Hypericum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….

Common name: St. John’s Wort; (G). Johannis-kraut, Hartheu; (F) Mille-pertuis.


Hypericum perforatum, Linn.

Natural order: Hypericaceae.

Preparation: Tincture of the whole plant.


Emotional. Mental excitement, as after drinking tea. She talks wildly in the night, after 4 A.M., while asleep, with distorted, staring eyes, head hot, carotids throbbing violently, face puffy, eyes very red, fixed pupils dilated, pulse very rapid, hair of the head moist, with dry, burning heat over the rest of the body, and great apprehensiveness; once she ceased her talk and sang, but soon afterwards wept and screamed frightfully, and gasped for breath; after a few magnetic passes she came to herself; applying the hand to the head produced a comforting, soothing effect;the whole attack lasted about an hour (second night). Very sad, out of humor (next morning). Great depression of spirits, so that she wished to cry, at 5 P. M. (first day). Great depression, inclined to weep, which she endeavored to suppress, in the evening (fifth day). Apprehensiveness. She was easily frightened for some time after the proving. Intellectual. Mental exhaustion. Weakness of memory, after the proving. Forgetful (second morning). Remarkable weakness of memory for some time after the proving.


Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, morning, on waking (fifth day). Constant vertigo, at 9 A.M. (eleventh day). Excessive vertigo and nausea, on walking in the morning (eleventh day). Dizziness (first day), in morning (second day). General Head. Feeling of weakness of the head, in the evening (first day), and after the proving; throughout the proving. Heaviness in the head; the brains feels compressed (fourth day). Great heaviness in the head, in the afternoon (third day). Feeling of heaviness in the head (first day). Head heavy, confused. Head heavy, confused, full. Head heavy, with general weakness, in the morning. Feeling as though the head were as large again as usual (eighth day). Feeling as though the head were as large again as natural (fifth day). (Waking at night from headache, but falling asleep again), (second night). Violent headache, as from a hammering, especially on the vertex (third morning). Pressing asunder sensation in the head, especially on the vertex, a sensation of dull roaring, at 6 P. M. (first day). The brain seems compressed in the evening (seventh day). Tearing stitches within the head (third morning). A feeling as of something alive or a tickling in the brain, in bed (first night). Forehead. Head heavy, tense between the temples. A feeling in the forehead as through some one touched it with icy cold hands, lasting half an hour, afterwards extending towards the right eye, in the evening (fourth day). Tension in the forehead, as if it were drawn up. Temples. Tension in the temples (first day). Aching in the temples (sixth day). Stitches now in the right, now in the left temporal region, in the evening (second day). Some stitches in the right temporal region (after one four). Violent stitch in the left temporal region, in the evening (fourteenth day). Violent stitch in the left temporal region, almost compelling him to cry out suddenly while walking (eighth day). Transient violent tearing in the right temporal region, with chilliness over the whole body, at 4 P. M. (first day). Throbbing in the right temporal region (third day). Throbbing in the left temporal region (second day). Vertex. Headache in the vertex, with roaring in the ears, especially in the left, in the morning on walking (fifth day). Violent stitches in the crown of the head, at 7 P. M. (third day). Tearing in the vertex, in the evening (seventh day). Throbbing in the vertex, and feeling of heat in the head in the afternoon (fifth day), Parietals. Slight stitches in the right side of the head, on exerting the eyes and head (fourteenth day). Occiput. Pressive pain in the occiput, on motion. Pressive pain, with some drawing stitches in the occiput, in the evening. Tearing in the occiput, in the evening (fifth day). External Head. The hair of the head falls out easily, for some time after proving. Profuse falling out of the hair, for a fortnight, after the proving. Formication on the vertex (second day). Itching on the head (first night).


Weariness in the eye. Feeling as though the eyes were difficult to move, as after weeping. Burning in the canthi. Tension in both eyes (fifth day). Tension in both eyes (third day). Aching sensation in the eyes (second day). Stitches through the right eye (tenth day). Tearing in the right eye in the evening (seventh day). Brow. Drawing stitches above the eyes, especially in the soft parts of the heads. Lids. Eyelids covered with mucus, tense. The right eye is spasmodically closed for about a quarter of an hour, in the evening (fourth day). Smarting of the eyelids. Pupil. Pupils dilated (fifth day), at 6 P. M. (first day). Vision. Sight longer than usual, in a myopia. Sight weaker than usual.


