Symptoms and hints related to Lower Extremities from the Hahnemann’s therapeutic hints by R.E. Dudgeon, originally published in 1894….

Running, as of a mouse-SEP.

Gone to sleep-GRP.

– – -stiffness, numbness at night-ALM.

– – – when sitting-ANT. CAL.

– – -especially after working SEP.

Pain, burning-K-CA.

-drawing-BAR., NA-M., – – and tension-SIL.

– tearing-BAR., CAL.

– – at n.-K.CA. LYC.

– – pressive-K-CA.

Violents pains-ANT.

Pains as if in marrow of bones -AGA.

Heaviness-CAL., SUL.

-with uncheerfulness-CAL.

Coldness-NI-X., SEP.

Restlessness-CB-V., CON., GRP.

-at n.-LYC., NI-X.

Cramp-CAL., CAM.



Paralysis, with mental weakness-RHS.

Spots, red-SUL.

Excoriation betwixt-GRP.


Shortening of MEZ.


Cramp- – GRP.




Pain dislocative -NA.M.

– drawing-CON.


– shooting-ARS.

– tearing-ARS.

Sciatica-CB-A., TER.

– making him limp-CB-A.

– the hip-joint seems bound with iron clasps to pelvis and sacrum with pains periodically darting from loins to thigh-COL.

Left Hip.

Tearing, shooting, dislocative pain-AM-M.

Above Hip.

Pressure and compression.-CON.



Formicating shooting in muscles-NA-C.


Pain, on rising from seat- NI-X.

-bruised, when going up stairs-CAL.

-pressive, in muscles-SIL.

– shooting-ARS.

– – when treading-CAL.

– – When walking quickly- SUL.

Pain, stitch-like jerks, making him draw up the limb-SEP.

– tearing-ARS.

– – shooting from upper border of pelvis to groin and thigh anteriorly-SEP.

Coldness, with sweat on legs below knee, in bed, m.,-SUL.


Varicose veins- CAL.

Itching ulcer-SIL.


Gone to sleep-CB-V.

Pain, bruised-ARS.

– drawing-PHO., SUL.

– – paralytic-MG-M.

– – when sitting-CAL.

– – when walking-CAL.

– pressive-MG-M.

– – drawing-MU-X.

– shooting-CAL., PET.

– – when standing-CAL.

– – when sitting-CAL.

tearing- -CAL., LYC.

– down tibia to instep-LYC., Stiffness-LYC.

– and want of suppleness-SEP.

Weakness-NI-X., SUL.

Fatigue-ANA., CON., NA-M.

Herpes-CB-V., GRP., PET.

Swelling-CAL., LYC., SIL.

Pain burning, smarting, itching-LYC.

-tearing, n.-LYC.

Shortening, painful, of tendons-NA-M.

Herpes-GRP., NA-M.


Leg below Knee.

Formication in calves-SUL.

Formicating horripilation in shin-K-CA.

Numbness of calves-SIL.

Pain, burning-LYC.

-contractive in calves when walking.-LYC.

– drawing-SIL.

– – and big toe-SEP.

– – when sitting-AM-C., CB-A.

– – and shooting-CB-A.

– shooting, in tibia-SEP.

– tearing in tibia-ARS.

Cramp of calves-CAM., COL., CON., GRP., LYC., NA-C., SEP.

– – – at n.-CB-V.

– – after exertion, e.-SIL.

– and tension of calves when walking after sitting-NI-X.

Jerking and restlessness, n.- LYC.

Twitching in calves-NI-X., PHO.

Weariness of calves-NA-M.

Red spots-CAL.



Ulcers, old, with tearing, itching and burning at n.-LYC.

– – with burning and shooting pain-ARS.

– with unhealthy complexion -SIL.

Swelling-K-CA., SEP.

– of tibiae-PHO.



Dying away, evening-CAL.

Gone to sleep, e.-SIL.

Pain, burning-GRP., K-CA., NA-M., SEP.

Pain burning, also in hands-AM-C.

– – and pricking-SEP.


– tearing-LYC.

