Arum Triphyllum

Arum Triphyllum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….

  Common names: Indian turnip, Jack in the-pulpit.


Arisaema triphyllum, Torr. (Arum triphyllum, Linn).

Natural order: Araceae.

Preparation: Tincture from the root.


Low spirits, lassitude; sleep at night restless, with heaviness of the head (ten hours).

Irritable disposition (fifth day).



Giddiness (first day).

Giddiness (third day).

Dizziness and fullness of the head with absence of mind.

Head dull and heavy (second day).

Dull, heavy feeling in the head (four hours).

Head dull, full, without pain (fourth day).

Heavy, dull feeling in the head (sixth day).

Head heavy and dull, in the morning (fourth day).

Headache (ninth day).

Violent headache (eighth day).

Sensation as if the head and breast were obstructed and full of mucus, but without expectoration (ninth day).

Pressing headache, worse after drinking hot coffee (fifth day).

Dull headache (first day).

Dull headache (eighth day).

Dull headache in the upper part of the head; the part feels sometimes cold, as if the cranium were open, without covering (fifth day).

Dull, pressing headache, better after dinner (second day).

Headache better after breakfast (fifth day).

Head better after dinner (first and third day).

Head worse at night (first day).

Heaviness and dulness in the front part of the head in the morning (third day).

Headache in the front part of the right side of the head (first day).

Pressing pain in the right side of the forehead (one and a half hours).

Terrible pressing pain on both sides of the front part of the head, and heaviness of the eyelids (second day).

Tearing pain on the right side of the forehead, in the right temple and ear (third day).

In the evening, shooting headache over the left eye, suddenly repeated, lasting only a few minutes at the time (second day).

Pain in the temples, head.

Darting pain in the left temple (first day).

Shooting pain in the left temple and over the left eye, lasting about minutes (four hours).

At 10 P.M., stitches in the left temple (fourth day).

Stitches in the right temple, and down toward the submaxillary bone (four hours).

Painful boring headache on the right side, in the morning, when getting awake (first day).

Shooting pain in the occiput, when turning the eyes upwards, in the morning (third day).

Pain and soreness of the scalp to the touch, on the crown of the head.


Eyes cloudy (fourth day).

Eyes feel as after shedding many tears (fourth day).

Eyes heavy (fifth day).

Eyes very heavy (second day).

Eyes always sleepy (sixth day).

The same pain in the right eye (second hour).

Smarting of the eyes.

Stitches over the left eye, but soon disappearing (third hour).

( Quivering of the upper eyelids).

In the evening, tension in the lower eyelids, as if swollen (fourth day).

From morning till evening, much water in the eyes, especially in the outer corners, with swelling of the margins of the eyelids (second day).

Dimness of sight, as if a veil were drawn before the eyes, without pain or giddiness; spectacles do not assist the vision.

Obscuration of sight (third day).


Burning of the right ear (four hours).

Tearing pain in the left ear (sixth day).


Nose obstructed, compelled to breathe through the mouth (eighth day).

Obstruction of the nose in the morning (third day).

The left side of the nose obstructed (first day).

Sneezing (first day).

Much sneezing (tenth day).

Frequent sneezing (first day).

Sneezing and sleepy, 11 A.M. (second day).

Much sneezing at night, and constriction of the throat (third day).

Sneezing, and much watery discharge from the nose 4 P.M.

(second day).

Much sneezing, with sensation as if he had taken cold, with repeated chills over the whole body, beginning at the vertex, in the afternoon (third day).

Nose watery (second, fourth, and fifth days).

Nose moist, but obstructed, in the afternoon (third day).

Watery discharges from the nose (first day).

Much watery discharge from the nose (first day).

Watery discharge from the nose, but at the same time obstructed, especially in the morning (ninth day).

Watery discharge from the nose, but the nose obstructed (fourth day).

Profuse watery discharges from the nose, right side obstructed (first day).

In the morning, discharge from the nose, with streaks of blood and hardened pieces; during the day, mucus, yellow, thick (fourth day).

Much discharge of mucus from the nose, tough, yellowish, with sensation of approaching swelling in the soft palate, and pressure (second day).

Nose dry (second day).

Coryza (third day).

Coryza (fifth day).

Fluent coryza (first day).

Profuse fluent coryza (tenth day).

Nostrils sore (second day.

Nostrils sore; the left discharges continually (tenth day).