Ears hot, on going to bed, without any heat in the body (fourteenth day). Drawing pain in the left ear towards the zygoma; on touching the zygoma it feels swollen (eighth day). Transient stitches through the right ear, in the evening (fourth day). Itching and pressure in the ear. Roaring in the ears, especially in the left (not an unusual symptom), (fifth day).


Much sneezing in the morning (second day). Nose mostly dry. Nose extremely dry (fifth day). Remarkably acute smell (first day).


Face seems puffy, in the evening (second day). Pains in the face (starting from a hollow tooth), worse at night. Checks. Feeling of tension in the cheeks, lasting several hours (after two hours); from noon till evening (second day). A kind of contraction in the left zygoma (seventh day). Jerking and crawling in the left zygoma, in the morning (sixth day). Dull jerking pain in the cheeks (fourth day). Lips. Lips dry, the mucous membrane dry (after four hours). Feeling of heat in the lips (second day).


Teeth. Tension in the teeth, in forenoon (forth day). Aching in the forenoon (second day). Drawing toothache in the whole lower jaw, lasting a short time after midnight (third night). Tearing here and there in the teeth (second day). Tearing toothache in the right upper and lower jaws, on waking, at A.M. (forth day). Dull jerking pain in the teeth and cheeks, in the afternoon (third day). Tongue. Tongue coated, in the morning. Tongue coated white, (eight day). Tongue whitish gray especially at the base. Tongue coated dirty yellow (eighth day). General Mouth. Mouth dry, (after one hour). Dry burning heat in the mouth, at 5 p. m. (first day). Saliva. Much mucus in the mouth after eating. Taste. Bad taste in the mouth, eructations (fifth day). Taste of blood in the throat following the stool; on hawking expectoration of bright red bloody sputa (third and sixth days). (* For the past two months I had had a little nosebleed a few times, but only after blowing the nose; formerly it had occurred almost daily.*).


Hawking of tenacious mucus. Feeling as though a worm were squirming in the throat (ninth day). Neck swollen (second day); (eight day). Neck puffed up, for a quarter of an hour (after one hour and a half).


Appetite. Great appetite in the morning (second day). Great hunger, at noon (second day) speedy satiety, without pressure in the stomach. Diminished appetite, aversion to eating. Loss of appetite, nausea, and constant pressure as from an overloaded stomach, although he had fasted. No appetite in the evening (first day). No relish for breakfast (second day). Thirst. Thirst (fifth day). Thirst, on wakening from sleep; is unable to drink on account of choking in the throat and heat. Thirst with feeling of heat in the mouth (after seven hours). Great thirst (after one hour). Violent thirst (eighth day). Most violent thirst (third morning). Eructation. Frequent eructations, with pressure on the chest. Eructations of odorless flatulence. Eructations without taste, on drinking water (after two hours). Frequent empty tasteless eructations, without having eaten any thing at 5 p. m., (first day). Bitter eructations (second day). Eructations of mucus, with burning and pressure in the stomach, in the morning. Great heat rising up in the throat, in afternoon (second day) Nausea. Nausea (after two hours) for half an hour (fourth day); (sixth day). Nausea, so that he is scarcely able to rise in the morning, with pressure in the precordial region. Nausea and distress in the stomach, with inclination to vomit, retching, collection of water in the mouth for half an hour, in the evening. Nausea, inclination to vomit, Qualmishness, during dinner, with a feeling as the stomach and bowels were hot and swollen, with sleepiness. Nausea, qualmishness, and aversions to eating (fourth day) Great constant nausea, with incessant eructations of either wind or mucus, in the evening. Retching. Stomach. Heaviness in the stomach, and feeling of heat and eructations after eating. Feeling of heat in the epigastrium and chest. Pressure, nausea, and weakness two hours after eating. Pressure in the stomach, after a small meal. Awakened at night by pressure and burning in the stomach; feels as though the stomach were disordered by sour wine, Some pressure in the stomach, after drinking milk. Oppression of the stomach, after eating a little rice, in the evening (second day). A kind of sticking, now in the epigastric region, now in the right hypochondrium (first day). A griping in the stomach, in the morning with yawning, like a sensation of hunger, though without appetite, on account of nausea.


