Apis homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


Apium virus.

Poison of the honey-bee.

Preparation: Tincture of the working bees (made by putting them alive into alcohol), or of the poison sac, carefully extracted.


Excitement, with heat at night.

Laughs at every misfortune.

In the daytime, he danced with excessive joyousness; performed all his antics singing and dancing; was affability itself; and utterly unable to walk slowly.

He laughed at the greatest misfortune, as he would at a comedy.

She feels like crying about everything.

Sad thoughts, with longing for death (third day), forenoon.

Dejection, with great prostration.

Anxiousness, with tension on the vertex.

Great anxiety and excitement; must lie down; wants to get up and go again, just before death.

General anxiety and distress.

Great anxiety in the head and swelling of the face.

Anxiety, excitement, and fear increase until death.

Dread of death, or sensation as if he should not able to breathe again.

Premonition of death arose after a few minutes; “he believes he is going”.

Feels that he must succumb, after a few minutes, and dies ten minutes after being stung.

She thought she must die, she felt so strangely.

He says, after a few minutes, ” I am a dead man”.

Is himself conscious of an extremely disagreeable, violent, and sensitive mood; would have liked to kill a dog that barked at him, etc.; everything went wrong; nothing could be done to please him.

Became more angry that ever before; (in a female scold).

Irritable mood (fifth and sixth days); nothing appeared to satisfy him; everything out of place (eighth day), (2D dil)..

Mental restlessness, during uterine hemorrhage. Confusion of mind, (A. R. M).. confusion when attempting to read a study, (A.

R. M)..

It seems to her as if she did not know what to do, as if she had no volition of her own, her head feels so stupid.

Stupid, sleepy, and headache.

Unfit for mental exertion.

Inability to think clearly, or express himself, (A. R. M)..

Inability to concentrate the mind, (A. R. M)..

Mind bewildered, (A. R. M)..

Head stupid.

Torturing sensation in the head, during which he becomes wholly incapable of mental labor.

Inclination to change his occupation; will not keep steadily at anything, with dulness of the head (second day).

She was partially conscious, and continually moaning, (J. P.


Was unconscious of what passed about him.

Complete loss of consciousness. (A. R. M)..

Perfect insensibility, with vomiting, desire for rest and sleep, slow beat of the heart, and scarcely perceptible radial pulse (Wasp).

Sank into a state of insensibility in fifteen minutes (five minutes before death).


Dulness of the head, with restless condition.

Gloominess of the head and some confusion.

Head confused and gloomy (first day), (2D dil)..

Confusion of the head with the pains.

Head dull and confused.

Head is dull and slightly confused.

Head feels big, confused, (A. R. M)..

Confusion of the head, with pain in the forehead. (2D dil)..

Pain in sinciput, and confusion of the head.

Head confused and dizzy, with constant pressive pain above and around the eyes, that is somewhat relieved by pressure of the hands.


Confused vertigo, very violent at times; worse when sitting than when walking; extreme when lying down and closing the eyes.

(During several days, and after several strong doses).

Attacks of vertigo and nausea (fifth day, and lasting into the second week).

Vertigo, with headache (evenings, after sleeping).

Vertigo, with blindness, (A. R. M)..

Headache, with vertigo.

Vertigo, and pressure in the forehead, after sneezing.

Vertigo, when pressing the head. Vertigo.

After sleeping on the sofa, evenings (second day).

Dizziness in the head, during the whole second day.

Whirling in the head, with weakness.

She grows dizzy and faint, while standing.

Headache and chilliness, from 8 to 10 in the evening, with some toothache; pain in the forehead, first left side, then right, thus alternating; afterwards, in the vertex, right side, where it is also sensitive to the touch; then in the temples, and, at last, again in the forehead, right side (second day); morning of the third day, pain again in forehead, left side.

Her whole brain feels as if tired, gone to sleep and crawling; she feels it at the same time in both arm, especially the left, and from the left knee down to the foot.

During toothache, she feels it in her head, when biting her teeth together.

Headache, worse when reading, increased in a warm room.

Pain spreading from the gums into the head.

With cough, in single shocks, all the evening (first day).

With suppressed menstruation.

Burning, piercing in the head.

Burning and throbbing in the head, increased by motion and stooping, relieved for awhile by pressing the head firmly with the hands; with occasional perspiration (for some hours).

Very violent headache, and sensation of a great pressure, as of congestion to the head, with throbbing and painful burning in the temples, redness and smarting of the eyes.

Bursting, expansive pain in the head, attended by vertigo and confusion of the mind. (A. R. M)..

Inflammatory swelling, and twitching so violent that an apoplectic attack was feared.

The head seems as if too large, swelled to the size of a bushel-basket, causing him to look into the glass, involuntarily.

Swelling of the head.

