Ustilago homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


Ustilago maidis, Corda. Natural order: Fungi. Common name: Corn smut. Preparation: Triturations.


At noon to-day, after walking a mile or so, my hands and whole body trembled slightly. I was not fatigued. This passed off in a few minutes (third day). In the morning rose with a tired feeling (second day); awoke early and felt tired, yet could not rest (third day). For last three days have felt dull, as if I had not slept enough (tenth day). Very languid (third day); languid (fifth day). Very languid all day (fourth day; very languid for a number of days after the proving. Very languid (sixth day); called up at 4 A.M., felling excessively languid; great languor at 2 P.M. (seventh day). Have had a number of faint spells, commencing in the epigastrium, with small pains in the hypochondrium and bowels (seventh day). At 11 A.M., felt very much as if I was going to faint; felt oppressed for want of fresh air; this soon disappeared; was in the lecture-room, which was warm (second day). Symptoms of a slight cold (after two days). Felt quite well today, though not so bright as usual (fifth day). No symptoms to speak of the first two days, or rather my health was better.


Much depressed in spirits this afternoon (third day). Have felt irritable and disinclined to talk all day; could not take hold of anything with energy; had nothing particular to complain of (fourth day). For three days have felt irritable; almost everything goes wrong (tenth day).


Vertigo. Frequent attacks of vertigo; everything before the eye whirls, sometimes appearing double, and at times myriads of white specks come before the eyes and blot out everything else (second day; occasional attacks of vertigo and internal heat came on for three or four days till the end of twelve days. General Head. Dulness of the head (after two days). Headache before rising, dull, from dry cold in head; it disappeared after a bath and eating breakfast (third day). Dull headache all the morning (third day),; at 7 A.M. (seventh day). Head feels heavy (fourth day). In the morning head felt stuffed; felt better after eating breakfast (fourth day). All the morning have had a feeling of fullness of the head, with dull, pressive, frontal headache; dull frontal headache all day, with aching distress in the eyeballs (second day). Head aches most violently at noon; have been very languid to-day, with a bursting frontal headache, 9 P.M. (third day). Slight headache (fourth day),; (sixth day). Forehead. Some headache, mostly frontal, this evening (second day). Frontal headache (after half an hour); has continued ever since, with distress in the epigastrium (after four hours); head aches severely, aggravated by walking (after seven hours). Dull frontal headache all the forenoon, with smarting of the eyes (third day). Dull frontal headache, in the morning (third day),; (seventh day). Dull heavy, frontal headache, while walking in the open air, relieved on staying in the warm room, not from hunger (seventh day). Frontal headache, with erections (after three hours and a half). Severe neuralgic pains in the forehead, hands, and feet (first day). Sharp pains in the forehead (after one hour). External Head. Loss of hair.


Occasional slight spasms of the eyes, when everything vanishes from sight and the head seems to whirl (fourth day). Frequent attacks of twitching of the eyes, and my eyes appeared to look (revolve) in circles and dart from one object to another in quick succession (third day). Eyes weak (second day). Aching of the eyes, with profuse secretion of tears (second day). Queer feeling of the eyes, with profuse secretion of tears (second day). Queer feeling in the eyes, smarting of inflamed feeling (after two days). Eyes feel hot on closing the lids (fourth day). Smarting of the eyes, with the dull frontal headache (third day). Eyelids agglutinated together, in the morning (seventh day). Eyes weak and water much out of doors (seventh day); eyes water profusely in the open air (ninth day). Eyes water much in the open air (sixth day). Pain in the right eyeball, with the distress in the stomach (first day). Aching distress in the eyeballs, with the headache (second day). Spots dancing to and fro before the eyes.


A small boil in the right nostril (sixteenth day). Thick mucus is discharged from the nose all the forenoon (third day). Profuse discharge of thick mucus from the nose, lasting an hour or two (fourth day). Thick mucous discharge from the nose, not profuse (fifth day. Dryness of the nostrils, with the prickling sensation in the tongue (second day). All the forenoon had dryness of the nostrils, with a dry feeling in the while skin (third day).


Sudden pallor coming on while sitting and in the evening. Face has a dingy-yellow look, more so than natural (fifth day).


