Uranium nitricum

Uranium Nitricum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe…


Uranium nitrate. Preparation:Dilutions of a saturated aqueous solution.


General languor (seventh day). Languid (twenty-third day). Extreme languor on rising from bed (twenty-seventh cold from exposure (eighth day).


Ill-temper; he is cross with everybody (eleventh day). Ill-humor (sixteenth day). Cross and disagreeable, not feeling well all day (twenty-seventh day).


Vertigo twice, in the evening (tenth day). Head heavy on waking (seventh day). (Taken a violent cold from exposure to wet, etc.;headache;sore throat, which lasted four days, leaving me feeling well on the fifteenth day, with the exception of a slight cough, in the morning on rising, accomplished by expectoration, which affords relief), (after eleven days ). Frontal headache (sixteenth (d.), twentieth, and twenty-first days). Slight frontal headache (called up previous night), (fourth day). Dull aching in right temple (immediately, forty-ninth day). Headache, left temple (fifth day). Some slight pain in head again, similar to my old neuralgia;the pain always used to be on the right side, at the posterior edge of temporal bone;now, this day, it lasted from 2 to 4 P.M., in the same spot, but on the left side, followed by a dull aching (twenty fifth day);awoke about 1 A.M. with pain in head again, similar to the former attack, lasting one hour and preventing sleep;ill from pain during the day (twenty-sixth day). Headache in old place (right side), severe, till after dinner;came on gradually;soon relieved by food (twenty-eighth day). Aching at occipital protuberance (seventh day). Occipital and frontal headache, in the evening (seventh day). Woke with occipital headache (tenth day).


In evening, pain shooting from right orbit to the occipital protuberance (nineteenth day). Slight pain over left eye (after five minutes, fifty-first day);pain (after one hour, fifty-second day). (Oedema of lower lids worse than usual), (eleventh day). Style in left upper lid (seventh day). Lids much swollen, in morning (forty-first day), (D.).


Small scab in right nostril, with soreness (fortieth day), (D.). Dry coryza (seventh day). Left nostrils stuffed (seventh day). Itching in nose (seventh day). Nostrils sore (thirty-ninth day), (D.).


Small painless ulcer, with one elevated side in buccal aspect of left cheek, opposite left anterior upper molar (thirteenth day);ulcer more tender, worse in evening (fourteenth day);inside of cheek very sore (fifteenth day);cheek better (sixteenth day). Saliva highly acid (twenty-fifth day).


Hawking of very tenacious mucus (twenty-eighth day). Contracted feeling in throat (fifty-third day). Cutting feeling at back of fauces (eighteenth day), (D.).


No appetite (eighth day),; (fifth day). Tasteless eructations (fifty-first day). Eructations (fifty-third day). Putrid eructation about 11 and 3 (twenty-eighth day). Excessive flatulency in stomach and bowels (twenty-fifth day), (D). Fit of dyspepsia, flatus after food, acidity, pain from cardiac extremity of stomach to suprarenal region, relieved by movement, lasted all day, then gradually disappeared; bowels slightly moved; paler clay like faeces. (Query.-If from medicinal action, as I have had such attacks to a slight degree before). Return of epigastric pain as above, with occasional twisting-screwing feeling rather lower down, relieved by food (ninth day). A return of indigestion in the afternoon, about a quarter of an hour before dinner, with gnawing sinking at cardiac end of stomach; not hungry nor faint (twenty- fourth day).


Flatus (fifth day). Borborygmi (twelfth day).


Anal pruritus (sixteenth and twentieth days), (D). Woke at 2 a. m. with urgent desire to evacuate rectum and bladder; borborygmi small; soft stool (twelfth day). Solution forcibly returned in twenty minutes, causing sharp colic and tenesmus, with raw feeling in rectum, followed during sleep by an unconscious seminal emission (fifty-ninth day).


Bowels moved twice (twelfth day). Slight constipation; faeces natural in color (fifth day); no action of bowels (sixth day); moved slightly (seventh day). Constipation (seventh day).

Urinary organs

Sore pain in vesical region, in evening (twenty-fifth day). Slight burning in urethra (nineteenth day), (D.). Burning in urethra (twenty-fifth day). Urine healthy, sp. gr. 32 (first day); sp. gr. 20 (second day); trace of albumen, acid (eighth day); amber color, flocculent, very slightly acid, sp.gr. 25 (ninth day); sp. gr. 32 (tenth day); no albumen, no phosphates, nor lithates, sp. gr. 25 (eleventh day); woke at 2 A.M. with urgent desire to evacuate bladder and rectum (twelfth day); sp. gr. 35 (thirteenth day); 24 (fourteenth day); 40 (stale), (fifteenth day); 30 (sixteenth day); 22 (seventeenth day); ten micturitions in twenty-four hours, sp. gr. 25 (eighteenth day); 30 (nineteenth day); nine micturitions in twenty-four hours, sp. gr. 31 (twentieth day); small quantity of phosphates, sp. gr. 25 (twenty-second day); 27 (twenty-third day); no sugar (either by Moore or Fehling), sp. gr. 27 (twenty- fifth day); desire to urinate again immediately after voiding the bladder, sp. gr. 30 (twenty-sixth day); fishy odor of urine, 24 ounces, sp. gr. 34 (twenty-seventh day); 33 ounces, sp. gr. 27 (twenty-eighth day); highly acid; sugar, albumen, phosphates, and lithates all absent;sp. gr. 24 (twenty-ninth day); 4 ounces, sp.

