Calcarea Fluorica

Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Fluorica from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

     Calcium fluoride. The bone salt.

     Proved by J. B. Bell on himself and others ; N. E. M. G., 1874, p. 300.

     The provings of J. B. Bell, including those of J. U. W. and J. S. H. (made and led by a master observer), are confirmed :

“1. By internal evidence ; the symptoms were mostly new to the provers and arose without any apparent cause.

2. By repetition of the same symptoms in the same provers.

3. By striking likeness of some of those symptoms to the symptoms of Calcarea ostrearum, particularly those of the mind and larynx.

4. By equally marked similarity of symptoms to those of Fluoric acid (vivid dreams of new scenes, death of relatives, and of the cadaver).

     Thus also incidentally and inferentially the provings of Calcarea ostr. and Acidum fluoricum are confirmed ; and all by the 15th potency of an inert substance. –J. B. Belladonna”

     The same could be shown throughout the whole of our Mat. Medorrhinum –C. Hg.

     All contained in Schuessler’s latest edition is added. The cures are principally from Schuessler and his followers.


All day an unusual tendency to look on the dark side of things ; with much depression of spirits.
Depression of spirits and disposition to set a higher value on money than natural to him (avarice?).
Feeling of anxiety about money matters ; thought he would come to want or would soon be “running astern” financially (entirely without occasion).


Dull headache over whole head, with a faintish nausea at stomach, all afternoon, > in evenings.


On left side of head (corresponding to os temporale) a flat swelling about a quarter of an inch high and one and a half inches in diameter ; skin of unaltered color ; no pain in it ; by gently pressing, a fluid could be felt ; pressing hard, a rough, jagged, hard mass, growing on bone.
Enlargement or swelling on parietal bones of newborn children, with an apparent osseous wall.


Flickering and sparks before eyes, mostly left.
After writing some time was no longer able to see distinctly, because of a blur or mist before eyes, with some aching in eyeball ; > when closing eyes and pressing tightly upon them.
Spots on cornea ; opacities.


Calcareous deposits on the tympani.


Blowing of much mucus from nose, with ineffectual desire to sneeze.
Copious, offensive, thick, greenish-yellow nasal catarrh.
θ Osseous growths.


A hard swelling on jaw bone.
Swelling of size of a pigeon egg under lower jaw, very hard and jagged.
A “cold sore” commences at left corner of mouth ; after two days it is quite extensive, but no cold with it ; never had a cold sore before.
Cold sores rather small ; hard herpetic sores on lips, from colds, not diffused like Natr. mur.


Deficient enamel of teeth.


Desire to swallow from a tickling in larynx as from a small foreign body, but without relief.
Hawking of mucus.
Prickling, burning, suffocative sensation in throat ; < at night and from cold drinks, > from warm drinks.


Soon after dinner hacking cough.


Hawking of mucus in morning caused an attack of hiccough, which was long and weakening, and recurred frequently during day.
Faintish nausea at stomach, with headache.


About midnight, or soon after, was awakened by a sharp lancinating pain in right hypochondrium under eleventh rib, occurring in paroxysms ; < when lying on painful side ; so much so as to cause a feeling of bursting outward ; > when lying on painless side and when doubling up ; accompanied by restlessness.
At 8 A. M., frequent attacks of lancinating pains in hepatic region ; < when sitting, > when walking about.


For some days much wind in lower part of abdomen ; < when riding and towards evening ; > after lying down at night.


Slight diarrhoea, with painful urging before stool ; first part of stool natural, last part loose.
Constipation with dizziness and dull headache.
During night awakened by itching at anus from pin worms, not felt to that degree since childhood and rarely felt at all.
Bleeding piles. θ Osseous tumors.


Profuse emission of pale watery urine, from 8 A. M. to 3 P. M.
Arose twice during night to pass urine profusely, which he never did before.
Increased secretion of pale urine ; 3d day.
Urine scanty, high colored and turbid ; 5th day.
Urine emits a pungent odor.
Urine causes smarting along urethra, particularly at its external orifice.


