Blank chapter from Hahnemann Consultation Bank with important symptoms to consider while taking a case….


For Mr./Ms.

Date Age Occupation

Form Complexion

Color of Eyes Do.of Hair

3 Height feet, inches, Weight Lbs.

Sex Married Single

(If married female) how many children

Ages of children

Ages of parents, if living

If dead, ages at death

Cause of death

State all particulars regarding sickness of parents and grandparents.

Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the founder of Homoeopathy. He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way; proving them on healthy human beings, to determine how the medicines acted to cure diseases.

Hahnemann's three major publications chart the development of homeopathy. In the Organon of Medicine, we see the fundamentals laid out. Materia Medica Pura records the exact symptoms of the remedy provings. In his book, The Chronic Diseases, Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure, he showed us how natural diseases become chronic in nature when suppressed by improper treatment.