Symptoms and hints related to Stomach from the Hahnemann’s therapeutic hints by R.E. Dudgeon, originally published in 1894. …


Sick anxiety-K-CA.

Nausea-ALM., ANT., ARN., BAR., CAM., CB-V., CHA., IOD., K-CA., NA-C., PET., SAR., TAB.

– frequent attacks of -LYC.

-qualmishness, constant-NA.C.

– of pregnant women-CON.

– in morning-ANA., CB-V., GRP., SIL., SUL.

-every morning, with headache and pain in eyes on turning them- SIL.

-at night-CB-A.

-yet hungry, morning-PHO.

-in throat-PH-X.

-after eating-AM-C., GRP., SIL.

-from fat food-NI-X, -after every movement-ARS.

-after every heating exercise-SIL.

-from driving-LYC.-with vertigo and eructation -PUL.

-with great weakness-NA-M.

– and vomiting, constant- SIL.

Vomit, inclination to -IPE., NI-X.

Sea sickness-COF., PET.

Eructation-ALM., CAM., GRP., HEP., K-CA., LYC., MU-X., :NA-M., PHO., PUL., SEP., SIL., SUL.


-severe, afternoon-LYC.


-of long duration-ALM.

-ineffectual and painful attempts at -CB-A., SUL.

-at night-CB-V.

– especially after drinking-SEP.

– after drinking quickly-NI-X.

– after sour food-PHO.

-with twisting in stomach-NA-M.

– with qualmishness and twisting in stomach-SEP.

-with shuddering-SIL.

– followed by acid vomiting of food-NA-M.

Heartburn-AM-C., CON. IOD., LYC., NA-M.

-from milk-CUP.

-after heavy food-IOD.


Vomiting-AM-C., ARS., ASR., BRY., CHI.

-tendency to-IPE.


– of food-NA-M.

– sour, night-PUL.

– of sour water-CAU.

– of brown stuff, with violent pain in bowels-ARS.

– after every meal-ARS.

– after drinking anything-SIL.

– and purging-CAM.

– of blood-STN.

Weakness-ANA., CAL. CB-A., GRP.

Sinking, morning-LYC.

– with faintness-CB-A., CAU.


– and pressure after eating CB-V.

Disordered, tendency to be-HEP.

Derangement of stomach, with constant disgusting eructations, with taste of food, depression of spirits, cold hands and feet- PUL.

– with eructation of food and nausea-ANT.

– with gastric fever, chills and coldness-BRY.

Dyspepsia-ANA., SEP.

Weak digestion, almost all food causes distress-CB-A, Indigestion after acute fevers- CHI.

Indigestibility of fresh meat- SIL.

– of heavy food-LYC, Food lies undigested-PUL.

Overloaded by indigestible food-EMESIS BY IRRITATING FAUCES, posterior-COF.

Continued weakness, with sadness and discomfort from trivial dietetic errors-NA.C.

Sour things, sufferings from eating-NA-M.

Bread, sufferings from eating-NA-M.

Milk cannot digest-NI-X.

Fruit, disordered by eating-ARS.

-, pain from eating-VER.

Fat, disordered by eating-PUL.

Pork sufferings from eating- PUL.


– and in abdomen-LYC.


Swelling and pressure-HEP.

Gastralgia-ARS., BIS.

Cardialgia in pregnant women TEA.

Irritability from overloading, epigastric pain, paralysed state of stomach-COF.

Stomach-ache-ACO., CHI., COL.

– with pressing out under last ribs-CAL.

Pain-AM-C., ANI., PHO., STN.

-burning-ASS., CAM., SEP.

–up from-NA-M.

Spasm-AM-C., CAL., CON., NA-M., PAR.

– very violent-NIT.

– and at the same time spasm in chest-SEP.


Pain, spasmodic-CAU.

Contraction of cardiac orifice, the food just swallowed returns into mouth-PHO.

Pain, contractive-CON., MAG.

Tightness across-K-CA.

Pain, pinching-K-CA.

Pain, pinching, and digging in chest, n.-GRP.


-, morning-NA-M., SUL.

– as from a weight-CB-A.

Pressure, after eating-NA-C.

– after eating bread-CAU.

-from drinking quickly-SIL.

– with nausea and sudden weakness-NA-M.

Pain, pressive-ARS., BAR., GRP., SIL.

– pressive, drawing and fine cutting-NA-C.

– shooting-SEP.

– – and clawing CAU.

– scraping and clawing- CB-A.

– shooting-SUL.

– – to l. hypochondrium and back-CON.

– tearing boring through to lumbar vertebrae-SEP.

Pit of Stomach.

Pain in pit and hypochondria when stooping-ALM.

– when walking-SEP.


-contractive, when stretching -AM-C.

– digging-PHO., SUL.

– pressive-NA-M.

– – on walking, n.-ANA.

– – at night-CAL.

– – shooting-SEP.

– shooting-CAU., NI-X.

– – with sweat-BRY.

– -, coming from left side at every step-BRY.

Pain, tormenting, shooting, under-NA-C.

– pinching and cutting-CAL.

Pain, grasping-NA-M.

-clawing, after eating-SIL.


– throbbing-SEP.

Like a hard ball rising to throat (globus hystericus)-LYC.

Tenderness-BAR., CAL., NA-C., NA-M., PHO., SIL.

– cannot bear pressure of clothes-CAL.

Swelling and tenderness-LYC NA-M., PET.

-with pressive pain-CAL.


Before Eating.

Dizziness and trembling, m.-CAL.


Whilst Eating.


Like something falling before ears-SUL.

Toothache-K-CA., NA-C.

Tearing pain in teeth and out at ear-SIL.

Bitter taste-ARS.

Nausea- K-CA., NA-M.

Eructation, empty-NA-M.

Heart burn-NA-M.

Pressure in stomach-CON., SEP.

– in abdomen-CAU.

Sweat-CB. V., NI-X.

on face-NA-M.

R.E. Dudgeon
Robert Ellis Dudgeon 1820 – 1904 Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1839, Robert Ellis Dudgeon studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor. Robert Ellis Dudgeon then became the editor of the British Journal of Homeopathy and he held this post for forty years.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon practiced at the London Homeopathic Hospital and specialised in Optics.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon wrote Pathogenetic Cyclopaedia 1839, Cure of Pannus by Innoculation, London and Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science 1844, Hahnemann’s Organon, 1849, Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homeopathy, 1853, Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Asiatic Cholera 1847, Hahnemann’s Therapeutic Hints 1847, On Subaqueous Vision, Philosophical Magazine, 1871, The Influence of Homeopathy on General Medical Practice Since the Death of Hahnemann 1874, Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, 2 vols 1878-81, The Human Eye Its Optical Construction, 1878, Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura, 1880, The Sphygmograph, 1882, Materia Medica: Physiological and Applied 1884, Hahnemann the Founder of Scientific Therapeutics 1882, Hahnemann’s Organon 1893 5th Edition, Prolongation of Life 1900, Hahnemann’s Lesser Writing.