Chromium Oxidatum

Chromium Oxidatum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


Chromium sesquioxide (Chromic oxide); Cr2. O3. Preparation: Triturations.


Dull confusion in head, in forenoon. Shooting pains in the left temple.


Feeling of dryness and uneasiness in right eye and right nostril. Brow. Pain, dull, pressive, over right eye. Lid. Smarting in the eyelids, in the evening. Smarting and heaviness in the eyelids, in the evening. Ball. Sort of sudden jerk of both eyeballs for a second. Cutting pain across left eyeball, with flow of tears, in morning, in bed. Several sharp cutting pains across the left eyeball, at night, in bed.


Sudden jerking pains in left ear.


Fetid, musty smell in the posterior nares, after breakfast and dinner, chiefly perceived in expiration.


Quivering of lower lip.


Tongue. Pricking in the tongue. Almost daily, pricking in the tongue at various times. Taste. Bad taste in morning.

Metallic taste in mouth before dinner.


Appetite. Unusual hunger in middle of day. Nausea. Sudden inclination to vomit in morning, while dressing, with flow of water in mouth and dull pressure in stomach. Stomach. Pinching pain in epigastrium. Frequent aching and shooting pains at the epigastrium.


Objective. Flatulence. Flatulence and rumbling in abdomen. Frequent passing of flatus for several days. Subjective. Violent disagreeable pain, like flatulence, in the right side from lumbar region round to caecum, in the evening, brought on by any movement of the trunk or by deep inspiration, not felt in sitting or lying still; next morning, in bed, the same pain still felt very troublesome, rather better on getting up; next day but one it seems to arise in a spot which is tender to pressure, about an inch to the right of the middle lumbar spine.

Rectum and Anus.

Fullness about rectum, and difficult evacuation of a soft scanty stool. Fullness and slight shooting pains about the anus in morning and forenoon. Sudden and pressing desire to stool, with scanty, thin, lumpy evacuations, after tea.


Deep-seated pain in the back of the left side of chest and in the corresponding place in front, with a feeling on deep inspiration as if the root of the lung could not expand and was painful. A severe boring pain, in the night, in left side of chest, below axilla, about the fourth rib, not increased by motion or respiration, going off on turning to the right side A sort of clucking, painful sensation on deep inspiration, when lying on the heart.

Heart and Pulse.

Pain in region of heart, in evening, in bed, a fine, drawing, nervous pain, at times reaching through the chest to the shoulder and neck. Fixed pressive pain at apex of heart.

Neck and Back.

Neck. Two successive mornings, heavy muscular pains in neck and shoulders and various parts of the trunk; soon went off, and only slightly felt in the back during the day. Back. Pains in the back. Dorsal. Pains in left scapula. Dull pain at inner angle of left scapula, in the evening. Drawing pains in left scapula occasionally throughout the day, but most in morning. Superficial burning pains about the middle dorsal spines. Lumbar. Lumbar pain most felt in morning in bed.

Superior Extremities.

Rheumatic pains about the right shoulder and various parts of the back. Transitory undefined pains in the elbows, in the morning. Frequent dull deep-seated pains in the hands and fingers.

Inferior Extremities.

Dull, bruised, fatigued feeling in the legs for several days, especially above the knees, with some pain on firm pressure. Thigh. A severe quivering-boring deep-seated pain in the inner side of the thighs, chiefly the left, in bed. Knee. Pains in the knee. Foot. Sharp drawing pain in the bones and ligaments of the right foot. Occasional indistinct pains, like a strain, about the feet and ankles. Shooting drawing pains about the balls of the feet. Itching and drawing pains in the balls of the feet, at the roots of the toes, painful on treading on the ground. Toes. Burning and itching in the toes, like chilblains (to which he is not subject).

General Symptoms.

Transitory pain in various parts. Awoke early, with pains suddenly shifting to various parts of the trunk; dull pain at one time at the inferior edges of the scapulae, then pressive in the right hypochondrium, at the edge of the false ribs, then in the region of the bladder. Uneasiness, stiffness, and full pain in the muscles in the morning, chiefly in shoulder-blades and back of neck, also between shoulders and in hips, coming occasionally during the day till evening.


Pricking in the skin in various parts in the evening.

Pricking-itching in various parts. Itching and smarting round the eyes, especially the inner canthi. Itching and irritation of skin around eyes and cheek-bones in evening. Itching in armpits at night. Itching in palm of right hand in morning. Itching in feet, toes, and various parts in the evening.

Sleep and Dreams.

Had a dream, in morning, with pain under apex of heart, and awoke with that pain. Vivid dreams.


Cold feeling in a small spot in the meatus of the left ear.

Conditions.– Aggravation.

(Morning), Symptoms generally; in bed, pain across eyeball, etc.; bad taste; while dressing, inclination to vomit, etc.; pain in neck, etc.; pain in scapula; in bed, lumbar pains; pains in elbows; early, shifting pain; uneasiness, etc.; itching in palm.

(Forenoon), Confusion in head.

(Evening), Smarting, etc. in eyelids; pain in side; in bed, pain in region of heart; pain at angle of scapula; pricking in skin; itching, etc., around eyes; itching in feet, etc.

(Night), In bed, pains across eyeball; pain in side; itching in arm.

(In bed), Feeling in legs.

(After breakfast and dinner), Chiefly perceived in expiration, smell in posterior nares.

(Before dinner), Taste in mouth.

(On deep inspiration), When lying on heart, clucking sensation. 881.


(Getting up), Pain in side.

(On turning to right side), Pain in left side goes off.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.