Head feels too large.

She feels as if her head were too large; with sore throat.

Fullness and pressure in the head and stomach.

Head as if too full; it seems as if there were too much blood in it; heaviness, pressure, and sometimes a sudden rush of blood to the head, during which warm, close rooms are perfectly intolerable.

Great rush of blood to the head.

Dulness, and the head feels compressed.

Head pains, as if pressed together.

Throbbing in the head, worse when moving and stooping, relieved for awhile by pressing the head between the hands.

Dull pain over the whole head, relieved by pressure.

Dull heavy headache, on rising, lasting till 3 in the afternoon (second day).

Dull pressure in the head, when rising from a reclining position, or from sitting.

Heaviness and pressure in the head, one hour after taking one drop, lasted three and four days.

Oppressive headache, when in a warm room, and reading.

Oppression of the head.

Frontal headache. (Piercing).

Violent headache, mostly confined to the forehead, with fever (second day).

Headache in the forehead, left side, with single stitches under the left ear, lachrymation of the left eye, chilliness, yawning, and some pain in the umbilical region (evening of eighth day).

Particularly disagreeable pain in the forehead with dulness and confusion (first day), (2D dil)..

Sensation of dulness across the forehead, just over the eyes (third day).

Pressing pain in forehead, with vertigo, after sneezing (at once).

Pressive pain in the sinciput, with vertigo, immediately.

Heat in the forehead, during headache.

Prickling in the forehead (6th dil)..

In glabella, tensive drawing of the skin up toward the forehead.

Dull confusion in both sides of the forehead, exactly from the supraorbital ridge to the frontal protuberances, fifteen minutes after taking, lasting about two hours, and ceasing after breakfast.

Headache in the left side of the forehead, with lachrymation.

Pain in the organs of causality, comparison, and ideality.

Dull, heavy pain in the forehead and sides of the head (temples?) that is relieved by pressure with the hands (St)..

Dull pressive headache in the upper part of the forehead, as if it would burst, extends to the temples.

Violent, pressive pain for several days, in forehead and temples.

Headache, in single jerks, from the temples to the middle of the forehead; therewith, exterior head sensitive to the touch; increases at 10 in the forenoon; the eyes burn; the nose itches; (second day), the same; likewise, the sixth to the tenth day.

Stitches in the forehead and temples.

Pain in both temples; the whole head heavy, sleepy, and stupid (after one hour).

Burning in the temples.


Violent aching pains through the temples and organs of causality, comparison, mirthfulness, and ideality.

Throbbing and painful burning in the temples.

Throbbing, painful sensation in the temples. Boring pains in the temples, every morning, on waking (for three mornings).

Boring pains in the temples, continued for several days, at intervals, lasting only a few minutes at a time; beginning the third day (after taking three drops of the 3D dil., every morning).

Dull, pressive pain in the right temple, on waking in the morning, soon changing to the left.

Slight aching in the left temple.

Violent, sharp pain in the left temple.

Stitch in the left temple (evening of sixteenth day).

Pain in the vertex, evenings.

Violent pressure in the top of the head, left side, deep inward, when drawing on boots (after an hour); afternoon, a pain in a little spot, inwardly, in the left front corner of the head, above the extreme end of the left eyebrow; lasts all day; worse when coughing (after several days).

Weight and fullness in the upper part of the head.

Heaviness and fullness in the vertex.

Tension in the scalp, on the vertex, as if everything were violently drawn apart there; not painful, but with great anxiety.

Sensitiveness to touch; on the vertex and forehead.

Tensive, drawing pain over the left side of the head.

Headache, with fullness and heaviness in the occiput.

Violent, dull, heavy pain in the right parietal protuberance, as if the surface of the bone were being pressed in; not relieved by pressure (soon).

Dull ache in the occiput.

Aching in the occiput, increased by shaking the head.

Pressure in the occiput, very soon.

Tension from the back of the neck.

Violent drawing from the back of the neck, extending behind the left ear; spreading over the left half of the head.

Falling out of the hair, all through the proving.

Itching on the head.

Itching of the scalp (afternoon of third day).


Swelled about the eyes.

Swelling that entirely closes the eyes.

Redness of the eyes.

Eyes red and itching.

Redness of the eyes, with headache.

Tremulous twitching in the left eye, for several days, more at night.

Pain round about the eyes.

Pain in the eyes.

Eyes burn.

Burning in the left eye.

Burning stinging in the right eye, beginning with a dull heaviness, and causing flow of water (repeated twice).

Burning stinging and sensation of swelling around the left eye and in the superciliary ridge.

Smarting and sensation of burning in the eyes, with bright redness of the conjunctiva; very sensitive to light.

Boring and piercing in the eyes, forenoons; lachrymation, all day (third day).

