Important Remedies for Ophthalmic Diseases

Carbo Animalis.-Panting and rattling breathing. Sensation of coldness in the chest. Hoarseness. Painful swelling and induration of the glands of the neck, etc. Sensation as if the eyes were lying loose in their sockets. Senile cataract. Vision of a net swimming before the eyes. Eyes feel weak. Hardness of hearing. The tip of the nose is red, chapped and burning. Repugnance to greasy food. Weak digestion.

James Compton Burnett
James Compton Burnett was born on July 10, 1840 and died April 2, 1901. Dr. Burnett attended medical school in Vienna, Austria in 1865. Alfred Hawkes converted him to homeopathy in 1872 (in Glasgow). In 1876 he took his MD degree.
Burnett was one of the first to speak about vaccination triggering illness. This was discussed in his book, Vaccinosis, published in 1884. He introduced the remedy Bacillinum. He authored twenty books, including the much loved "Fifty Reason for Being a Homeopath." He was the editor of The Homoeopathic World.