CROCUS homeopathic remedy keynotes and indications from the Decachords by Gladstone Clarke, of the medicine CROCUS …


      1. Rapid alternation of mental states; true hysteria; sudden change from greatest hilarity to deepest gloom; extremely happy, affectionate, wants to kiss everybody, next moment in a rage.

2. Haemorrhages from any part; blood dark, clotted forming long black streams from bleeding surface; ((<)) slightest motion; esp. epistaxis and metrorrhagia.

3. Sensation as of something alive moving about in various organs; in hysterical states; imaginary pregnancy (Thuja).

4. Spasmodic contractions and twitchings of single muscles; of the lids in eye diseases; chorea.

5. Modalities; (>) open air; headache ((<)) during menstrual flow.

A. Gladstone Clarke
Arthur Gladstone Clarke, a christian missionary working with the North China Mission, made good practical use of the homeopathy. He learnt as a student at MSM. He published a short introduction to the use of over 100 commonly used medicines—Decachords—first published in 1925 and still in print today.