Tilia homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe…


Tilia Europea, Linn. Natural order: Tiliacae. Common names: Linden, Linde. Preparation: Tincture of the fresh blossoms.


Tremulousness (first day). Weakness (fourth day). Weakness, with easy perspiration, from walking (third day). Great weakness, after walking (first day). Loss of power, with trembling and giving way of the knees (first day). Great weariness, while walking in the evening (first day). Lassitude and tremulous weakness. General lassitude and weariness of the limbs (second day). Disinclination to work. Unrefreshed feeling and weariness after rising, in the morning (second day). Great prostration (third day). Exhaustion (first day). Great exhaustion (third day). Great malaise (first day). Prostration (first day). General prostration. Faintness (first day). General sick feeling (first and second days). General sick feeling and tremulousness (first day). Seems very sick, will not take any thing from the hand, not even cold water (third day). Heaviness of the whole body, with a feeling as if she would be obliged to sink down (second day). The whole body seemed bruised, in the morning, on waking (second day). The whole body feels weary and bruised, in the morning (second day). Tearing pains, here and there (second day). A pulsation extending from the right index finger along the whole arm and neck, to the right side of the lower jaw (second day). In the morning the usual cold bath caused only a transient vigor (second day). Symptoms generally removed by moving about in the open air (third day).


Towards morning she was tormented by a rush of pleasant thoughts, which changed to a weeping mood; through the next day she peculiarly irritable, and inclined to quarrel, with confusion of the head, with a tense accelerated pulse and increased warmth of the body, especially of the cheeks. Love sick; all his thoughts centered upon an ideal woman; in this revery he was possessed by a sweet melancholy, which it was impossible to describe; every earthly sense seemed far away. Earnest, reflective mood (first day). Sad, weeping mood (first day). Sad, melancholy mood (second day). Apprehensive mood (second day). He cannot remain in the house on account of sensation of apprehension and anxiety; the room seems to close, he is obliged to go in open air, in the evening, when he feels better (first day). Extremely depressed after dinner (second day). Great depression of spirits the whole forenoon. Despondent (first day). Despondency after dinner (second day). Depression of spirits. Dread of society (second day). Discontented with his condition (first day). Unusually fretful mood (second day). Fretful quarrelsome, peevish (third day). Irritable mood, inclined to get angry, in the morning (second day). Irritable quarrelsome mood after dinner (third day). Irritable critical mood, inclined to quarrel and get angry, even from the slightest difference of opinion (first day). Disinclination to work (fourth day). Thoughtfulness (second day). Stupidity. An intoxicated and stupid condition, with mental oppression (second day).


Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, which seemed too large, in the morning (second day). Dizzy confusion of the head, with dimness of vision (after a few hours). Dizzy confusion of the head, with slight drawing pain in the right half of the forehead (third day). Confusion, heaviness, and Obscuration of the head, so that he could think and speak clearly only with great effort (third day). Violent dizzy confusion of the head, with pressure on the chest. Confusion of the head, and so great dizziness he feared that he would lose his consciousness. Dizzy intoxicated confusion of the head, with heat of the face, with redness of the cheeks, soon. Persistent intoxication of the head, with tearing drawing or sticking pains, here and there. Intoxication and nausea in the stomach. A feeling of intoxication in the head (first day). Vertigo, as if intoxicated, during which she seemed to turn in a circle, so that she was obliged to sit down (soon). Dizziness. Vertigo, all objects seems to waver (third day). Paroxysms of vertigo, with heat of the face. Vertigo with dimness of vision by paroxysms. Vertigo, with such great exhaustion that he was obliged to take hold of objects to steady himself (second day). Transient vertigo, with vanishing of vision, in the evening; in order to see distinctly she was obliged to wink repeatedly, in the evening (first day). Transient vertigo and obscuration of the head. Slight vertigo while walking in the open air, with obscuration of the eyes (soon). She seems to lose the freedom and steadiness of her movements, and staggers on attempting to stand up; as vertigo passes of a painful dullness of the head comes on (first day). General Head. Dullness of the head. Dullness of the head, the whole forenoon (second day). Dullness of the head in the morning, increased by warmth of the room to a pressive pain (third day). Dullness of the head, in the morning (third day). Painful dullness of the head, at times in the occiput, at times in forehead (first day). Dizzy, confused of the head at 10 A.M. (third day). Painful dullness of the head. Fullness and heaviness of the head (third day). Stupefaction and painful dullness of the head, after dinner (second day). Heaviness of the head. Heaviness at night, and dullness of the head (first day). Heaviness at night, and dullness of the head at times (third day). Headache increased in the evening, with a dull confusion in the frontal region, stoppage of the nose, and roaring in the ears (second day). The head feels heavy, and as if screwed in. The head felt hot and heavy, on walking at night (first night). Woke about 5 P.M., from a sleep of three hours, free from the morning headache, with the exception of some fullness in the forehead, and slight dizziness and obscuration of vision (second day). Headache, accompanied by heat of the face, lasting through the night, till noon of the next day. Painful pressive-drawing in the head, extending to wards forehead (first day). Violent drawing-cutting pain in the head, with photophobia and qualmishness, aggravated by the slight movement, intolerable on making any effort, relieved by closing the eyes, and by cold application, and by rest (third day). Tearing pains through the brain (first day). Tearing pains, here and there in the head, face, and ears. Cutting drawing, here and there, in the left of the brain towards the forehead (second day). Violent sticking pain over the whole head, with heat of the whole body. Extreme sensitiveness of the head to a draft of air; even while walking in the house the current air caused slight drawing and shivering in the scalp on the vertex. Amelioration of the head troubles from coffee (third day). Forehead. The forehead feels obscured, as if constricted (third day). Pressure in the forehead (third day). Pressive pain in the frontal region (second day). Painful pressure in the forehead, soon. Pressive pinching pain in the sinciput (forehead and vertex), in the evening; this continued into the night, and was felt Whenever awakened from sleep, by restless dreams (first night). Pain of the forehead, just above the nose, a pressing inward, as from a dull instrument (first day). Slow wavelike drawings in the left half of the forehead, extending towards the frontal eminence (second day). Fullness and tearing in the forehead, lasting till evening, then associated with great heat of the face. Tearing pain in the forehead, with dizziness in the morning on walking, increasing after rising relieved by washing with cold water. Dull sticking burrowing in the frontal eminence (second day). Tearing sticking pain in the right side of the forehead. Temples. Temporal veins very much distended (second day). Pressive pain in the temples, worse in a warm room, better in the open air; this headache reached its height about 1 o’clock;the pressure in the temples amounted to an acute pressing pain; the whole head was painful, heavy, dull, and confused (second day). Drawing in the left temple and side of the face (first day). Transient tearing in the right temple. Tearing in the right temple, and at the same time extending down the upper arm (first day). Sticking pains from without inward, in both temples (first day). Vertex and parietals. Tearing in the right side of vertex, transversely across the forehead, and along the left side of the face (first day). Painful drawing in the left half of the head, rather towards the occiput, and down towards the face (second day). Occiput. Heaviness of the occiput;it seemed as though a weight were seated in it;when the head is inclined forward this weight seems to sink lower down in the nape of the neck (first day). A peculiar aching pain in the occiput, extending up towards the back of the head, after dinner (first day). Pressure in the occiput from within outward, at the mastoid process (second day). Broad pressure in the occiput. Pressure and burrowing pain in the occiput. Drawing pain in the fold between the occiput and the nape of the neck (first day). Drawing in the occiput into the head and to the forehead, where it becomes a pressure. External Head. Eruption of small gritty vesicles on the scalp, which itch excessively, with burning soreness after scratching (first day). Itching on the scalp, obliging scratching (first day). Itching on the scalp (second day).


Eyes deep, hollow. Eyes drawn backward (hollow-eyed), (third day). Eyes thick and weak, seem swollen. The eyes seem swollen and weak, as if one had been weeping. Pressive pain in both eyes (second day). A transient sensation, as if a piece of cold iron pierced through the right eye, causing burning (first day). Stitches upon the outer portion of the eye, afterwards in them. Itching about the eye. Lids. Itching of the internal canthi, with weakness of sight (first day). Lachrymation. Lachrymation (third day). Vision. Vision obscured. Paroxysms of dimness of vision, as if a mist were hanging before the eyes;in the afternoon these attacks recurred, the eyes seem “thick and weak” as after along sleep; it was an effort to see distinctly, and she was obliged to open the eyes as widely as possible (first day). Dimness of vision, as from a veil (second day). Mist before the eyes (soon). Vision weak (third day). Vision very weak obscured (first day). Weakness of sight, with obscuration of vision, soon. Swimming of sight, with moist eyes. The candlelight seems enveloped in smoke or vapor; the eyes are weak and tense, as after long weeping, or as if the white of an egg had dried upon them. Flickering of the candlelight in the evening; all objects seemed to waver, and she was obliged to make great effort in order to see distinctly; when she looked with only one eye the vision was perfect; with both eye objects seemed indistinct, and wavering; this disturbance of vision increased with the evening, so that at last small objects could not be seen at all.


