Castor Equi

Castor Equi homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


“The rudimentary thumb-nail of the horse”. The small, flat, oblong, oval, rough, dark, horny substance found on the inner side of the leg above the fetlock; called by Paracelsus Verrucoe equorum genuum. Preparation: Triturations.


Unusual laughing about not laughable things.


Vertigo, headache, nausea, in the morning. Pressure from within outward, especially in the temples, near the ears, worse on the left side (from triturating). Pressure in the forehead.

Headache in the left temple. Pressive pain in both temples from within outward, as if the head would be forced asunder (while triturating). Pressing sensation in both temples, in the morning immediately after taking it, which lasted for half an hour.

Pressive pain in the temples, disappearing after waking from sleep. In the forenoon, while lying and reading, he fell asleep, but was awakened by a sensation as if the occiput had gone to sleep, such as he had six years previously; a few hours after taking. Pressure deep in the occiput, as if one pressed something hard against it; in the forenoon. Crawling in the hairs, as if something were crawling in them. The scalp goes to sleep from the neck up to the vertex, with a sensation as if the posterior half of the head were lying in ice; during the midday sleep, after triturating.


Frequent twitching in the right lid. Itching in the canthi.


Troublesome dry sensation in the left ear, which compelled him to scratch, somewhat also in the right ear; afterwards a twitching pain within the left ear.


Continued fluent coryza, with constant sensation of hunger, even after eating. Pressive pain in the nasal bones.


Transient burning-sticking pains in the face, and also in the body, now here, now there. Sensation as of cramp in the cheeks (3rd day). Prickling and heat on both cheeks. Dry lips, with thirst, in the evening (3rd day).


Pain in a hollow tooth of the left side, which obliges him to have it filled. Shooting pain in the hollow teeth of the left side. Slight painful sensation in the right molar teeth.

Burning pain in the forepart of the tongue. Great accumulation of saliva, especially immediately after eating.


Great sensation of hunger, even after eating (with coryza).

Two weeks after the proving, the desire for smoking returns, which he had completely lost eight years before, after whooping- cough; this lasted only one month, and then disappeared suddenly.

Frequent empty eructations. Frequent empty eructations, at 10 A.M.


Soon after the pain in the teeth loud rumblings and noises in the abdomen appear (in the forenoon). Slight pain in the right inguinal region, after taking. Stitch like pain in the left inguinal region.


Urgent stool, preceded by colic and passage of offensive flatus. Stool omits second and third day; then, the next morning, he is awakened from sleep by colic, with desire for stool, followed by a very urgent, thin, watery, somewhat burning passage; after this no stool for 2 days, then again diarrhoea followed, with severe pressure and colic.

Respiratory Organs.

A troublesome morbid sensation in the larynx, while triturating.


The areola becomes red as in erysipelas, as also do the nipples, with much pain in the left breast (after Hepar immediately relieved, and the nipples, which have been sore for a week, heal); in a woman. (Stitching pain in the chest.

Cracked, sore nipple in a nursing woman), and others. Violent internal twitchings in the breasts, mostly in the right, by paroxysms, in the evening “raving;” relieved by rubbing and scratching it, which makes the skin raw; the areola is for a long distance red, and the nipples pain, and are dryer than usual; the itching extends backwards to the shoulder (in a woman, after the third dose, from the third trituration).

Swelling of the mammary glands (male), especially of the right; they are painful, especially to touch, the left particularly. The swollen mammary glands (male) are very painful on stepping down stairs; it seems as though they would fall down; he is obliged to press them with the hand in order to relieve this troublesome sensation. Burning pain the chest. Burning pain in the middle of the chest. *Stitching pain in the chest.

Heart and Pulse.

A peculiar sensation in the heart, like the struggling of something living, with anxiety and movings about, and fermentation in the upper and lower abdomen; in the forenoon.

Extremities in General.

Arms and legs feel bruised. Pain in the right tibia and left forearm, seldom, but returning after several days, and often very severe. Pain in the elbow and right knee, afterwards very severe in right tibia; in the evening. Dull pain in the ankle and wrist.

Superior Extremities.

Pain in the whole right arm. Pain in the right arm wakes him from sleep with cries; the arm feels as if it were asleep, thicker and heavier; relieved after rubbing, after which he continues to sleep till morning, when everything disappears; only after he has been asked by others why he cried out he recollects all about it. Drawing pain in the right arm, and in the chest.

Frequent shifting, stitch like pains go from one arm to the other, or even into the face. Pain in the middle of the left forearm, in the evening. After the right wrist had been painful, the left one was affected, together with the 5th finger of the right hand. The right wrist pains as if sprained, and on hanging down the arm it streams into the 4th and 5th fingers, for one day. Twitching, frequently returning, pains above the left wrist. Drawing pains from within outwards in the ball of the left hand, which extends to the tips of the fingers. The finger-nails break off on the slightest provocation.

Inferior Extremities.

Frequent, isolated, fine stitches in the lower limbs; continued burning pain in the right limb. Pain in the knees, especially when sitting. Continued pain in the hollow of the right knee when the knee was bent, especially on stooping, also when sitting down, but most severe when standing after sitting.

Burning pain in the side of the left knee. Repeated pain in the right tibia. Tension in the left calf. Pain in both heels.

Pain in the left great toe, as if frozen. Toe-nails very brittle. Some of the toe-nails come out without cause and without pain; new ones are already formed beneath them.


Small painless pustules behind the left ear, forming a circle of the size of half a dollar. Severe small boils on both lower legs (caused by two grains of the third trituration, in a psoric unimpressible subject).

Sleep and Dreams.

Sleepy early in the evening (3rd day). Uneasy sleep with many dreams, with going to sleep of the right arm. In his sleep he stretched his hands above his head and cracked his fingers, which awoke his bedfellow, who aroused him. Dreams in winter of fresh fruits hanging from the trees. Dreams in the night that his mother, living in Germany, was sick, without having thought of her the previous day.

Conditions.– Aggravation.

(Morning), Vertigo, etc.

(Forenoon), Pressure in occiput; sensation in heart.

(Evening), Dry lips, etc.; pain in elbow, etc.; pain in forearm.

(After eating), Accumulation of saliva.

(Sitting down), Pain in knees.

(Standing after sitting), Pain in hollow of knee.

(Sleeping down stairs), Pain in mammary glands.

(Stooping), Pain in hollow of knee.


(Rubbing), Pain in right arm.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.