gr. 25 (thirtieth day); very cloudy, deep amber color, slightly acid, no sugar, no salts, 30 ounces, sp. gr. 30 (thirty-first day); slightly acid, 31 ounces, sp. gr. 28 (thirty-second day); no albumen, much mucus, 24 ounces, sp. gr. 35 (thirty-third day); sp. gr. 38 (thirty-fourth day); 28 ounces, sp. gr. 31 (thirty- fifth day); 31 ounces, sp. gr. 30 (thirty-sixth day); 29 ounces, sp. gr. 25 (thirty-seventh day); acid, 22 ounces, sp. gr. 24 (thirty-eight day); 24 ounces, sp. gr. 25 (thirty-ninth day); sp.

gr. 32 (fortieth day); sp. gr. 27 (forty-first day); 43 ounces, sp. gr. 27 (forty-second day); 50 ounces sp. gr. 25 (forty-third day); copious deposit of phosphates (having read all night), 42.5 ounces sp. gr. 23 (forty-fourth day); phosphates less, 25 ounces, sp. gr. 26 (forty-seventh day); 26 ounces, sp. gr. 28 (forty- sixth day ); 39 ounces, sp. gr. 27 (forty-ninth day); acid, 26 ounces, sp. gr. 30 (forty-eighth day); 26 ounces, sp. gr. 27 (forty-ninth day); acid, 36 ounces, sp. gr. 22 (fiftieth day); high-colored and turbid, more than usual chlorides, no lithates, 40 ounces, sp. gr. 32 (fifty-first day); 31 ounces, sp. gr. 25 (fifty second day); 1.45 A.M. micturated for the second time since 11 P.M. yesterday; 2.30 A.M. micturated for the third time; 8.30 A.M. micturated for the fourth time; 22 ounces since 11 P.M.

yesterday; 10.30 A.M. micturated for the tenth time 6.30 P.M.

micturated for the eleventh time; 8.30 P.M. micturated for the twelfth time in twenty one hours and a half; 31 ounces, sp. gr.

14 (fifty-third day); sp. gr. 32 (fifty-fourth day); 30 (fifty- fifth day); 27 (fifty-sixth day);chlorides and phosphates plentiful, no lithates, sp. gr. 27 (fifty-ninth day); 6 A.M. 20 ounces have been passed since 10.30 last night; copious chlorides, less phosphates, sp. gr. 1015; 5 P.M. and 9.30 P.M., sp. gr. 30 (sixtieth day). Normal average of sp. gr. 1026, whilst taking drug 1028; normal maximum 1032, whilst taking drug 1038. Normal average of quantity 29 ounces, whilst taking drug 32 ounces; normal maximum 37 ounces, whilst taking drug 24 ounces. Urine passed on rising, clear amber tint, quantity about half a pint; on standing till night, it deposits no sediment; acid to test-paper in the morning less so at night; no abnormal of lithates nor of any other deposit; not the slightest trace of sugar, either with Fehling’s or with Trommer’s test; 5 P.M. one hour after dinner, sp. gr. 1032; a slight sediment, in the evening, of bladder epithelium (had been riding on horseback for an hour and a half before dinner); 10 P.M. sp. gr. 1026; pale yellow, about 14 ounces; no deposit the next night (fifteen days before the proving); urina sanguinis, sp. gr. 1019; higher color; slight microscopic deposit of urate of ammonia (twelve days before proving); taken cold slightly; headache, with catarrh, dry skin, rigors (Arsenicum, 3d taken); urine increased in quantity, but seldom passing more than 30 to 35 ounces a day, and, as a rule, only at the following periods: on rising, at stool, about 11 A.M., and at bedtime; this rule is disturbed by ingestion of wine or spirits, which, however, are rarely taken; passed 45 ounces, higher in color; morning urine, sp. gr. 1018; more acid; uric acid crystals and urate of ammonia increased at night; after dinner slightly acid (unusual); sp. gr. 1026, paler; three times after till 11.30 P.M.; lighter color; sp. gr. 1016; acid; a little more mucus and lithic acid than usual; no sugar nor pus (eight days before proving); cold nearly gone; urine more natural in every way (five days before); urina sanguinis, sp.

gr. 1021, healthy color; no abnormal deposit; urina chyli, every slightly alkaline (day before proving); morning urine, sp. gr.