Tearing around the outer portion of the ear in the root of the concha, as if it would be torn out, in repeated paroxysms (fourth day). Tearing in the margin of the right ear, as if the concha were being torn off. Transient burning sensation, as if a piece of ice were drawn over the ear and face (first day). Painful sensation of distension in the inner ear (fourth day). Drawing in the left ear, as after taking cold (first day). Heat and tearing, extending from within outward, in the right ear. Tearing from within outward, in the left ear, with tearing in the left side of the head (second day). Tickling in the right ear, as if something were running from it. Sticking pain in the ears (second day). Tearing and stopped sensation in the ears (second day). Hearing. Ringing or dull roaring in the ears. Transient ringing in the ears (third day).


Sneezing (second day). Frequent sneezing with chilliness (second day). Frequent sneezing through the day (third day). Much sneezing, with fluent coryza and scraping in the throat. At night he woke from a partial slumber, with sneezing, fluent coryza, and stoppage of one nostril (second night). Clear thin blood from both nostrils, in the evening (third day). Stopped sensation in the nose, which was dry (third day). Drawing pain in the root of the nose. Burrowing pain within the nose. Transient tearing pain in the nose. Tickling in the nose (second day).


Face sickly, hollow-eyed (second day). Redness of the face. Paleness of the face (second day). Frequent alternations in the color of the face (second day). Constrictive pain in the face, beginning in the left malar bone (first day). Extremely exhausting, ulcerative, or sore pain in the right side of the face, corresponding to the malar bone, afterwards also in the left side of the face, beginning in the temple and extending down along the cheek to the lower jaw and ending in the gum (third day). Cutting pain in the face, starting from the right upper jaw, and recurring in the paroxysms (third day). Sensation as if something living were under the skin of the face. Cheek. Cutting-drawing pain in the malar bone, beneath the left eye. Cutting constrictive pain in the face near the left malar bone. Lips. Quivering of the lips (first day). Itching biting of the lower lip (third day). China Pain in the left articulation of the jaw, as if sprained (second day). Painful cramp in the left articulation of the jaw, hindering chewing (third day). Drawing along the whole right side of the jaws, with heat of cheeks. Burning drawing along the left lower jaw. Tearing pain and sensation of heat in the left lower jaw, caused or aggravated by cold water.


Teeth. Painful drawing pains in the teeth of both jaws, with a sensitiveness to cold water (first day). Tearing pain in the teeth, more in the alveolar processes of the jaw (third day). Burning pain in the right upper back teeth, and afterwards in the corresponding teeth of the left jaw (after three hours). Gums. Drawing pains in the gums (first day). General mouth. Much mucus in the mouth of waking in the morning (third day). The whole mouth is coated mucus, which adheres to the teeth and causes a fuzzy feeling in the mouth, decidedly affecting her speech, in the morning after waking (second day). The breath comes hot from the mouth (first day). Blisters in the right corner of the mouth. The roof of the mouth and tongue seemed covered with tallow, a fuzzy feeling, which could not be removed by frequent empty swallowing (first day), Scraping tickling in the palate and isthmus of the fauces, provoking a dry hacking cough (second day). Scraping on the palate, in the forenoon (second day). Sensation of constriction on the inner surface of the cheeks, as from acids or astringent (first day). Taste. Flat, slimy, sweetish taste in the mouth, in the morning (second day). Sour, slimy taste in the mouth, after waking (first day). A sweetish flat taste in the mouth (second day). Bitter taste in the morning (third day). Slimy, bitter taste in the mouth (third day). Slimy, pasty taste in the mouth, with a white coated tongue, in the morning (second day). Loss of relish for the customary smoke (second day).


Rawness of the throat, and a feeling as if the uvula were elongated, with desire to swallow (soon). Rawness of the throat, with paroxysms of hoarseness and mucus in the throat (first day). Scraping on the throat. Slight burning in the throat (soon). Burning at the entrance of the fauces (soon).


