True, natural Chronic Diseases are those which owe their origin to a chronic parasitic miasm or germ” or, as we should say, a chronic parasitic micro-organism. He says, they constantly extend; and, not with-standing the most carefully regulated mental and bodily habits, they never cease to torment their victim….


Hahnemann looks upon Syphilis miasm as the most easily cured of all the chronic diseases : provided that it is cured in situ, and not cured externally, i.e., driven in to become a “general venereal disease.”…

Mucous Colitis

Here patient had been very ill for 10 years, and got only close of Luet. in potency, and 3 doses of Mercurius cy. 1m, at long intervals, in 14 months. But she was practically well since the first dose….


Night aggravation is one of the leading indications for Syphilinum… It was about 20 years ago that we began to use Syphilinum in our Eye Department for interstitial keratitis, with extraordinary results….


Here there were epileptic fits,”at least once a week,” and after the first dose of Thuja 10m they entirely ceased for the ten months she was under observation…….


He gives Thuja internally, in the 30th or 60th potency : and when its action has been exhausted after 15 to 40 days, he gives a dose of Nitric acid, in the 30th potency, which must be allowed to act for as long a time,”in order to remove the whole Sycosis.”…

Small Pox

In one case, after smallpox, some forty years before, when there had been abscesses in both nostrils, she had been unableto breathe through her nose-till Variolinum: which not only improved the unsightly deformity, but enabled her to breathe again through her nostrils….

Mental Deficiency

Mother says,”The Great Ormond Street doctor said, `You cannot replace brains’-BUT YOU HAVE ” (And that was only two months before he came here.)…


Some day someone among the pathologists will demonstrate his perspicacity in regard to Psora also, by proving that the acarus is the intermediate host of some micro-organism responsible for one or more chronic diseases of manifold manifestations. …


vaccination can, to a certain extent, protect from, or modify, smallpox because the vaccinate has been endowed with a similar chronic parasitic parasitic disease, which renders him, more or less, immune from that “like” disease smallpox….

Other Diseases

Tuberculosis, also, is a parasitic, chronic disease-which Hahnemann classes under his psoric diseases. And tubercle, hereditary certainly, and, probably, acquired, may assume a latent form, and give very little apparent trouble….