Bryonia alba

# General: Palpitation in old maids; stammering in children $ Bryonia alba homeopathic remedy symptoms from Duration of Action and Antidotes of The Principle Homoeopathic Remedies With Their Complementary and Inimical Relations by F.H. Lutze of the homeopathy medicine Bryonia alba …

      Acts two to three weeks.


      Aconite, Alumina, Camph., Chamomilla, Clemat., Coffea, Ignat., Mur-ac., Nux-v., Pulsatilla, Rhus-tox., Senega.

Bryonia antidotes:

      Rhus-t., Chlorine.





from warm weather following cold days; from exposure to heat of fire.

Frederick H. Lutze
Dr Frederick Henry Lutze, MD, (1838-1924) was born in Bevergern, Germany, August 19, 1838, son of Henry Andrew and Clara (Gott) Lutze. He studied for his profession in the New York Homœopathic Medical College and Hospital, entering in 1879 and receiving his degree in 1882. He is author of "The Therapeutics of Facial and Sciatic Neuralgias," published by Boericke & Tafel, 1898. Other publications include -
Duration of action and antidotes of the principal Homoeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy : the only scientific and actually curative system of medicine.