Appetite and thirst. Unusual hunger (second day). Unusually good appetite, at noon (third day). Longing for different things, which when eaten, cause nausea (first day). Desire for refreshing thing (third day). He sat down to dinner with hunger and appetite, but was speedily satisfied;after which, all his food nauseated him; even the least food caused great pressure in the stomach. He went to dinner with great hunger, yet he did not have his usual appetite, and food seemed to have an acrid taste, as through the palate and fauces were sore; also, he was so completely satisfied by eating a little that he was somewhat nauseated (third day). Desire to eat, but no appetite;he was averse to food, and was satisfied by few morsels (second day). Appetite greatly diminished (third day). Good appetite, but speedy satiety, with nausea after eating (second day). Loss of appetite (second day),; (third day). Very little desire to smoke, in the evening (first day). Thirst (second day). Eructation and Hiccough. Foul eructation without relief (fourth day). Foul eructation, tasting of sulfuretted hydrogen (first day (first day). Numerous eructations, at times spasmodic, with a loud sound. Eructations tasting like the juice of Thuja, although he had taken none (first day). Frequently repeated eructations of air, soon. Frequent eructation of air, followed by hiccough (first day). Spasmodic hiccough like eructations (soon). Nausea. Nausea (first day),; (second day). Nausea after eating (second day). The thought of food causes nausea, in the evening (first day). Nausea, with accumulation of water in the mouth (second day). Nausea and slight inclination to vomit (third day). Nausea, weariness, and prostration in the limbs, all day (second day). Nausea immediately after eating, through she ate little with good appetite (first day). Nausea, with dizziness of the head, as if it would sink down. Some nausea. Stomach. Swelling of the epigastric region, which was very sensitive to touch (second day). Feeling of swelling and soreness extending from the stomach to the throat; on swallowing, the food seemed to remain sticking in the throat, on coughing, the parts were sensitive; afterwards, the pain extended transversely from the stomach to the back;the sensation of soreness was especially noticed on coughing and sneezing (first day). Painful distension of the epigastric (third day). Spasmodic gnawing pain in the stomach, like hunger, with much yawning, before breakfast; after eating there was relief, but the pain returned and lasted the whole forenoon (second day). The stomach feels overloaded after a light dinner, with nausea, increasing the effort to vomit, lasting several days. Distress in the stomach, as if overloaded. Great faintness at the stomach (first day). A very faint like pain in the stomach (second day). Violent pain in the stomach, in the morning, fasting. Pain in the stomach, with slight nausea, which compelled her to eat, after which she felt better (first day). Pain in the stomach, with slight accumulation of which much saliva in the mouth. Violent cramp in the stomach, after eating salad (second day). Cramp in the stomach, in the morning, on walking (third day). Cramp like pain in the stomach a few hours after dinner (second day). Pressure in the pit of the stomach (first day). Severe pressure in the stomach (fourth day). A sudden, only gradually disappearing, stitch in the pit of the stomach. A sticking pinching in the stomach and the right hypochondrium, only when walking (after an hour). Violent burning in the stomach (first day).


Umbilicus and Sides. Tearing about the umbilicus, as after eating green fruit, or as after taking cold (second day). Cutting pain about the umbilicus, at 7 P.M. (second day). Pressive pain about the navel, on stopping (first day). Burning and griping about the navel, which extends into the small back (first day). Burning about the navel, into the small back and changed to a sticking pain. Burning about the navel while urinating. Pressure outward in the flanks (third day). Cutting pain extending from the flank into the abdomen (fourth day). Stitches in the right flank, aggravated by deep breathing; this pain afterwards extends to the pit of the stomach (first day). Very acute pain in the left flank, aggravated by deep breathing, not effected by coughing (first day). Sticking in the left flank, extending towards the middle of the abdomen (third day). Dull short stitches in both flanks (first day). General Abdomen. Tympanitic distension of the abdomen (fourth day). Tense distension of the abdomen after dinner (third day). Circumscribed distension of the abdomen (first day). Distension of the abdomen (first day). Distension of the abdomen, with painful pressing down towards the anus, as from flatulence (after an hour). Fullness and distension of the upper abdomen, in the afternoon, with tightness of breath on ascending steps (first day). Much movement of flatus in the abdomen (second day). Profuse emission of flatus (first night). Frequent emission of flatus with general relief (first day). Frequent emission of most offensive flatus, preceded by rumbling in the abdomen, with faintness and sensitiveness; during the emission of flatus there escapes a little watery faces (frequently repeated), (first day). Great accumulation of flatus in bowels (second day). Very frequent emission of extremely offensive flatus (fourth day). Emission of flatus, accompanied by moisture in the anus (second day). Emission of a large amount of exceedingly offensive flatus, with escape of thin faeces (second day). Accumulation of gas in the bowels and much noise in the abdomen (second day). Constant movements of the abdomen, as in diarrhoea, with emission of much offensive flatus, at times a somewhat pasty stool (second day). Much rumbling in the bowels, with profuse emission of the flatus. Constant rumbling gurgling in the abdomen, at times a accompanied with slight griping (second day). Fullness and Heaviness in the abdomen, causing an inclination to take a deep breath (first day). Colic, as from a purge, or as after taking cold, followed by pressure upon the rectum as though he should go to stool (second day). Spasmodic labor like drawing pains from the abdomen into the small back, as if the menses would come on (first day). Drawing pain in the abdomen to touch, especially about the navel (first day). Sensitiveness and a bruised pain in the upper abdomen (second day). Pain in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus, with frequent emission of flatus followed by great relief (first day). Dragging and pressure as if the menses would come on (sixth day after menstruation), (first day). Pressing pain in the groins (first day).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.