Homeopathic remedy Spongia Tosta drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Common Sponge, roasted. HAHNEMANN. Spongiae.


      Mental dulness. Difficult comprehension.

Irresistible desire to sing, with excessive mirth.

Disposition to weep.

Paroxysms of anxiety.

Fear of the future; tired of life.


Aggravation from excitement.


      Vertigo : with danger of falling; at night when awaking, with nausea.

Congestion of blood to head, with throbbing and pressure in forehead.

Inner Head

      Stitches in temples, worse left.

while lying, feels a strong pulsation, worse about the ear on which she is lying.

Dull headache in right side of brain, on coming into warm room, from the open air.

Headache in back part of head.

Headache as if skull would burst, in vertex and forehead.

Outer Head

      Sensation as if hair were standing on end on vertex.

Violent itching on scalp.

Head bent backward; neck stiff.

Yellow, scabby eruption. Favus.


      Double vision; better lying down.

Pressing and stinging in eyes.

Coldness of eyes.

Lachrymation and headache, when looking fixedly at one spot.

Redness of eyes, with lachrymation and burning.

Pressing heaviness of eyelids.

Eyes protruding staring.


      Hardness of hearing.

Congestion of blood to ears; burning.

Suppuration of external ear.


      Bleeding of nose, especially when blowing it.

Nose stuffed up. Whooping-cough.

Fluent coryza; hoarseness; croupy cough; after dry, cold winds.

Nasal mucus viscous, grows thick. Membranous croup.

Nose pinched, cold.


      Pale, with sunken eyes; red with anxious expression.

Heat on one side of face, renewed when thinking of it.

Swelling of cheeks.

Itching and stinging on cheeks.

Cold sweat on face.

Cramp-like pain from left articulation of jaw to cheek; evenings, while eating, or when walking in open air.

Lower Face

      Eruptions on the lips.

Swelling of the submaxillary glands, with tension.


      Feel dull and loose when masticating.

Itching and stinging in the teeth.

Tongue etc.

      Taste : bitter, only in the throat; sweetish in the mouth.

Difficulty of speech.

Tongue brown, dry.

Mouth and tongue full of vesicles, with burning and stinging pains.



Mouth burning, dry. Croup.

Saliva diminished; or, with whooping-cough, increased.


      Burning, and stinging in throat; rawness and scratching.

Penetrating tickling in throat, toward ear.

Sore throat, worse after eating sweet things.

Thyroid gland swollen even with the chin; at night suffocating spells, barking, with stinging in throat and soreness in abdomen.

Throat externally swollen; suffocating attacks.

Relief of throat symptoms, when lying on back.

Desires Aversions

      Insatiable appetite and thirst.

Eating and Drinking

      While eating : Sweet things :, Cold drinks : Warm food or drink :2. Smoking excites cough :.


      Ulcerative feeling in pit of stomach, must lie on back.

Drawing, as if growing together, in pit of stomach, as far as throat, when it seems to press the windpipe so she can hardly breathe.

Cannot tolerate tight clothing about stomach.

Stitches in region of stomach.

Stomach feels flaccid, and as if standing open.


      Pressure in hypochondria.


      Rumbling in abdomen, worse evenings and mornings.

Violent action of abdominal muscles during inspiration.

Viscera drawn up against diaphragm.

Swelling and inflammation of (left) inguinal gland.

Stool etc.

      Costive; stool hard, insufficient, with tenesmus.

Itching, biting and soreness at anus; discharge of ascarides.


      Frequent urging to urinate, with small discharges.

Urine frothy; sediment thick, greyish-white or yellow, Involuntary discharge of urine.

Male Sexual Organs

      Testicles swollen, hard; screwing, squeezing, with stitches up into cord; any motion of bed or clothing brings on a throbbing.

Maltreated orchitis. After checked gonorrhoea.

Heat in male genitals.

Female Sexual Organs

      Menses too soon, too profuse: preceded by colic, backache, soreness in sacrum and craving in stomach, palpitation; during menses, drawing in all limbs; awakes with suffocating spells.


      Hoarseness, cough, coryza.

Hoarse, voice cracked or faint, choking sensation; whistling inspiration.

Voice gives out when singing or talking.

Feeling of a plug in larynx.


Larynx sensitive to touch, and when turning neck.

Talking hurts the larynx.

Inflammation of larynx, trachea and bronchi.

Attacks of mucous rattling in windpipe; strangling at times.

Feeling of stoppage in windpipe.

Starts from sleep suddenly, with contraction of larynx.