Induration of testicles.


Hard knots in breasts.


Some tickling in larynx and occasional hawking, with desire to clear larynx.
Occasional attacks of tickling-itching in larynx, inducing a hacking cough ; < from 3 to 4 P. M.
Slight feeling of oppression, with tickling in larynx.
Soon after itching at anus, itching-tickling in larynx, forcing a spasmodic cough, which was relieved after a few hours by hawking a little mucus from larynx.
Dryness in larynx.
The tickling extends from larynx 3 inches down trachea.
Towards night, dryness in larynx, with desire to clear it, and some hoarseness, but no cough.
Hoarseness after laughing or reading aloud.


Oppression of breath, as from taking cold.
Difficulty of breathing ; as if epiglottis was nearly closed.


Hacking cough.
Soon after dinner a hacking cough occurring in one or two paroxysms at a time, caused by a tickling in larynx, as from a small foreign body ; not relieved by coughing.
Spasmodic cough from itching in larynx.


Osseous growth at angle of eighth right rib, size of a man’s fist. θ Exostosis.


Small goitres improved.
Indurated cervical glands of stony hardness.
Tired aching of small of back, as after long ride, but did not ride far ; can sit in no position to relieve back.
During afternoon much pain and tired aching in lower part of back with bodily restlessness ; must walk about.
Lumbago, from strains ; pains < after rest, > after moving a little, and from warmth (when Rhus tox. did no good).


Osseous tumor on spine of scapula.
Swelling of elbow joint ; after maltreatment improved by Ferrum phosph., until jerks and starting led to an examination of joint and discovery of crepitation, showing a want of synovial fluid ; one grain each morning and evening improved it so much that the opening closed and some motion became possible.
The left thumb, after being wounded and badly treated, had fistulous ulcers and a crepitation of joint of first phalanx ; after Silicea had been given.
Exostoses on fingers.


Swelling on lower limb of a young lady (formerly treated for periostitis of humerus) ; a rough, hard, bony swelling, covering whole width of shin bone, several inches long, had lasted 6 weeks ; 3d cured in 3 weeks.
Spavin of horses.
Patella surrounded by supernumerary bones, irregular in shape, varying from size of mullet-seeds to marbles ; also abounding at various depths in tendons under knees and in tarsal and carpal articulations.
θ Osseous growths.


After rest : lumbago worse.
Sitting : < pain in hepatic region.
Can sit in no position to > back.
Lying : on painful side < pain in hepatic region ; on painless side > pain in hepatic region ; > wind in abdomen.
Doubling up : > pain in hepatic region.
Motion : pain in back better.
Writing : eyes blurred and misty after.
Walking about : > pain in hepatic region and back.
Riding : < wind in lower abdomen.


Restlessness, with pain in liver ; tired backache.
Feeling of fatigue all day.


Sleep unrefreshing on account of indistinct dreams of unsuccessful efforts to do various things, leaving an unpleasant impression on waking.
Dreams in siesta, vivid and distinct, of new scenes, places, books, etc.
Vivid and distinct dreams of wholly new scenes and places, not unpleasant, but with a sense of impending danger.
Vivid and distinct dreams, also natural and connected ; of death of a relative, causing much grief and weeping.
Vivid dreams and dreams with weeping abut such as had died seven years before.
Dreamed of cutting up a woman in pieces as an animal for salting ; the details very distinct and the dream seemed to continue a long time.
Last night jumped from bed in a dream and tried to get out at window, which woke him.
During night awakened by itching in anus from pin worms.


All day : depressed spirits.
From 3 to 4 P. M. : larynx tickling-itching ; cough.
Afternoon : headache with nausea ; backache.
Towards night : larynx, dryness and hoarseness.
Evening : dull headache, with faintish nausea, better.
At night : throat feels <; itching at anus ; rises to pass urine ; jumps from bed.
Midnight : sharp pain, right hypochondrium ; itching of anus.
At 8 A. M. : pains in hepatic region ; profuse emission of urine.
From 8 A. M. to 3 P. M. : profuse emission of urine.


