Introduction to Diabetes mellitus

Among the classical Homoeopathic remedies some that the used very rarely, such as Chimaphilla, Rhus Aromatica of the vegetable kingdom; Lactic Acid and picric Acid from the mineral kingdom, requires to be mentioned at the top.

The Acids

The Acid group of remedies, like Acetic acid, Phosphoric Acid, Lactic acid etc are very useful in treating Diabetes.

Animal Products

Homeopathic medicines from Animal source found to be effective in cases of diabetes mellitus.

The Metals

The metals used in Homoeopathy are: Aurum and Argentum the two precious metals; Uranium and Vanadium among rare metals; plumbum and Cuprum among the common metals.

Other Minerals.

Homeopathic remedies from Mineral group effective in diabetes mellitus.

The Vegetables

homeopathic remedies from Vegetable group found to be effective in diabetes mellitus.


Diet in diabetes is important. Learn more about diabetic diet and its role in homeopathy.