Teeth. Sometimes looseness of teeth. Toothache all day in upper first and second molars; they are decayed and have ached before (sixth day); toothache to-day the same as yesterday (seventh day). Tongue. Tongue coated in the morning. A prickling sensation in the tongue, and a feeling as if something were under the roots of the tongue pressing it upwards, with dryness of the nostrils (second day). Saliva. Profuse secretion of thin bitter saliva (third day); saliva profuse (fourth day). Bitter saliva was secreted in abundance (third day). Taste. Slimy taste, with burning distress in the stomach (second day). Slimy coppery taste in the mouth (fifth day); slimy taste in the mouth for a number of days after the proving. Slimy coppery taste in the mouth, in the morning (third day); slimy taste (fifth and sixth days); for a week had slimy taste in the mouth, with a relaxed state of the sexual organs (after seven days). Coppery taste in the mouth, in the morning (sixth day); slimy coppery taste, in the morning (seventh and eighth days); slimy taste (twelfth day).


During the night was troubled with mucus with mucus in the posterior nares (third day). Throat sore and dry towards morning; upper part of throat felt filled up; pharynx and uvula reddened; this passed off in the morning, but the head felt stuffed (third day). In a short time left a sharp lancinating pain in the right tonsil (the fauces were somewhat inflamed when the medicine was taken), (first day); fauces hotter and more sensitive to motion than last night; throat still sore (second day); throat worse, very painful (sharp lancinating pains), (third day); throat still painful (fourth day). Left tonsil enlarged and much congested, of a dark-reddish color, right one also quite painful on swallowing, at 2 P.M.; left tonsil much enlarged and painful, at 9 P.M. (seventh day); left tonsil much congested, extending to the ear along the Eustachian tube, which produces constant dull pain in the ear, in the morning (eighth day); tonsils more painful than yesterday (ninth day); left tonsil still congested but not so painful (tenth day); left still congested but not painful (eleventh day). Dryness of the fauces with difficulty in swallowing, feeling as if there were a lump behind the larynx (after half an hour); dryness of the fauces, with a burning distress in the stomach (after one hour; frequent efforts to swallow, with a feeling in the fauces as if something had lodged there (after four hours); irritation of the fauces, with a felling as if there were a lump in the larynx when swallowing (sixth day); fauces congested and irritated (seventh day). Dryness of the fauces, with a burning dryness in the stomach (first day). Rough feeling in the fauces (first day). Burning in the oesophagus (soon). A burning sensation along the whole length of oesophagus, especially at the cardiac orifice of the stomach; heartburn, morning, continued all day (second day).


Appetite and Thirst. Very hungry (eighth day); craving appetite (ninth day). Appetite good; craving for hearty food (fifth day). Towards night felt a strong desire for acid food, and ate an apple, which stopped this craving; at the same time had a craving for hearty food, which left on eating the apple (fourth day). Poor appetite (fifth day). Very thirsty (eighth day); had to get up in the night to drink, was so thirsty (eighth night). Eructations. Eructations of ingesta strongly acid, with constant distress in the stomach, at 10 A.M.; frequent eructations of sour fluid, at 10.30 A.M.

(second day). Eructations of sour fluid from the stomach, with distress in the same region; afterwards eructations of sour food (third day). Stomach. Distress in the stomach (second day). Distress in the epigastrium, with the headache (first day). Constant distress in the stomach; frequent pains in the stomach, all the afternoon (fourth day). Constant distress in the stomach all the forenoon, with pain in the right eyeball; have had hard pains in the stomach for the last two hours (after seven hours); severe distress this afternoon, eating supper relieves it (second day). Constant burning distress in the stomach, with slimy taste (second day). Pain in the cardiac region of a burning character. Dull pains in the epigastrium, with constant severe drawing pains in the joints of the fingers (third day). Frequent spells of pain in the stomach and small intestines, with dull distress in the right hypochondrium (sixth day). Frequent cutting pains in the stomach, with constant distress in the same region; had the constant distress in the same region; had the constant severe distress until I ate supper, which relieved it (third day). Full inspiration causes a dull pain the stomach (second day). Burning dryness in the stomach, with dryness of the fauces (first day).


