Case of an Unobservant Patient

Case of an Unobservant Patient. Sometimes the patient reports the symptoms incorrectly, thus prolonging the sufferings….

In the case of an unobservant patient who come under my care last year, suffering was unnecessarily prolonged. The trouble was a congestive headache with much distress.

The patient persisted in stating that if she moved in the least her sufferings were much aggravated, many of her symptoms indicated Pulsatilla, and yet here was a marked counter indication for its administration.

On the occasion of my third visit, I found the sufferer sitting up in bed holding her head in both hands, swaying it gently to and fro, and weeping from the severity of the pains. Within one hour after taking Pulsatilla 200, she was relieved and in a few days was as well again as ever.

I am reminded of another case where the patient’s mistake was the cause of her cure being postponed.

Bender P
Dr. P. Bender, author of "The Physical Examination of the Patient"