Coldness-ALM., AM-M. CAL., CAJ., CON., K-CA., LYC., MU-X., NA-C., SEP., SIL., SUL., SU-X.

-at n., -PHO., SAR.

– in bed-GRP., K-CA., Heaviness-NA-M.



Jerking by d., also at n. before going to sleep-PHO.

Twitching during siesta-SEP.


Fatigue from walking-LYC.

Weakness, (and hands)-SAR.

Sweat-AM-C., CAL., CB-V., CUP., MG-M., PH-X. SEP., SIL., SUL – profuse-LYC.

– cold-LYC.

-foetid-BAR., k-CA., NI-X.

-suppressed-CUP., SEP.

– – and cold feet-SIL.


– painful-ZIN.

Swelling-AM-C., CAU., GRP., NA-C., PET., SEP., SIL., SU-X., VER.




Pain., pressive-NA-C.



Pain, shooting-SEP., – – when treading-GRP.



Formication and gone to sleep-SEP.

Pain, when walking-CAU. LYC.

-ulcerative, when walking-PHO.

– burning-ANA., CAL.,CUP., MAN.

– – from walking-LYC.

– shooting, when treading-NA-C.



Pemphigus ulcers-ARS.

Horny places-ANT.

Hard, painful callosities-SIL.


Swelling-CAL., LYC.

When scratched a voluptuous tickling that almost drives him mad- SIL.


Pain when walking-CAU.

Tired pain when sitting-ALM.

Pain, ulcerative, on touching and treading-NA-M.


– shooting, when treading -SIL.

Sprained and dislocated, tendency to be-NA-C.

Stiffness-K-CA., SUL.

– and want of suppleness-SEP.

– after sitting-ZIN.


Itching ulcer-SIL.


Formication on tips-SUL.

Numbness of tips, also of fingers-PHO.

Pain, when walking-CAU.

Burning sensation under-ALM.

Coldness and stiffness-SUL.


Giving way when walking -LYC.

Drawn crooked-K-CA.

Redness and swelling, with shooting pain-cb-v.

Chilblains, painful-NI-X.

Eroding wheals-SUL.


Ulcers, obstinate, caused by pemphigus blisters, with elevated borders, moist red flat base-PET.

Pemphigus ulcers-ARS., GRP.

Horny skin-GRP.

Corns-CAL., LYC., NA-M., PET., PH-X., SIL.

tenderness of -K-CA.

-painful-CAL., LYC., NI-X.

-burning, shooting, and tearing pains in-AM-C.

-stitches in-SEP., SIL.

Toe Nails.

Thick, deformed-GRP.

Big Toe.


Pain excoriation, on walking, in ball-ARS.

– dislocative, n., in bed in ball-AM-C.

drawing, and in leg-SEP.

– shooting and burning in ball-K-CA.

Ulceration of, with shooting pain-SIL.

Painful lymphatic swelling on ball-BAR.

Horny excrescence under nail-ANT.

R.E. Dudgeon
Robert Ellis Dudgeon 1820 – 1904 Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1839, Robert Ellis Dudgeon studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor. Robert Ellis Dudgeon then became the editor of the British Journal of Homeopathy and he held this post for forty years.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon practiced at the London Homeopathic Hospital and specialised in Optics.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon wrote Pathogenetic Cyclopaedia 1839, Cure of Pannus by Innoculation, London and Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science 1844, Hahnemann’s Organon, 1849, Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homeopathy, 1853, Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Asiatic Cholera 1847, Hahnemann’s Therapeutic Hints 1847, On Subaqueous Vision, Philosophical Magazine, 1871, The Influence of Homeopathy on General Medical Practice Since the Death of Hahnemann 1874, Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, 2 vols 1878-81, The Human Eye Its Optical Construction, 1878, Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura, 1880, The Sphygmograph, 1882, Materia Medica: Physiological and Applied 1884, Hahnemann the Founder of Scientific Therapeutics 1882, Hahnemann’s Organon 1893 5th Edition, Prolongation of Life 1900, Hahnemann’s Lesser Writing.