Dewey gives the common homeopathy remedies for the treatment of Headache in an easy question-answer format. …

Give he symptoms of Belladonna in headache.

The pain in worse on right side and worse in. the frontal region, aggravated by lying down. There is a great deal of throbbing, the pain sometimes being of a stabbing, sharp character, driving the patient almost wild; greatly aggravated by light noise or jarring. There is apt to be a red face accompanying the headache.

Give three differentiating symptoms between Sanguinaria and Belladonna in Headache.

Belladonna has not head, more throbbing, flushed face, and cold feet.

Belladonna is relieved by being propped up in bed, while Sanguinaria has relief from lying down.

Belladonna has not so marked, the pain coming up over the head from the occiput, and Sanguinaria is more useful in the gastric form.

Give the symptoms of Sanguinaria in Headache.

Genuine sick headache pain beginning in morning and in the occiput, crosses up over the head and settles in. the right eye. The patient can neither tolerate noise nor light and only sleep religious. When the pain is at its acme there is vomiting. The vomited matter consists of food and bile. Temporal veins distended.

What is the Headache of Iris versicolor?

Periodical headaches with intense throbbing, supraorbital pains, and accompanying the headache there is temporary blindness. At the height of the headache vomiting occurs, vomited matter being bitter or sour, or both. It is especially a remedy for headache of school teachers, college professors and students. the Hemicrania commencing with blurring of vision.

What is the Headache of Spigelia?

Spigelia holds the same relation to the left side of the head that Silicea does to the right side. The pains settle over the left eye and are neuralgic in character. The pains are apt to follow the course of the sun, beginning in the morning, reaching he acme at noon, and generally subsiding at sunset. There is a sensation as if the head were open along the vertex. Worse from noise, jar or thinking.

What drug has a pain in the back of the head as if it were alternately opening and closing?


What are some other symptoms of Cocculus in Headache?

The headache is in. the occipital region in lower part of the back of the head and in the nape of the neck. It is one of our principal headache remedies when in the occipital region. Vertigo is a marked symptom.

Mention some other remedies useful for occipital Headaches.

Gelsemium, Juglans cathartica, Bryonia, Petroleum, Carbo veg. and Nux vomica.

What is the Headache of Silicea?

The Silicea headache is a nervous headache, and it is caused by excessive mental exertion. It is supra-orbital and worse over right eye. Worse from noise, motion or has and better from wrapping the head up warmly.

The pains come up from back of the neck into the head.

How does the Headache of Menyanthes compare here?

It commences at nape and comes up over head, there is a bursting pain as if the skull would burst head, there is a bursting pain as if the skull would burst open. Pressure, rather than warmth, relieves; worse by going up stairs, when there is a sensation of eight on vertex.

What is the difference between the Headache of Silicea and the Headache of Argentum nitricum?

The headache of Argentum nitricum is better from wrapping the head up, not so much from the heat as from the pressure. The difference is that while heat relieves Silicea headache, pressure relieves Argentum nitricum headache.

Mention some other symptoms of Argentum nitricum in Headache.

There is a sensation as if the head were enormously large, and it is accompanied with much vertigo. The pains increase to such a degree that the patient almost loses her sense.

Give the Headache of Melilotus alba.

It is a headache which almost drives the patient frantic. There are intense throbbing pains through the head. It seems as if the brain would burst throat e forehead. It is especially full in congestive variety of headaches.

What is the Headache of Cinchona?

Headache with violent throbbing of the carotids; head feels as though skull would burst; sensation as if brain beat in waves against skull; Anaemia headache.

How does this compare with the Belladonna Headache?

The headache and throbbing of carotids so characteristic of Belladonna is due to hyperaemia, while under Cinchona it is an anemic condition.

What drug has the sensations as if the vertex were pressed asunder and the patient must hold it together?

Carbo animalis.

What is the Headache of Paris quadrifolia?

A headache of spinal origin and a sensational s if the head were immensely large.

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