Hypochondria. Drawing pains in the right hypochondrium all day (sixth day). A great deal of pain in the right lobe of the liver (seventh day). Umbilicus. Have suffered constantly with dull distress in the right hypochondrium and umbilicus (eighth day). For the last two hours have had fine, sharp, cutting pains in the umbilical and hypogastric regions, lasting about three minutes at a time, and coming on every ten and fifteen minutes (after four hours); the colicky pains lasted until 8 P.M., when they were relieved by a constipated stool (the first-to-day), (after eight hours);since have had constant grumbling pains in the whole of the bowels, with severe pains in the testicles (after ten hours). Dull pains in the umbilicus and right liver seventh day). Frequent pains in the umbilicus (eighth day). General Abdomen. Pain in the abdomen for two or three days, a very unusual symptom (after two days). Occasional pains in the bowels (sixth day). Pain in left inguinal region, while walking.


Slight diarrhoea, with light-colored stools (second day). Constipated stool, at 8 P.M. (the first to day), (first day); natural stool, preceded by dull pains in the umbilicus (seventh day); stool at 4 A.M., inclined to be loose, with pain and rumbling in the bowels (ninth day); no stool (tenth day). Natural stool (third day); no stool fourth day); mushy stool before breakfast (fifth day). Natural stool, at 4 A.M.

(third day). Natural stool (first day); rather soft stool (second day); dry, lumpy stool (third day); black, dry, lumpy stool (fifth day). Bowels constipated this morning, a very unusual thing for me (third day); bowels have been constipated all the time (tenth day).

Urinary organs

Great desire to urinate, the urine being of a lighter color than usual. Flow of urine increased (fourth day). Urine very red and scanty, diminished one-half (third day); urine diminished greatly to-day and high-colored (fifth day); urine increased (sixth day); increased and very clear (seventh day). Urinated 30 ounces, acid (sixth day); urinated 24 ounces; acids have no effect upon it (seventh day); 23 ounces (eighth day); 26 ounces, high-colored (ninth day); 30 ounces, acid, high-colored (tenth day); 28 ounces, high-colored (eleventh day).

Respiratory organs

Raise a little mucus, of a thick, sticky nature, at nearly every cough (third day). Hacking, rough, and painful cough (fourth day). 10 P.M., have a cough, with thick mucous expectoration, all day, but am getting better of the cold (fourth day). A very little cough and expectoration (fifth day).


Feeling of oppression in the chest, along the median line. In the evening the lungs were sore on coughing (third day). Heat and pressure in the chest (third day). For the last hour have had a constant aching, burning distress under and in the sternum, appears to be in the sternum and also in the stomach, accompanied with fine neuralgic pains in the same region; this is a prominent symptom (third day). A sharp tearing pain in left, side, commencing at the top of the chest and passing down to the sixth or seventh rib, increased by breathing; was present for several minutes; it was rather spasmodic, and occurred about 3 P.M., while standing and reading (fourth day). Awoke about 3 A.M. with a dull drawing pain in the left inframammary region, which disappeared on turning on the back from the right side (second day). Slight pain in left infraclavicular region, just before rising, this morning, passed off soon (second day); pain in left infraclavicular region (third day).

Heart and Pulse

Sudden flying pain from the heart to the stomach that arrested breathing, lasted but a moment (probably myalgic), (after four hours).

Back and neck

Pain in the back, which extends to the extreme point of the spine. Dull backache (eighth day). Dull pains in the small of the back (sixth day).


Frequent rheumatic symptoms in the arms, fingers, and legs all day; these rheumatic symptoms lasted a week (after four days).

Upper Limbs

Rheumatic pains in the muscles of the arms, hands, fingers, and small of the back, walking aggravates the pains in the back (fourth day); had a few rheumatic symptoms to-day (fifth day). Every day, several times through the day, for the last week, have had a numb tingling sensation in the right hand and arm, that would last from a few minutes to an hour at a time (sixteenth day). Severe rheumatic pains in the muscles of the right shoulder (third day); had pain in the right shoulder all night (third night). Dull aching pains in the shoulder-joint (second day). Dull pains in the right elbow, worse on motion (third day). Sharp, cutting pains in the metacarpal bone of the right hand and foot (after four hours). Fine stitching pain along the metacarpal bone, right forefinger, every few seconds (second day). All the afternoon had rheumatic drawing pains in the finger-joints, especially in the second joint of the right forefinger (second day). Constant severe drawing pains in the joints of the fingers, with dull pains in the epigastrium (third day).


