Pulmonary Catarrh of the Swine

Homeopathy Treatment for Pulmonary Catarrh of the Swine. Find the best homeopathic medicines to treat Pulmonary Catarrh of the Swine naturally. …

General [General]       The principal symptoms of this disease are coughing, short difficult breathing, discharge from the eyes and nose, loss of appetite; the animal is dull and sluggish, and remains coiled up in the litter, without caring to move.

The best remedies for this disease are Aconite and Nitrum. The Aconite may be given when there are general feverish symptoms, and afterwards Nitrum; but I have cured a number of cases with Nitrum alone, a dose of three drops twice a day for two or three days.

John Rush
John Rush, School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, North Grafton, USA. The Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy, by John Rush, was published in 1854. Originally published in London by Jarrold and Sons. "The Homeopathic Treatment of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog and the Swine."