Symptoms and hints related to Sleep from the Hahnemann’s therapeutic hints by R.E. Dudgeon, originally published in 1894. …

Long of falling asleep-ALM., ANA., ARS., CON., GRP., LYC., NA-C. NX-V., PHO., PUL.

Sleeplessness-AM-C., BEL., CAL., COF., HYO., STN., SUL.

-after 3 a.m.-BRY.

-from vexation-COL.

-from thinking-LYC.

from bodily uneasiness-CB.V.

-from pinching in the hypogastrium-‘MAG.

Sleeplessness owing to formication in calves and feet- SUL.

Too light-ALM., SUL.

Waking, frequent-NI-X.

-up at n.-ARS., CAL., SEP.

-too early -NA-C.

Restlessness, nocturnal-NI-X.

with frequent waking-LYC.

Tossing about at n.-CAL.

Has not slept enough, m.-SUL., ZIN.

Unrefreshing-ALM., CON., GRP., LYC. NX-V., SEP., SUL., THU.

Yawning-HEP., MAN.


-and yawning-LYC.

-by day-AM.C., AM-M., CAL., CB-V., CON., K-CA., LYC., MAG., nA-C., NA-M., PHO., SEP., SUL.

in forenoon-CB-V.

in early evening-NX-V., PHO., SEP.

-evening-ARS., CAL., CON., K-A.

-when rising, m.-PET., ZIN.

Lazy about getting up-NX-V.

Waking difficult, m.-NI-X.

Sleeps too long, n.-SUL.

Somnolence in diseases-TEA.


Nocturnal pains left during- GRP., NI.X.

Starting in -ARN., GRP., LYC.

-out of -NI-X.

-up owing to anxious dreams-CB-V.

Fright in-SUL.

Cough in -CAL.

Suffocative oppression of chest during-GRP.

Jerkings in -cup., k-ca.

Jerkings in and twitching in-SUL.

-of muscles in -BAR.

Talking in -CB-V., CON.

Talking or crying out in-ZIN.

Rambling in -BAR., GRP., K-CA., LYC., SEP., ZIN.

Imagines he is called in -SEP.


Horrible visions before falling asleep-CAL.

Dreamful-ALM., CON., LYC., NI.X. PHO., SEP.

R.E. Dudgeon
Robert Ellis Dudgeon 1820 – 1904 Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1839, Robert Ellis Dudgeon studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor. Robert Ellis Dudgeon then became the editor of the British Journal of Homeopathy and he held this post for forty years.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon practiced at the London Homeopathic Hospital and specialised in Optics.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon wrote Pathogenetic Cyclopaedia 1839, Cure of Pannus by Innoculation, London and Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science 1844, Hahnemann’s Organon, 1849, Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homeopathy, 1853, Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Asiatic Cholera 1847, Hahnemann’s Therapeutic Hints 1847, On Subaqueous Vision, Philosophical Magazine, 1871, The Influence of Homeopathy on General Medical Practice Since the Death of Hahnemann 1874, Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, 2 vols 1878-81, The Human Eye Its Optical Construction, 1878, Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura, 1880, The Sphygmograph, 1882, Materia Medica: Physiological and Applied 1884, Hahnemann the Founder of Scientific Therapeutics 1882, Hahnemann’s Organon 1893 5th Edition, Prolongation of Life 1900, Hahnemann’s Lesser Writing.