Symptoms and hints related to Abdomen from the Hahnemann’s therapeutic hints by R.E. Dudgeon, originally published in 1894. …

Empty feeling- SEP.


Borborygmus-CB-A., COL., CON., LYC., NA-M., NI-X., PHO., SUL.

– When moving-SIL.

Flatulence, much -K-CA.

-, accumulated-GRP. NA-C., NI-X.

– incarcerated-LYC.

-frequent production and, displacement of -SEP.

– displacement of -CAL., CB-A., CON., GRP., HEP., IOD., K-CA., NA-M., PHO., SIL., SUL.

– – – m. and e-NI-X.

– – – afternoon- NIT.

– – – with hard stool- CAU.

Flatulence, painful movement of-NA-C.

– sufferings from-PHO.


– on waking, m-CON.

– and in stomach-LYC.

Distension-CAU., CHI., IOD., LYC., MU-X., NA-C., NA-M.

Distension in children-CAU.


– – after eating-GRP. -great, with constipation-MG-M.

Swelling-CAL., NA-M.

Large, in mothers-SEP.

Hardness-ANA., CAL.


Tense, hard (in children)- SIL.

– condition-CB-V.

Weight-GRP. K-CA.

– and uneasiness-K-CA.


– in females-BRY., COC.

Pain -STN.

– in bed, m.-PHO.

– burning-ARS., LYC., SEP., SIL.

-sore, when walking-CON.

– pinching, ANT., LYC., NI-X., SIL.

– – and cutting, from catching cold-NI-X.

– contractive-HEP.

– pressive, pinching-CAL.

– – shooting-CAL.

– cutting-ARN., CON., LYC., NA.M., NI-X., PET., SIL.

– – in morning-ALM.

– – after exercise-SEP.

– – with anorexia, costiveness and red urine (child)- ANT.

– – and griping, with vomiting of food, afternoon-CAL.

Colic–COL., JAL.


– spasmodic-COL., VER.

– labour -like-K-CA.

– night-SUL.

– after vexation-COL.

– from driving-CB-V.

Colic, with restless nights-STN.

– with burning stool-ARS.

Colicky pains from constipation-SIL.

Pain, stitches-SUL.

– shooting when touched- NI-X.

– – worse on movement-BRY.

– and digging-NA-C.

Feeling as if diarrhoea would come on -ANT.

Coldness-CAL., SEP.

Inactivity coldness-K-CA.

Cold, tendency to catch-NI-X.


Ascites-ARS., SEP.


– suffering from-MG-M. STN.

Abdominal Muscles.

Formicating, shooting- MG-M.

Deficient tensive power-PHO.

Pain, as if too short, m-SUL.


Tension through-CAL.

– as from a hoop-LYC.

– and in pit of stomach when stooping-ALM.

– bruised-CB-V.

– boring-SEP.

– stitches-CB-V.

– shooting and burning pains -ARN.

Left Hypochondrium.

Pain, pressive, shooting-STN.

– shooting-CON., NA-M., SEP.

– – on walking, m., with dyspnoea making him sit up-AM-M.

Pain, shooting, from drinking cold fluid-NA-C.

-tensive, pressive-NI-X.

Upper Abdomen.

Pressure -CAU., SUL.


Umbilical Region,

Pain, twisting and digging-CON.

-shooting, l. side, when walking-SUL.

Above Umbilicus.

Hardness and distension in middle and to right, with pain when touched-SIL.

Pain on touching-CB-V., LYC., SIL.

Below Umbilicus

Pain, contractive-SUL.




Pain, ulcerative-NI-X.


Grasping and pinching, affecting breathing-LYC.

Pinching, causing sleeplessness -MAG.

Pain, digging, pressing and cutting-SEP.

– pressive, up to scrobiculus-SEP.

– – when stooping-K.CA.

Pain, cutting -SIL.

-shooting, pinching, as if in bladder, extending to urethra, n., in bed-LYC.

-tearing, to groins and thighs-LYC.

Feeling of something adherent and hard-SEP.

Shaken pain when treading -AM-C.



Left Hypogastrium.

Pain from over-lifting-CB-V.


Sides of Abdomen.

Forcing in -PHO.

Pain, tensive-ZIN.

Right Side.

Pain, pinching-LYC.

Painful hardness-MG-M.

Left Side.

Pain, digging-NA-M.

– pressive, making him cry out, with constipation and displacement of flatulence-SUL.

– stitching-HEP.

– shooting, when walking-SUL.

– as if something was torn out-SUL.



Cramp, when stooping-NA-M.



Pain, after eating-LYC.

-burning-AM-C., STN.

-boring, shooting when sitting e. -AM-C – pressive -ANA., CB-A., K.CA.

– pressive, when walking or when touched, worst when lying on right side- MG-M.


– stitching-CB-V., NA-M. SEP.

wrenching, when stooping-K-CA.

Gall-stone colic-COL., LAU.

Induration-ARS., TAX.

Hardness, with constipation-GRP.

– and distension-SIL.




Inguinal Region.


Pain as if festering and swollen, when touched-AM-M.


– tearing-ARS.

– tearing, shooting from upper border of pelvis to groin and front of thigh-SEP.

Pressure of flatulence, as if a hernia would protrude- CAL.

Hernia-AUR., COL., MAG., PET., PHO., SU-X. VER., ZIN.

– in children-NI-X.


Inguinal Glands.


Painful swelling-ARS.


Pain, tearing, shooting from upper border of pelvis to groin and front of thigh-SEP.

R.E. Dudgeon
Robert Ellis Dudgeon 1820 – 1904 Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1839, Robert Ellis Dudgeon studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor. Robert Ellis Dudgeon then became the editor of the British Journal of Homeopathy and he held this post for forty years.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon practiced at the London Homeopathic Hospital and specialised in Optics.
Robert Ellis Dudgeon wrote Pathogenetic Cyclopaedia 1839, Cure of Pannus by Innoculation, London and Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science 1844, Hahnemann’s Organon, 1849, Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homeopathy, 1853, Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Asiatic Cholera 1847, Hahnemann’s Therapeutic Hints 1847, On Subaqueous Vision, Philosophical Magazine, 1871, The Influence of Homeopathy on General Medical Practice Since the Death of Hahnemann 1874, Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, 2 vols 1878-81, The Human Eye Its Optical Construction, 1878, Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura, 1880, The Sphygmograph, 1882, Materia Medica: Physiological and Applied 1884, Hahnemann the Founder of Scientific Therapeutics 1882, Hahnemann’s Organon 1893 5th Edition, Prolongation of Life 1900, Hahnemann’s Lesser Writing.