Piercing itching around the eyes, in the brows lids, and in the eyes themselves, more in the left, especially in the inner canthi, with a desire to rub the eyes while pressing them hard; with this, soreness and smarting on the margin of the lids, in the canthi, and in the eye itself; quivering of the eyeball, and a feeling in the eyes all day as if there were mucus in them, especially in the left.

Piercing itching in the eyes, lids, and around the eyes; more in the internal canthi. Stinging itching in the eye, eyelids, and around the eyes, on the left side, and more at the internal canthus.

Piercing itching in the left eye, in the lids, and around the eye, mostly in one corner, and in the throat at the same time (first day), Piercing in the eyes; was obliged to remove her spectacles while reading and writing (nearsighted woman), (evenings, seventh day).

Prickling under the eyes.

Sore pain in the orbits of the eyes, as well as in the bones, after every sting of a bee.

Eyes painful, when sewing, evenings.

Sensation of swelling around the eye.

Sensation of fullness in the eyes.

Dull, heavy feeling; inclination to close the eyes; desire to rub them forcibly, and making pressure with the fingers, when closed for some time.

Inclination to close the eyes.

Violent shooting pains over the right eye that extend down to the eyeball (6th dil)..

Desire to rub the eyes hard.

Desire to rub and press the eyes.

Itching around the eye.

Eyelids much swollen, red, and oedematous.

The upper lids so swelled that they hang like little sacs over the face.

Twitching of the right eyelid.

Burning in the margin of the lids; causes lachrymation.

Sensation of heaviness in the eyelids.

Smarting on the margin of the lids and in the canthi.

Violent stinging in the right lower lid, in the morning.

Itching and prickling of the lids of the right eye (first day).

Itching of the right eyelid, at intervals, all day (repeated in several provings).

Itching of the right eyelid in paroxysms, during the second day.

Itching and irritation of the left eyelids for several days.

Itching in the inner angle of the left eye.

Aching pressure in the orbit of the left eye, mostly the lower part, continuing for several hours.

Worse itching in the inner canthus of the left eye.

Agglutination of the eyes.

Itching of the eyelids and some agglutination (first day).

Slight agglutination of the eyes at night; had to pick them open in the morning.

Agglutination of the eyelids, with soreness of the margins and canthi.

Sore elevations of the skin, like the stings of insects, at the external corner of the eyebrow, very tender to the touch.

If stung over the eyebrow, he had worse results.

Pain over the eyes.

Pain in the superciliary ridges.

Burning piercing in the region of the left eyebrow.

Dull, heavy, tensive pain over the eyes, with pain through the orbits, lasting but a short time (this pain occurred in three provings).

Transient biting itching in the right, and sometimes in the left eyebrow.


With burning.

Lachrymation, morning of third day.

Lachrymation and pain in the eyes (in the second week).

Lachrymation, with piercing in the eyes.

Lachrymation of the left eye, and some burning in it, and a sensation of a small foreign body there, during which the eyes are weaker; painful, evenings, when sewing, and sensitive to light (lasting into the fourth week).

Lachrymation of the left eye, with pain in the forehead, left side (evening of eight day).

Lachrymation of the left eye.

After frequent lachrymation of the left eye, it seems to her, very often, as if there were a small foreign body in the external canthus of the left eye (tenth and following days).

Tears stand in the eyes on account of nervous restlessness.

Tears flow involuntarily from his eyes, very soon; also, stinging in the tip of the nose.

Eyes water and are painful when she looks at anything light (fifth day).

The right eye filled with tears that are shed from time to time (after three hours).

Biting piercing sensation in the right eye, causing copious lachrymation.

Flow of mucus and lachrymation of the right eye, at night, in bed.

Violent pain in the left lachrymal duct and around the opening.

Sensation as if there were a mass of mucus in the left eye, continuing all day (fourth day).

Sensation all day as if there were mucus in the eyes; worse in left.

Pain through the eyeballs, dull, heavy, and dragging.

Piercing in the eyeballs (second day).

Pressing pain in the lower part of the eyeball.

Quivering twitching of the left eyeball.

Pains around the left eyeball (first day); later around both.

Aching pressure in the left eyeball, mostly in the lower part, for several hours; repeated twice.

The eyes are weak, with disinclination to exert them; they are painful and easily fatigued when used; only regain their strength and vigor the tenth or twelfth day (this was experienced by one who had never had weakness of sight before or since).

Weakness of sight, with sensation of fullness in the eyes.

Weak eyes; for several days the light is painful.

Sensitiveness to light.

Must take off her spectacles (a short-sighted woman).

Blindness, with vertigo, (A. R. M)..

Growing dark before the eyes.

It grows dark before his eyes when stooping (afternoons, fourth day).

Sensation of whirling around in the sight, with difficult vision at the same time, lasting for only a moment.