Warmth : lumbago > from ; warm drink, > throat.
Cold drinks : throat < from.
Worse in damp weather, but > by fomentation. θ Osseous growth.


Attacks of fever, lasting a week or more, with thirst ; dry, brown tongue ; sleepless unrest. θ Osseous growths.


Attacks of tickling-itching in larynx ; hiccough < from 3 to 4 P. M., and all day.
Fever : lasting a week or more, with thirst, brown tongue, sleepless and weak.
Hiccough : from hawking mucus.
Lancinating pains : in hepatic region.


Right : sharp pain in hypochondrium ; osseous growth at angle of eighth rib.
Left : swelling on side of head ; cold sore on corner of mouth ; thumb, fistulous ulcers.


Piercing, darting, grinding pains in all joints ; crampy knotting of leg muscles. θ Osseous growth.
Lancinating : in hepatic region.
Burning : in throat.
Prickling : in throat.
Smarting : along urethra.
Dull pain : in head.
Aching : in eyeball.
Tired aching : small of back.
Bursting outward : in hepatic region.
Suffocative : in throat.
Oppression : of breath.
Tickling : in larynx ; in trachea.
Itching : at anus ; in larynx.
Dryness : in larynx.


Corresponds to solidified infiltrations.
Indurated enlargements in fascia and capsular ligaments of joints.
Exudation from surface of bones which quickly harden and assume a nodular or jagged form.
Nodes and hard bone swellings.
Suppuration of bones ; similar to Silicea and Calcarea phosph.
Osseous growths in tarsal and carpal articulations.
Supernumerary bones (rice bodies?).
Indurated glands, of stony hardness.


Better from slight pressure : eyes.
Following an injury : osseous growth.
Relieved by rubbing : osseous growth.


Occasional erysipelas. θ Osseous growths.
A warty growth the size of a pea in bend of right elbow, of 30 years’ standing, disappeared while taking Calcarea fluor. C12 for indurated testicle.


JBB., at. 29, sanguine mental bilious temperament, dark brown fine hair and beard, blue eyes ; proved the 15th and 30th.
JUW, at. 23, sanguine temperament, light hair, bald in front, blue eyes, reddish beard ; proved 15th.
JSH, at. 22, bilious sanguine temperament, black rather dark beard, dark hazel eyes ; proved 15th.
A man, at. 30, pale and lean. θ Osseous tumor.
Strong healthy girl, at. 3.
θ Cephalematoma. After Calcarea fluorica. [3] in a few weeks it had entirely disappeared.
A negro, at. 28, after an injury received 12 years ago, a bunch on angle of 8th right rib, increasing rapidly, within 3 months as large as a man’s fist. Calcarea fluor. [12] every 12 hours for 3 days, then omitting 3 days ; in 2 weeks diminished two-thirds ; 3 months afterwards an inconsiderable roughness only left.
θ Exostosis.
A man, at. 50, blonde, lymphatic ; for 10 years rheumatic arthritis ; articular exostoses on fingers, feet and knees ; after partial relief by Bryon. and Calcarea ostr., Calcarea fluor. [12], the supernumerary bones disappeared.
θ Osseous growths.


Compatibles : Calcarea phosph. ; Natr. mur., which has similar cold sores ; Silica, in affection of thumb, 32.
Useful : after failure of Rhus tox. in lumbago ; after Ferrum phosph. in synovitis ; after Silica in suppuration ; after Bryon. and Calcarea ostr. in arthritis.
Compare : in ozana, Calcarea phosph. ; in cold sore, Natr. mur. ; in swelling on skulls of infants, Silica ; in suppuration of bones, Calcarea phosph., Silica ; in spavin of horses, Phosph. ac., Silica.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.