Aesculus Glabra

Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Aesculus Glabra from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

Ohio Buckeye. Sapindacece.

A beautiful tree growing in the bottom lands of the Ohio river. The tincture is to be made of the whole fruit; the bark may differ. Symptoms mostly toxic; provings commenced only by Hale.


Confusion of mind, with vertigo, often followed by stupefaction and coma.
Vertigo with staggering, reeling, unconsciousness.
Vertigo with full heavy head, dim sight, thick speech, nausea and vomiting.

Inner Head.

Fullness and heaviness in the head without pain, with vertigo and faintness toward evening.
According to the wry neck, the vertigo, sensation of fullness and heaviness of head, stupor, great weakness and trembling of limbs, it may be used in meningitis.

Sight and Eyes.

Sight dim or lost.
Eyes fixed and dead.
Eyes expressionless.


Tongue. Speech thick, and tongue as if lame.

Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea, with loathing of food and vomiting.


Distension (with cattle).
Cramp-like pain.
Sensation of fullness.



Rectum and Stool.

Hard, knotty stools.

Very painful, dark purple haemorrhoidal tumors, with lame back and lower limbs.
It is popular to carry the fruit in the breeches pocket, as a preventive of piles.

Neck. Back.

Wry neck.

Great lameness and weakness of back.

Lower Limbs.

Trembling of lower limbs.
Hind limbs lame; falling.
A strong tendency to contraction of the legs.


Spasms and convulsions, followed by lameness
Great weakness. *


Stupor and confusion, followed by coma.


Towards evening : vertigo and faintness.


Some typhoid symptoms,


Collateral relations : Aesc. hipp.

Discrete relations : Aloes; Collinsonia; Ignat.; Nux vom.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.