Hypochondria. Feeling of fullness in the hepatic region. Tension in the right and left hypochondria (eight day). Drawing pain in the hepatic region. Sticking in the right hypochondrium (third day). Umbilical. Cutting in the umbilical region, as if something were cooking therein, in the afternoon (fifth day). General Abdomen. Distension of the abdomen (third day). Distension of the abdomen, which is tympanitic and hard, in the evening, (fifth day). Abdomen hard, with tension in the right hypochondrium (ninth day). Flatulence, with tension in the abdomen. Much flatulence, pressure, and dragging in the abdomen, through the day. Feeling as though flatulence would pass (fourth day). Troubles from flatulence at night. Pain in the abdomen and diarrhoea like stool, in the evening after coffee. Abdomen full and tense, as from flatulence, with gripping and nausea, pain in the abdomen, griping distension, followed by soft stool. Violent griping pains in the bowels, as from flatulence, soon followed by soft stool (sixth day). Cutting and griping in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus (third day). Dragging in the groins.


Burning biting, and a feeling of dryness in the anus, in the morning. Great desire for stool, with discharge of hard masses (second day). Urgent desire for stool, with discharge small faecal masses (third day). Very unusual, severe urging to stool, in bed soon after waking, which could only be restrained with very great difficulty while I dressed; stool normal (third morning) Ineffectual urging to stool (third night). Stools attended with most violent tenesmus (fourth day).


During the proving the stool almost always occurred twice daily, morning and evening, normal and profuse; usually I had but one stool, and was not at all inclined to diarrhoea. Stool freer than usual, in the morning (second day). Stool soft, in the evening (third day). Stool hard (eight day) at 3 p. m. (second day). Stool irregular, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, “very bilious”. Stool Delayed. Difficult stool, with violent tenesmus, so that it caused nausea, in the evening (seventh day).

Urinary organs

Burning in the urethra. Micturition. Urging to urinate in the afternoon (fifth day). Urging to urinate, with vertigo, almost a faintness, at two o’clock at night, when in and when out of bed (eleventh day). Frequent emission of very yellow urine, without burning. Urine profuse clear yellow urine, at night, with burning. Urine. Profuse clear yellow urine, at night with burning. Urine clear, wine yellow. Urine very highly colored, frothy, of a peculiar sweetish odor, in the morning (fifth day). Strong smelling urine (first night).

Sexual organs

Lascivious thoughts, soon (in a man). Tension in the uterine region as form a short band (seventh night). Violent tearing in the genitals, with a desire to urinate, and micturition twice at midnight (seventh night). Leucorrhoea for several days after the proving. Menstruation more profuse and with less difficulty than usual; the second menstruation was three days earlier and more profuse, with cold feet and acute sensibilities. Menstruation fourteen days too late.


Anxiety in the chest, like shortness of breath, in the morning (second day). Burning pains in the chest, especially in the afternoon. Tightness in the chest (fifth day), in evening, (second day). Pressure upon the chest (third day). Pressure and heaviness on the chest. Pressure and burning in the chest, at 5 p. m. (first day). Oppression of the chest, in the evening (fourth day). Transient sticking cutting pain in the right upper half of the chest, on moving about; these cutting pains in the right upper half of the chest, few times in the left lower portion of the chest, in the afternoon of the same day (third day). (200). Sticking in the left chest, in the evening (second day). Sticking in the ribs and shoulders, as after taking cold). Sticking pain in the middle of the chest (internal aching like heartburn). Stitches through the left chest, at 8 p. m. (first day). Constant stitches from with in outward, through the left chest and sternum, aggravated by motion (third day). Some sharp stitches in the chest. Violent stitches through the chest, so that she was obliged to hold the breath, at 5 p. m. (sixth day). Crawling and orgasm in the chest. Stitches alternately in both sides of the chest (ninth day). Violent sticking pain in the left breast, in the evening (second day). Stitches here and there beneath the right breast, in the evening (second day). Pressure on chest at nipples, with a peculiar warm kind of formication (third day). After breakfast, pressure on outer third of left clavicle (seventh day). After breakfast, dull heavy pressure on right side of chest from seventh rib down (fifth day). Single thrill of shooting pain in left pectoral muscles (sixth day). Dull stringing in right pectoral muscles, extending to back around ribs (third day). Sticking pain in left chest, among the tendons of serratus magnus (seventh day). Sticking-burning pain on edge of left pectoral muscle, noon, one minute (fifth day). Creeping feeling in right breast up to the median line (eleventh day).

