CALCAREA PHOS homeopathic remedy keynotes and indications from the Decachords by Gladstone Clarke, of the medicine CALCAREA PHOS…


      1. Thin, spares subjects with dark complexion and inclined to emaciate. Scrofulous, rachitic children during first and especially second dentition. (Heads sweats not so prominent a symptom as in Calcarea Carb. and Silica). Girls at or near puberty.

2. Sunken, flabby abdomen in children with general emaciation and inability to stand.

3. Gastro-intestinal disorders (<) at every attempt to eat; vomiting of undigested food esp. milk; craving for salt or smoked meats.

4. Dentition diarrhoeas; green stools with offensive flatus.

5. Patients feels complaints more when thinking about them. (Helonias, Oxal., Ac.).

6. Other general indications similar to Calcarea Carb.

7. Chronic catarrhal conditions with tendency to polypi and overgrowth of lymphatic tissue.

8. Non-union of fractures esp. in old people; promotes formation of callus.

9. Debility remaining after acute diseases esp. in young people.

10. Modalities: (<) cold and damp. particularly from melting snows (in rheumatic complaints, etc.); (<) spring and autumn; (>) after lying down.

A. Gladstone Clarke
Arthur Gladstone Clarke, a christian missionary working with the North China Mission, made good practical use of the homeopathy. He learnt as a student at MSM. He published a short introduction to the use of over 100 commonly used medicines—Decachords—first published in 1925 and still in print today.