Ears purple, (A. R. M)..

A small, rough, reddish tetter in the centre of the lobe of the left ear, extending somewhat back; remained in the antrum after an eruption caused by preparing Rhus; was entirely removed after Graphites; after five months, appeared again, a week after taking the Apis, and remained a week;was only removed after Graphites.

In the inner cartilage of the left ear, a little pimple, painful when pressed (tenth day, and longer).

Tension behind and under the ears; behind the left ear, extending up from the back of the neck; behind the right ear; behind the left ear.

Pains in the inner right ear (second day).

Similar pain behind the left ear as over the eyes; violent drawing from the back of the neck, extending behind the left ear.

Burning in the upper part of the left ear.

Stitches under the left ear.

Frightened starting from sleep at noise.


Nose swollen.

Nose much swollen, red and oedematous, (Bell).

Nose swollen; red stripes under the eyes, extending across the cheeks.

Entire stoppage of the nose, from swelling of its mucous lining, (Bell).

Nose affected, as if it would swell.

Violent sneezing, immediately.

Frequent sneezing, for many days (eleventh day), (in two provings).

Sudden coryza, afternoons, 4 o’clock, with dryness of the nose; then burning of the lips, and sensation as if they would chap (fifth day).

A kind of coryza (after four hours); worse evening, second day, with dull sensation in the nose; now and then some dropping; dry on the morning of third day; moisture only when blowing the nose; more affected outwardly, and feels as if it would swell.

When blowing it some blood comes from the nose (mornings, second and third days), and afterwards, sometimes even in the fourth week. (Blood flowed from the nose, after death).

Dryness of the nose in catarrh.

Tip of the nose cold, with chilliness in the evening.

Itching of the nose.

Itching on the left nostril, is painful, with redness (fourth day).


Paleness of the face.

Paleness of the face; trembling of the hands and feet.

Very pale and seemed ill, but without any swelling (badly stung child).

Paleness of the face, with faintness.

Pallor of the child.

Countenance assumed a pallid, deathlike look, frightening those around with the thought that he was about to die, (E. U. J)..

His face grew pale, (E. E. M)..

Red face; wants it bathed.

Her face became red, then purple, (J. P. D)..

The face is red and hot; pain, burning and piercing, and swollen so as to be unrecognizable (not gone after eighteen hours).

The face becomes purple. (Bell).

Face livid.

Livid, blue-reddish color of face (two weeks). (Color of face very dark, almost blue-black, after death).

The face is swollen to blindness, and, for a week, he goes about blinking like an owl.

The face swelled so that he could hardly see (after a sting in the face).

Inflammatory swelling of the face; the right eye completely closed, the left eye almost; the cheeks hand down to the breast (after being stung in the right corner of the mouth).

Nose and face swell immediately after being stung in the tip of nose; continues several days.

Face inflamed.

Erysipelas of the face; over the whole face light redness, swelling, heat, with burning fever, coated tongue and thirst (in a girl of nine; sixth dilution every two hours).

Nettle-rash in the face.

Burning in the face, with sensation of fullness, as if the blood vessels were overfilled; very much aggravated when stooping.

Peculiar burning and a heat in the face which he cannot describe; it lasted twenty-four hours, and for more than two weeks left behind a livid, bluish-red color of the face.

Heat of the face, with chilliness.

Sensation as if face would swell, left side, especially about the eye (after one hour).

Tension in the face waked him at 1 o’clock at night; the nose was swollen and the right eye and cheek; stinging pain when touched; under the right eye, beginning at the top of the nose, red stripes crossed the cheeks, lasted till 4 o’clock; the following day, again, after midnight, rapid swelling of the upper lip, with heat and burning redness, lasting till toward morning; third night, a sudden running across the right cheek, like a little insect, and stung him beside the nose, upon which the cheek and upper lip swelled.

Prickling in the face.

Burning cheeks, with cold feet.

Red stripes down from the nose across the cheeks.

Ulcer on the cheek, lasting three months.

Heat of the cheeks and hands.

Stinging pain in the left malar bone (fourth week).

Running as of an insect over the cheek.

Dark streak along the vermilion border of the lips; they are rough, cracked, and peel off (second day), (sixth dilution), (etc)..

Swelling of the lips, and sensation as of swelling for several days; then a fine eruption about the lips, and dryness and desquamation of the lower lip (sixth dilution), (and others).

Lips swollen and everted.

Swelling of the lips and tongue, after being stung in the temples.

The upper lip as much swollen as if it were turned inside out (after being stung on the neck).

The lips are dry, with a black stripe in the red portion.

Lips cold (after eight to ten minutes).

Raging violent pains in the lips, then extending into the gums and head, and finally over the whole body (directly after taking, in a woman).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.