Heart and Pulse

The heart feels as thought it would fall down, in the evening, (second day). Palpitation of the heart (fifth day). Acceleration of the pulse, at 6 p. m. (first day). Pulse rapid and hard (fifth day). Pulse accelerated after dinner (second day). Pulse 90, after breakfast, before stool, 10 A.M., fell to 80 at noon (seventh day). Pulse 80 (eighth day). Pulse 82, at A.M. (ninth day).

Neck and Back.

Neck and Back. (Tension in the neck and nape of the neck), (first day). Tension in the nape of he neck; motion of the head is painful. Tension in the nape of the neck, with pressure and sticking in the middle of the chest. Back. Twitchings of muscles in the back. Aching in the back (after one hour and a half). Dull drawing and pressure in the back, especially in the lumbar region, more in the afternoon and evening. Sticking and burning pain in the back and loins, with feeling of coldness in the back shoulders, and arms. Dorsal. Stitches in the scapulae (tenth day). Lumbar. Paralytic pain in small of the back (ninth day). Aching in the small of the back (fifth day). Pressive pain in the small of the back (eight day). Pain in the small of the back pressive, paralytic (third day). Some stitches in the small of the back, at noon (fourth day). Awoke with pain in right trapezius muscle, early in morning; it went off after washing (fourth day). Aching of the back of the neck and upper part of shoulders (trapezius), (fifth day). Severe pressive pain on top of right, shoulder blade, afternoon (third day). Pressive pain in left shoulder blade, after dinner (eighth day). Cutting pains between shoulder blade on right side of vertebrae (tenth day). Stinging in back, near edge of right scapula, near spine, morning (sixth day). Cutting pain under left shoulder blade, with pressure in stomach, after dinner (seventh day).


Numbness of the limbs. Feeling of weakness and trembling in all the limbs (sixth day). The right foot and left arm feel paralyzed, alternating with tearing (fifth day). Limbs heavy (first day). Feeling of stiffness in the limbs. Painfulness in all the joints. Rheumatic drawing and tension in the limbs. Bruised feeling in the extremities. Limbs heavy; felt fatigue in walking before dinner (eighth day). All articulations feel bruised (ninth day). Sawing pains in left hand and inner ankle (eleventh day). Tearing of outside of right knee, followed immediately by severe pressure on upper part of shoulder blade (right), (seventh day). Flying pains in right shoulder, and also in left calf (seventh day). Lancing pains in left wrist and ankle, and along inner border of left foot (third night). In bed, this morning, drawing under right malleolus and in right wrist, momentary; also sticking jerking on center of back of foot, with fugitive feeling of fullness in left half of head (eighth day).

Superior Extremities

Trembling and cramp in the left arm and finger (eleventh day). Weakness in the arms (eight day). Tensions in both arms (after one hour and a half) Fine sticking like needles in the arms (second day). Tearing in the left arm, in the morning (seventh day). Tearing in the left arms, in the evening (sixth day). Shoulder. Stitches in the left shoulder with every inspiration, at 2 p. m., (third day). Tearing in the right shoulder and in the forearm. Arm. (Neuralgia, paralytic pains in the left upper arm). Elbow. Transient tearing in the elbows (third day). Wrist. The left wrist is painful on motion as if sprained. Hand. Tension in the hands (second day). Pain as from suppuration on the outer margin of the ball of the left hand, while it lies upon the table. Fingers. Rheumatic pain, swelling and tensions in the last join of the left little finger. Rheumatic sticking pain in the right middle finger, as though a knife were thrust from the joint along the metacarpal bone to the wrist; Afterwards a similar pain in the great toes, but less violent and of shorter duration (sixth day). Tearing in the right thumb in the evening (fifth day). This morning, slight rheumatic drawing aching in point of left shoulder (third day). Slight pains in the shoulder-joints, especially the left one, forenoon (third day). Numbness in left arm awoke her three times; it went off after friction (third night). Pressure on right humerus, at insertion of deltoid (ninth day). Hard pain running down left median nerve, followed by the above pain in front of thigh, in the evening (ninth day). Slight ache in left elbow, passing immediately to right forearm (ninth day). Pain in right elbow very severe (fourth day). Weakness and strained feel in right elbow, trouble some a month back, has returned, and is aggravated by second dose to- day; worse in lifting (second day). Right arm very weak and painful, just behind elbow-joint (second day). Rheumatic pains in right elbow (fifth day). Slightly lancing pains about head of right radius for a few moments (first day). On going to sleep starting in right forearm above wrist (second day). Pressive pains down left forearm, on ulnar side (fifth day). Jerking of tendons in left wrist on going to sleep (sixth day). Pressive lancing pain on the middle metacarpal bone of left hand (back), morning (sixth day). Lancing pains in joints of left hand fingers (first day). Strained pain between index and thumb of left hand, at 1 P. M. (eighth day). Lancing pain in phalanges of middle and little fingers of right hand (fifth day). Cutting pains in the fleshy ends of fingers, of late several times (sixth day).

