Distribution as a Diagnostic Factor in the cases of skin diseases, with indicated homeopathic remedies from the Diseases of the Skin by Frederick Myers Dearborn. …

Universal. Erythema scarlatiniforme, dermatitis exfoliativa, exanthemata, lichen ruber, eczema, psoriasis.

Generalized. Common: eczema, exanthemata, psoriasis, urticaria, erythema multiforme, secondary syphilids, pediculosis corporis, scabies, pruritus, drug eruptions. Uncommon: ichthyosis, miliaria, sudamen, dermatitis seborrhoica, dermatitis herpetiformis, ivy poisoning, lichen ruber, lichen planus, mycosis fungoides, multiple pigmented sarcoma, purpura, scleroderma, xanthoma diabeticorum.

Scalp. In infants and young children; eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, impetigo contagiosa, seborrhea, alopecia areata, ringworm, favus, pediculosis. In older children: same diseases plus psoriasis, syphilis, furuncle, cutaneous abscesses. In youths and adults: same diseases as above except ringworm and impetigo contagiosa which are exceptional, but in addition steatoma, lupus erythematosus and epithelioma.

Face (in general). In infants and young children; eczema, impetigo contagiosa, dermatitis seborrhoica, seborrhea, ringworm, miliaria, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, milium, furunculus, pigmented and vascular nevi, syphilis, lupus vulgaris. In older children: same diseases as above except lupus vulgaris. Add scrofuloderma, lentigo and ivy poisoning same diseases as above except miliaria, impetigo contagiosa, herpes simplex and ringworm (less commonly). Milium, seborrhoea, dermatitis seborrhoica, syphilis, ivy poisoning and erysipelas are more common. Comedo, acne, rosacea, leprosy, epithelioma, lupus erythematosus and hydrocystoma are also noted.

Other locations on the head. Forehead: chloasma, acne, acne varioliformis, syphilis, psoriasis, dermatitis seborrhoica, herpes zoster, epithelioma. Eyebrows; seborrhea, dermatitis seborrhoica, alopecia areata, alopecia syphilitica, leprosy, pediculosis. Eyelids: milium, eczema, pediculosis (rarely), xanthoma, epithelioma (at the inner canthus). Nose and cheeks; rosacea, lupus erythematosus, lupus vulgaris, tubercular syphilid, epithelioma, seborrhea, dermatitis seborrhoica, adenitis, leprosy. At the edge of and within the nasal orifice; sycosis, impetigo contagiosa, herpes simplex, eczema, furunculus, lupus vulgaris, syphilis, epithelioma, rhinoscleroma. Lips; eczema, herpes simplex, syphilis, epithelioma. Bearded and mustached regions of the adult male: sycosis, alopecia areata, dermatitis seborrhoica and tinea sycosis. Ears: eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, lupus erythematous, xanthoma, tubercular syphilid, lupus vulgaris, epithelioma. Mucous membrane of mouth: herpes simplex, syphilis, measles, smallpox, lupus, leukoplakia, lichen planus, pemphigus.

Neck. In children: eczema intertrigo, scarlatina, eczema ringworm, scrofuloderma. In youths and adults: eczema, acne, ringworm, sycosis, impetigo contagiosa, furunculus, carbunculus, herpes zoster, dermatitis papillaris capillitii.

Upper extremities. Arms; eczema, herpes zoster, syphilis, erysipelas, hypertrichosis. Extensor surfaces (especially at the elbow); psoriasis, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, xanthoma. Flexor surfaces: eczema, xanthoma. Forearm below elbow (flexor surfaces): lichen planus. Extensor surfaces; erythema multiforme, ringworm. Hands (in general); eczema, pompholyx, scabies, dermatitis repens, erysipeloid. Hands and wrists (dorsal surfaces): erythema multiforme, dermatitis venenata (especially ivy poisoning), variola, lichen planus, ringworm, eczema, lupus erythematosus, post-mortem pustule, tuberculosis verrucosa, blastomycosis, tubercular syphilid, granuloma annulare, epithelioma. Palmar surfaces: eczema, pompholyx, callositas, keratosis palmaris, erythema multiforme, squamous syphilid. Fingers: eczema, dermatitis congelationis, pompholyx. Nails: onychomycosis, onychia, paronychia, onychauxis, atrophia unguium.

Trunk. Pityriasis rosea, tinea versicolor, urticaria, lichen planus, lichen ruber, psoriasis, eczema, syphilis, pruritus, erythemata, exanthemata, animal parasitic diseases, dermatitis herpetiformis, pemphigus. Axillae:eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, ringworm (eczema marginatum), furunculus, scabies, erythrasma. Chest: tinea versicolor, pityriasis rosea, dermatitis seborrhoica, keloid, exanthemata. Breasts: keloid, eczema. Beneath breasts: dermatitis seborrhoica, erythema intertrigo, psoriasis. Nipple: eczema, scabies, Paget’s disease. Upper back and shoulders: acne, pediculous corporis, carbunculus, tinea versicolor, seborrhea. Sides of trunk: herpes zoster, tubercular syphilid. Abdomen: typhoid and typhus eruptions, scabies, syphilis, keloid. Umbilicus: eczema, scabies, erysipelas, seborrhea, dermatitis seborrhoica.

Genitoanal region. About the pubes: pediculosis pubis. Nates: furunculus, urticaria, scabies, congenital syphilis, carbunculus. Anus: pruritus, eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, moist papular syphilid, verruca acuminata. Genitocrural regions: eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, pediculosis pubis, ivy poisoning, scabies, ringworm (eczema marginatum), erythrasma, erythema intertrigo. Scrotum: eczema, pruritus, syphilis, elephantiasis, ringworm, furunculus. Penis: chancre, chancroid, scabies, eczema, milium, herpes simplex, epithelioma. Vulvae: same as observed in the male, pruritus and eczema being the commonest, also lupus vulgaris and kraurosis vulvae.

Lower extremities. Upper part of the leg or thigh, anterior or external aspects: keratosis pilaris, ichthyosis, pruritus, psoriasis, pediculosis corporis. Inner aspect: scabies, eczema. Popliteal space: eczema, dermatitis seborrhoica, erythema intertrigo. On the leg below the knee: purpura (less abundant above the knee). Tibial surface: erythema nodosum. External and posterior aspects: erythema induratum. Lower part of leg: traumatic, varicose and syphilitic ulcers, eczema associated with varicosities, elephantiasis, lichen planus, pruritus, especially pruritus hiemalis and bath pruritus. Foot and ankle: eczema, callositas, keratosis plantaris, pompholyx, hyperidrosis, bromidrosis. Toes: eczema, scabies. Nails: same as in finger-nails.

Frederick Dearborn
Dr Frederick Myers DEARBORN (1876-1960)
American homeopath, he directed several hospitals in New York.
Professor of dermatology.
Served as Lieut. Colonel during the 1st World War.
See his book online: American homeopathy in the world war