Nose, lips, and face feel chapped, as if he walked in cold wind (fifth day).


Heat in the face (ninth day).

Great heat in the face and head, afternoons, with fluent coryza (eighth day).

Lips thick, burning, swollen (second day).

Lips chapped, mouth dry (eighth day).

Lips better, but dry (third day).

Lips, as if scalded with hot soup or coffee, in the morning (third day).

Picks lips till they bleed; corners of mouth sore and cracked, (Lippe).


Towards evening, toothache in the left side of the lower jaw, in decayed teeth (eighth day).

Tearing toothache on the left side, but disappearing in about ten minutes (first day).

Cracked tongue, painful, burning (fifth day).

Pain on the left margin of the tongue.

Smarting of the upper surface of the anterior part of the tongue, without tasting the food, merely from the odor.

Raw feeling at the root of the tongue, and at the palate.

Mouth dry (tenth day).

Mouth very dry (first day).

Mouth lips, and soft palate, sore and burning, in the morning (fourth day).

Soreness of the palate, painful when eating or drinking (fifth day).

Mouth watery (fourth hour and third day).

Mouth very watery (first day).

Scanty but constant discharge of tough mucus from the mouth, with burning in the throat (first day).


Internal swelling of the throat on the right side, better on the left (second day).

Considerable swelling of the submaxillary glands, left side (first day).

Tenacious mucus in the throat (eighth day).

Much mucus in the throat (seventh day).

Much mucus in the throat, with tickling compelling to cough (fourth day).

Pain in the throat, worse at night; also when coughing (fourth day).

Pain in the joint of the left inferior maxilla, as if sprained, when swallowing (second day).

Burning pain in the throat, all day (second day).

Burning in the throat, in the morning, while in bed, better after rising (fourth day).

Burning in the throat, and in the root of the tongue (four hours).

Burning and dryness in the throat, before midnight; after midnight and toward morning, much mucus in the throat, which goes deeper and deeper down by swallowing, and is perceived no more in the morning, after rising.

Considerable internal swelling of the throat, in the region of the larynx, especially on the right side (first day).

Constriction in the throat (first and fifth days).

The throat feels very tight (fourth day).

Throat very sore, 4 P.M. (ninth day).

Throat very sore; much coughing, 5 A.M. (sixth day).

Throat sore again, burning (second day).

Throat sore, burning at times, then better (first day).

Scratching in the throat; better after drinking hot coffee (fourth day).

Constant scratching and burning in the throat, with desire to swallow (third day).

Stitches in the left side of the throat (two hours).

Throat better during the morning until after dinner (fifth day).

Throat somewhat better, after breakfast (sixth day).

Sensation of swelling in the soft palate, when swallowing, in the morning (third day).

Constant desire to swallow (second day).

Much desire to swallow, with stitching in the throat, which is painful to pressure (first day).

Deglutition difficult (fifth day).

Difficult deglutition, without pain, in the morning (third day).


No appetite (third day).

Thirst to drink a little at a time (eighth day).


Pain in the region of the liver, first in front, then in the back (fifth day).

Rolling in the abdomen, with frequent painful urging to stool, in the morning (fourth day).

Slight cutting pain in the abdomen (third day).

Stool and Anus.

Burning at the anus (third day).

Urgent desire to go to stool, compelling to rise from the bed; stool watery, dark brown (third day).

Diarrhoea till noon, like mustard (fourth day).

Four diarrhoeic discharges from the bowels, each succeeding discharge more watery (from 3 to 8 A.M)., (third day).

Watery diarrhoea (second day).

Watery, brown diarrhoea, with eructation of food (third day).

Stool soft (ninth day).

Stool soft, painless (second day).

Soft stool toward evening, with much tenesmus (seventh day).

Soft stool, with tenesmus (fifth day).

Soft, thin, yellow stool in the morning (third day).

Urinary Organs.

Much urination (fifth day).

Discharge of much pale urine (first day).

Frequent discharges of pale urine (second day).

Urine yellow till noon, in the afternoon quite clear (fifth day).

Sexual Organs.

From noon till evening, repeatedly sudden tearing pain in the right testicle, sometimes distending in the abdomen, but quickly disappearing (third day).

Cutting pain in the region of the left ovary, lasting about an hour (first day).

The same cutting pain in the region of the left ovary, but lasting not so long (second day).

