move with difficulty, the serpents would themselves about him or crept into his clothes, or a common play-ball lying on the table increased in size so that the room could no longer contain it and it threatened to choke him, or he thought the masonry work was going to yield on all sides and the house was going to fall, afterwards covered only with a shirt he came to a place deserted by people, saw several persons come up to him, tried to flee but could not because he was lame, these endeavors to escape from danger exhausted him, and he was glad to be free from this condition when awakened by a loud cry.

Sleeplessness; till 1 A.M., then dreams of people moving about disfigured in such a way that the perpendicular diameter of the face almost equalled in size the rest of the body, especially the nose and chin and the contours appeared misty; with delirium. Unintelligible talking in sleep. Short restless naps. Restless sleep, with dreams f running horse, of playing baseball, of amputating a man’s arm, of shadowy forms sitting or standing by the bedside or moving in the air.

Dreams and starting’s, a fancied noise is a common cause of waking, and at these times the patient generally manifests a little delirium. Frightful dreams waking him, disconnected, of being murdered, of falling from a height, of being attacked by large dogs, etc. Pleasant D., of flying, etc.


      Chilliness and cramp, with tingling of extremities. Internal C., (<) towards 6 P.M., with external heat, apprehension and restlessness, palpitation, anxiety and if he had committed a crime and sleepiness till towards 11 P.M. Frequent rigor and loss of muscular power, being unable to walk, or, as he expressed it : to feel him legs.” Chill alternating with heat, with tension of chest, dyspnoea and feeble pulse. C over back alternating with heat (cold predominating), cold sensation along spine. Cold extremities. Cold hands. Cool skin on forehead and head.

Heat; of head; subjective H. of head; H. of face, with redness. Hot and dry hands. Hot skin; and pungent, also with face flushed, veins of forehead turgid and head burning; hot, pungent and dry skin covered with a rash resembling that of scarlatina, which the child frequently scratched; hot, dry skin, with biting and tickling; hot, dry, red skin; with itching; hot, dry skin and lips covered with mucus. Dry skin. Sweat in sleep.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.