1025, higher color, 36 ounces in all; common sp. gr. 1023; no trace of sugar by two tests; no change with acids nor with liq.

potass.; No abnormal mucus not epithelium, etc. (one day before proving); pale natural, as on the previous day; amount in twenty- four hours 38 ounces, sp. gr. 1024 (first day); 32 ounces, sp.

gr. 1026 (second day); 30 ounces, sp. gr. 1028 (third day); high- colored, rather more acid, 30 ounces, sp. gr. 1028 (fourth day); 34 ounces, sp. gr. 1025 (fifth day); 32 ounces, sp. gr. 1028 (sixth day); sp. gr. 1027 (seventh day); paler; no sugar, mucus, nor pus; 39 ounces, sp. gr. 1023 (eight day); 37 ounces, sp. gr.

1024 (ninth day); having ridden fourteen miles before dinner, slightly more mucus; 37 ounces, sp. gr. 1026 (tenth day); 37 ounces. gr. 1025 (eleventh day); higher colored 37 ounces, sp.

gr. 1025 (twelfth day); higher, 30 ounces (warmer day, more perspiration). sp. gr. 1020 (thirteenth day); paler, 36 ounces, sp. gr. 1022 (fourteenth day); examined urine of yesterday; healthy in color; very slight cloud near the bottom of the glass; a few scattered urate of soda crystals under 1/4 inch lens; here and there a dumb-bell but very indistinct, and this in only two specimens out of five (fifteen day); at end of three days examined urine of previous days, sp. gr. 1028, some bile in it, very unusual (nineteenth day); urine natural (twentieth and twenty-first days). Urine high-colored, a few lithates on standing; amount in twenty-four hours 36 ounces; sp. gr. 1026 (second day); 32 ounces, sp. gr. 1024 (third day); evening, urine cloudy; more mucus than usual; here and there a cast 1/4-inch glass); uric acid crystals (uncertain pus or blood-cells in two specimens out of five); 35 ounces, sp. gr. 1026 (fifth day); high, 32 ounces, sp. gr. 1024 (sixth day); paler, 36 ounces, sp.

gr. 1024 (seventh day); high, 28 ounces, sp. gr. 1020 (eighth day); normal, with exception of a slight increase of mucus, perhaps from a cold, which seems to be banging about me; 34 ounces, sp. gr. 1025 (ninth day); 38 ounces, sp. gr. 1026 (tenth day); healthy; increase of lithates (sixteenth day)’ normal (twentieth and twenty-second days); 30 ounces, sp. gr. 1021 (twenty-third day); deposits a thick mucous sediment, acid in passing, soon becoming alkaline and offensive, containing a large quantity of uric acid crystals and lithate of ammonia, with pavement epithelium; no sugar or albumen; 30 ounces, sp. gr. 1018 (twenty-fourth day); high, much like above, 34 ounces, sp. gr.

1020 (twenty-fifth day); high, 36 ounces, sp. gr. 1024 (twenty- sixth day); high, 32 ounces, sp. gr. 1020 (twenty-seventh day); high; thick mucopurulent-looking sediment after standing all night; deposit consists of urates and mucus; no pus-corpuscles; phosphates more abundant than usual; no glycosuria; 34 ounces, sp. gr. 1021 (twenty-eighth day); paler, 38 ounces, sp. gr. 1025 (twenty-ninth day); pale, 38 ounces, sp. gr. 1025 (thirtieth day); mucopurulent appearance on standing; this material dissolves on boiling; phosphates more abundant; no albumen nor sugar by either test (thirty-second day). Normal average of sp. gr. of urine 1023, whilst taking drug 1028; normal maximum 1032, whilst taking drug 1028. Normal average quantity in twenty-four hours 35 ounces, whilst taking drug 35 ounces, normal maximum 45 ounces, whilst taking drug 39 ounces; normal minimum 14 ounces, whilst taking drug 28 ounces.


Radiating pain from left side of ensiform cartilage, coming and going for last two days, aggravated by fasting (fifth day).

Back and neck

Pain at lower angle of left scapula, aggravated by taking a deep inspiration (forty-second day), (D.). Stiffness in loins (eleventh day).


Slight restlessness one or two nights (due probably to anticipation of being called out), (fifteenth day). Very restless at night, with shivering and heat (twenty-fourth day).

Heart and Pulse

Pulse, lying, 69; standing, 74 (forty-eighth day);.

Sexual organs

Unconscious seminal emission during sleep (fifty-ninth day).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.