Inferior Extremities.

Thigh. Crawling and drawing along the course of the sciatic nerve. Knee. Transient cramp in the knee (fourth day). Slight pain in the outer and upper portion of the left knee as from straining the tendons (third day), sticking in the left knee as from straining the tendons Tearing in the right knee (tenth day). Tearing in the right leg and knee (eighth day). Leg. Tingling in the legs and knees as from weariness. (Very acute cramp in the calves, several times at night, first in the right afterwards in the left leg, obliging him to get up and walk about), (fifth day). Foot. Painful tension like a cramp in the soles of the feet. Cramp in the left foot. Painful cramp like drawing as if the feet would become dead, when lying. Feeling as though the left foot were sprained or dislocated, on rising from stool at 3 p. m. (ninth day). Sticking in the bone in the inner side of the right foot, as after a sprain on ascending steps, several times during the day (fourteenth day). Tearing extending from the right calf through the whole foot, at 6 p. m. (first day). Toes. Toes and heels somewhat swollen, with biting (ninth and tenth days). Sticking as with a dull knife in the fourth toe, in the evening (tenth day). Dull Sticking, as Dull sticking as with a knife, in the ball of the great toe (Fourteenth day). Crampy feel in the lower part of gluteal muscles, right hip; immediately on its disappearing, flashing pain on back of left toes, 5 P. M. (ninth day). Drawing in left buttock, under tuber ischii, with same in right wrist, slight (ninth day). At night, after a walk, strained feel in right ham (first day). Pain in inner condyle of right thigh for a moment; morning in bed (eighth day). On walking in the afternoon, felt a bruised pin in left thigh; muscles supplied by anterior crural nerve are stiff and sore; this lasted some days, going and coming (ninth day). Left thigh sore and lame (tenth day). About midday the pain in front of left thigh returned, and came and went frequently (first day). Pressive pain on center of front of left thigh, afternoon (fifth day). Pain in left thigh as before (sixth day). Slight shoot down the great sciatica on back of pelvis, in bed at night (eighth day). Pain in right knee, morning (ninth day). Starting of left leg on going off to sleep (third day). Numbness in legs (twelfth day). Left leg numb, in evening (first day). Left leg numb (second day). Slight numbness in left leg after first dose (second day). Cramp in left leg on going to sleep (fourth day). Severe deductive pains down nerves of right leg, for a few moments, afternoon (fifth day). Flashes of weakening drawing pain all over front of left leg, all the afternoon, either walking or sitting (fifth day). Last night at 12 o’clock, coming home, felt a sudden shoot of pain all over front of left leg, apparently in the periosteum, it recurred two or three times, and several times to-day (fifth day). Single biting on left shin (seventh day). Biting on front of left shin, evening (seventh day). Biting on left shin (ninth day). Tendency to tingling in leg, particularly the left one (fifth day). Pressure on left calf, as of a blunt point, several times (eighth times). Painful drawing in right tibialis anticus (after one hour, second day). Drawing in right calf (first day). Sticking stitching in inside of right calf in walking, momentary, 4 P. M. (eight day). At breakfast felt a pressive drawing in the right tendo Achillis (Sixth day). Left ankle particularly liable to wrench (ninth day). Cramp in left foot on going to sleep (third night). Pressive drawing on inner border of left foot, forenoon (sixth day). Twinges of pain along the external border of left foot, after dinner (third day). Lying in bed, the feet seem disposed to tingle (second day). On falling asleep at night, felt a slight jerk in toes of left foot (fifth day). A gnawing in right toes, succeeded by crosses (ninth day). Frequent biting stinging in toes of right foot (third day). Single biting on a toe of right foot (eight day). In the morning early, stinging biting in back of toes, on right foot, in attacks of a few moments (second day). Slight lancination, in fold of skin, internal to great toe- nail of right foot, for a quarter of an hour (after dose, fourth day).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.