Case of a Mare with Cough and Cold

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October 2, 1851, was requested to send some medicine for a mare that has a cough with a cold, a little discharge from the nose. 4 doses of Nux vomica during a week.

Oct. 9. cough better, no discharge; continue Nux. Oct. 14, cough much the same, she coughs most when in motion; Bryonia 4 doses during a week.

Oct. 23 she still coughs, cough dry with a husky sort of sound; Hyoscyamus 4 doses during a week; she is no better. I afterwards gave Arsenicum, Bell, Sulphur with no better effect. I then heard that about three years ago she fell into a ditch and hurt herself very much, and ever since has been subject to a cough from the slightest cold; I gave 4 doses of Arnica, she became well, and has remained so up to the present time, Sept 11, 1852.

John Rush
John Rush, School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, North Grafton, USA. The Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy, by John Rush, was published in 1854. Originally published in London by Jarrold and Sons. "The Homeopathic Treatment of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog and the Swine."