Appearance of the menses at the usual time (always too soon) but darker (first day).

Respiratory Apparatus.

Internal swelling of the trachea, first on the right side, afterwards on the left; when pressing against it, painful soreness of the left parotid gland (fifth day.

Voice hoarse (tenth day).

Much cough (fifth day).

Frequent coughing (seventh day).

Frequent coughing, after getting awake, 6 A.M. (eighth day).

Spasmodic cough (sixth day).

Much coughing, burning in the throat and lungs, 10 P.M.

(eighth day).

Expectoration of much mucus (sixth day).


Burning in the lungs, extending to the pit of the stomach (ninth day).

Burning pain in the lungs, when coughing (seventh day).

Sensation of fullness in the thorax; soreness in the left lung and left upper arm, and pressing pain in the forehead (second day).

Stitches in the right lung, and under the right shoulder- blade (ninth day).

The lungs feel sore (tenth day).

Neck and Back.

Neck stiff (ninth day).

Stiffness of the neck (fifth day).

Stiffness of the neck, and intolerable pressing headache (first day).

Pain in the region of the atlas and dentoid vertebra, and extending to the right side.

Extremities in General.

Heaviness in all the limbs, especially in the lower extremities (eighth day).

Upper Extremities.

The same pain in the right shoulder and between the shoulder- blades (two and a half hours).

Both hands swollen and stiff, better about 6 A.M. (first day).

Lower Extremities.

Pain over the hips (eighth day).

Pain in the right hip under the trochanter.

In the morning, when getting awake, cramps in the right leg (second day).

Cramps in the right leg, after getting awake (third day).

Pain in the middle of the left tibia, where there has been a discolored spot on the skin some years.

Stinging prickling in the soles of the feet.

Tickling itching in the centre of the sole of the right foot.

Sleep and Dreams.

Much yawning, in the afternoon (third day).

Much yawning, stretching, and sleepiness, particularly in the afternoon (eighth day).

Much yawning, and cold running over the body, at the same hour as the day before (fourth day).

Very sleepy, yawning, sneezing, headache worse, eyes heavy, 11 A.

M. (first day).

Very sleepy, so that the fell asleep sitting in a chair, soon after supper (eighth day).

Evening drowsiness.


Cold running over the body, at night (first day).

Flushes of heat, at night (sixth day).

Flushes of heat, with burning face, from 4 to 9 P.M. (fifth day).

Conditions.- Aggravation.

(Morning), Head heavy, etc.; heaviness, etc.; in front part of head; when getting awake, boring headache on right side; when turning eyes upwards, pain in occiput; obstruction of nose; watery discharge from nose, etc.; discharge from nose, etc.; lips as if scalded; mouth, etc., sore, etc.; while in bed, burning in throat; when swallowing, sensation of swelling in soft palate; difficult deglutition; rolling in abdomen, etc.; stool soft, etc.; when getting awake, cramps in right leg; after getting awake, cramps in right leg. (Afternoon), Water in the eyes; much sneezing, etc.; nose moist, but obstructed; tearing pain in testicle; much yawning; much yawning, etc. (Towards evening), Toothache; soft stool. (Evening), Shooting headache, etc.; tension in lower eyelid; drowsiness. (Night), Head worse; much sneezing, etc.; pain in throat; cold running over body; flushes of heat.

(Before midnight), Burning, etc., in throat.

(After midnight and toward morning), Much mucus in throat.

(3 to 8 A.M)., Four diarrhoeic discharges.

(5 A.M)., Sore throat.

(6 A.M)., After getting awake, frequent coughing.

(11 A.M)., Very sleepy, etc. (4 P.M)., Much sneezing; watery discharge from nose; throat sore.

(4 to 9 P.M)., Flushes of heat, etc. (10 P.M)., Much coughing; stitches in left temple.

(Hot coffee), Pressing headache.

(coughing), Pain in throat; burning in the lungs.

(Drinking), Soreness of the palate.

(Eating), Soreness of the palate.

(Pressure), Soreness of parotid gland.

(Swallowing), Pain in joint of left inferior maxilla.


(Morning), Until after dinner, throat better.

(About 6 A.M)., Hands swollen, etc. (After breakfast), Headache; throat better.

(Hot coffee), Scratching in throat.

(After dinner), Dull, etc., headache; head better.

(After rising), Burning in throat.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.