      Wheezing, anxious, worse during inhalation, with violent laboring of abdominal muscles; whistling, sawing, between coughs. Whooping-cough. Croup.

Dyspnoea: severe, on lying down; exhaustion worse in chest after every exertion; sudden weakness, tottering while walking, blood seems to rush into chest as if it would burst; with frothy, white sputa and much retching; and hour after slight coughing brings up grey, lumpy mucus; relieved by bending body forward.

Sensation as if he had to breathe through a dry sponge.

Asthma: from taking cold, cannot lie down; sibilant bronchi; after menses.

Awakens with suffocating sensation.

Awakens with suffocating sensation.


      Dry, barking, hollow, croupy; wheezing, asthmatic; caused by burning, tickling in larynx, like a plug or valve; or, by feeling of accumulation of mucus and weight in chest.

Cough worse from: sweets; cold drinks; smoking tobacco; lying with head low, room too warm; dry, cold winds; every excitement. Better from : eating or drinking; warm things.

Chronic cough, violent attacks, brought up small, heard tubercle.

Sputa scanty, tenacious, yellow, indurated, slightly sour tasting; loosened mornings, but must be swallowed again.

Profuse sputa of mucus, cannot lie down. Pneumonia in stage of resolution.


      Congestion in chest from least movement or exertion; dyspnoea,

nausea, faintish weakness.

Burning, soreness, rawness, with heaviness, in chest.

Tuberculosis beginning in apex of (left) lung.

Constrictive spasmodic pain through chest and larynx.

Stitches in both sides of chest.

Heart Pulse

      Angina pectoris; contracting pain in chest, heat, suffocation, faintness and anxious sweat.

Aneurism of aorta; dry, paroxysmal cough, worse lying down.

Palpitation: violent, with pain, gasping respiration; suddenly awakened after midnight, with suffocation, great alarm, anxiety. Valvular insufficiency.

Attacks of oppression and cardiac pain; worse lying with head low.

Rheumatic endocarditis, loud blowing with each heartbeat.

Stinging, pressing pains, in precordial region.

Pulse frequent, hard, full or feeble.

Neck Back

      Painful stiffness of muscles of neck and throat.

Cold neck, evenings.

Pressing pain in small of back.

Upper Limbs

      Twitching of muscles of left shoulder.

Heaviness and trembling of forearm and hands.

Large vesicles on forearm.

Swelling of hands and stiffness of fingers.

Numbness of ends of fingers.

Redness and swelling of finger-joints, with tension on bending them.

Cramp-like pain in ball of right thumb, lasting all day; on motion of hand it spreads to thumb.

Lower Limbs

      Thigh spasmodically drawn forward or backward.

Thighs numb, cold, with fever.

Feeling of lameness from right knee to right hip.

Stiffness of legs.

Heat in feet; veins distended.

Limbs in General

      Stiffness in limbs.

Trembling in all the limbs.

Position etc.

      Motion : Walking : Excitement : Exertion : Turning neck : Bent forward : Bent backward : Sitting : Must sit up : Cannot lie down : Lying :; on back :; must lie on back :; on affected side or on the side lain on :; with head low:, Looking fixedly : Masticating :. Talking : Closed eyes : Tottering :.


      Feeling of numbness of lower half of body.

Great debility and prostration.


      Stupid slumber with the fever.

Sleepy, gaping, no activity, afternoons.

Lies asleep with head low.

Sleepless, with violent ebullitions.

Lies awake, eyes closed and sees animated images.

Awakens in a fright; suffocating; starts out of sleep.

After siesta, legs numb.


      Morning : Afternoon : Evening: Morning and evening : Night :. Before midnight : After midnight :.

Temperature and Weather

      Warm room : Warm stove : Open air : Dry cold winds :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill with shaking even near warm stove; mostly across the back.

Violent heat after chill, dry, burning all over except thigh, which remains numb and chilly.

Flushes of heat returning when thinking thereof.

Anxious heat, red face, weeping, inconsolable.

Heat, sweat, itching of skin.

Typhoid fever.

Sweat : general in morning, cold on face, evenings.


      Right : Left :, Both sides : Below upward : Within outward : Forward or backward :.


      The whole body feels heavy.


      Ebullitions, distended veins.

Swelling and induration of glands.

Dropsy in cavities of body.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch :. Pressure :. Scratching :. Worse from motion from motion of bed :.


      Sensitive to touch.

Red, itching blotches on skin.


Stages and States

      Light hair. Skin and muscles lax.

Often indicated with children and women.


C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.