Restless all night (second night). Restless at night, with fever. Night restless and had troubled dreams, an unusual occurrence with me (first night); sleep restless and dreamed considerable (second night); dreams when lying down in the daytime and at night (third day); difficulty in getting to sleep, and when I did unpleasant dreams haunted me continually (fourth night); have dreamed every night since taking the medicine, something unusual for me (fourteenth day). Sleep troubled; tossed about much in bed, and had gloomy and disappointing dreams (first night); troubled dreams, with great restlessness (not natural) and internal heat (second night); in the morning awoke early and felt tired, yet could not rest (third day); restless sleep, full of gloomy dreams (third night); rested nearly as well as usual, though somewhat restless yet (fourth night). Slept well, but dreamed of the lectures (fourth night). Horrid dreams at night, although not usually followed by dulness of the head, in the morning, with queer feeling in the eyes, smarting or inflamed feeling (after two days). Troublesome dreams at night. Sexual dream, but no emission (first night); had a restless night; sexual dream, no emission (second night); sexual dream, no emission (fourth night); sexual dream (fifth night).


Heat over the entire body, at night; I threw off the bedclothes during sleep, and on waking found myself exceedingly warm. Internal heat, especially in the eyes, which are inflamed and sensitive to light, and the eyeball is sore to touch (second day). Towards the middle of the day was seized with great internal heat (pulse normal) over the whole body, but especially in the eyes; in the afternoon, internal heat gone; at night, internal heat; this feeling of general heat seems to come and go at short intervals (two to four hours), (second day). General internal heat (third day); attacks of internal heat and vertigo, for twelve days. Skin feeling hot and dry (third day). Burning sensation of the face and scalp (third day).


On the skin it spent most of its power; the scalp and chest were most affected, but the skin of the whole body was more or less involved; the great center of action was on the scalp; the whole scalp became one filthy mass of inflammation, two-third of the hair came out and what was left was completely matted together; a watery serum kept constantly oozing from the scalp, so great as to keep the hair wet all the time; the patient now cut her hair very short, and she then washed it thoroughly with castile soap daily, and applied a create of Iris v. to the whole scalp; took internally Iris v. and Sulphur for five weeks before the scalp became well; the eruption on the body resembled the eruption of rubeola perfectly, even in coming out, it first appeared on the neck and chest, and gradually extended to the feet; at no time was the eruption vesicular, but constantly of a deep red color, and about the size of a pin’s head; the chest and joints were completely covered with this fine red eruption, the body not so thickly; at night the eruption itched most violently; by rubbing any part of the body in a few minutes it would break out with the eruption; this peculiarity lasted during the whole course of the eruption; on the neck and face it came out in patches like ringworm (Herpes circinatus), but not vesicular. Two small boils on the back of the neck (fifteenth day). Dry feeling in the whole skin, with the dryness of the nostrils (third day). Skin dry and hot (fourth day); skin feeling dry (fifth day). The whole skin feels congested (sixth day). Whole skin felt dry, as if I had taken cold (second night).


Aggravation, (Full inspiration), Pain in the stomach. Aggravation, (Motion), Pain in elbow. Aggravation, (Walking), Pain in inguinal region; pain in back.

Sexual organs

Male. At 4 o’clock, elections while reading, with frontal headache. Frequent erections during the day and night. Relaxed state of the sexual organs, with a slimy taste in the mouth for a week (after seven days); sexual desire was depressed during the whole experiment. Scrotum greatly relaxed, with a cold sweat upon it, in the morning (seventh and ninth days); still profound prostration of the sexual system, with the organs greatly relaxed (eleventh day); scrotum still greatly relaxed; sexual desire perfectly prostrated (fifteenth day); this prostration of the sexual system lasted a month after ceasing the proving. With the pains in the bowels, constant severe pains in the testicles, more in the right one (after eight hours); 12 P.M., constant, severe, dull, aching pains in the testicles, sometimes the pains would be of a sharp neuralgic character; 5 P.M., right testicle has constantly pained me nearly all day, the pain is of a dull, aching character, at times the distress would be in both testicles; 9 P.M. the dull, aching distress in my testicles has not ceased a moment, this evening (sixth day); 11 A.M., every minutes have had severe pains in the testicles, lasting about five minutes at a time; the pains produced a faintish feeling; three times had hard paroxysms of pain in the testicles, this evening (seventh day); 5 P.M., have had spells of hard pains in the testicles; 9 P.M., slight pains in the testicles (eighth day). Female. (During these four months it produced a constant aching distress in the womb, referred by the patient to the mouth of the womb).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.